Chapter 683: Afraid of Death

Chapter 683: Afraid of Death [V6C213 – Sorrow of a Silent Parting]

Within the Zhao clan main camp, Zhao Jundu was opening the gun box. He retrieved the weapon’s body and a deep azure barrel, which he then assembled together. His attitude was calm and collected.

The lady beside him said, “Must we watch that idiotic vampire act so arrogant?”

Zhao Jundu laughed. “What, are your hands itching now? What’s the point in bullying a sick kid?”

The woman clearly felt wronged. “How is he a kid? I’m sure he’s over two-hundred years old by now. Why don’t you shoot him first and let him know who’s boss?”

Zhao Jundu shook his head. “Don’t mess around. The one I’m waiting for is the Masefield Demoness. If she doesn’t take action, I can’t, either. Don’t let your thoughts stray off, I need you to watch my back when the Demoness comes.”

The lady whispered, “There are so many people in the camp. I’m not that important, am I?”

Zhao Jundu replied calmly, “I won’t feel at ease with the others.”

After a moment of silence, she responded with a strong nod.

Zhao Jundu continued assembling his gun in a leisurely manner. After locking the barrel in, he sat down toward the window and slowly took aim at the vast night sky.

Just as the muzzle was pointed at the night sky, the world underwent an abrupt change—everyone in the city heard a cold laugh akin to the sound of shattering ice.

A certain point in the night sky quickly lit up—countless specks of light converged into a belt of light and, traversing the immeasurable distance, shot toward Zhao Jundu. Wherever the icy radiance passed, space itself would be torn asunder as it drew upon the fierce void origin powers in the vicinity. The icy light thus grew exponentially in power, its power reaching an inconceivable state by the time it had arrived at the sky above Indomitable, almost capable of leveling the entire city!

The moment this icy radiance shot through the sky, many experts became absent-minded. They felt that this was an attack from a great dark monarch because utilizing void origin power was a characteristic of their level.

At this moment, many experts gazed at the dazzling, almost illusory beam of flowing crystalline radiance. No one could drum up the will to resist this attack, and neither did they know how to.

Edward’s countenance lost all color. He tightened his cape subconsciously as he gazed at the icy radiance traversing the night sky, his eyes full of bitterness.

Ji Tianqing and Li Kuanglan glanced at one another for the first time. Their eyes exchanged numerous thoughts in but a flash, but they still couldn’t come up with anything to avert this crisis.

Zhao Ruoxi appeared silently on the top of a tall tower. She bit her lips as she raised the Red Spider Lily but just couldn’t pull the trigger. An invisible and indefensible force had descended from the sky, restraining both man and gun, preventing them from moving a single inch.

Zhang Boqian’s voice rang out beside her ear, “This isn’t something you should meddle in.”

“But!” Zhao Ruoxi struggled with all her might but still couldn’t move or speak.

At this moment, Zhao Jundu’s hair flew about as he rose up and hovered in the air. There, he held his gun with a single hand and faced the incoming icy radiance; there wasn’t the slightest bit of fear in him. A world with clear skies and vast land appeared behind him, forming myriad visual phenomena!

“No!!!” The lady in the room screamed her lungs out. She rocketed into the night sky in hopes of blocking Zhao Jundu.

The latter merely waved his left hand, immediately shrouding the woman in a layer of green light and effectively locking her mid-air. In the face of this icy crystalline radiancewhich brought with it the might of the heaven and earth itselfZhao Jundu let out a long laugh and said, “This attack is naturally peerless! But you can also forget about returning in one piece after I open fire!”

The gun in Zhao Jundu’s hand lit up with an azure glow. The brilliance gradually intensified and soon merged together with the visual phenomena behind him.

The shot hadn’t been fired, but everyone knew that it would be earth-shattering!

At this moment, Qianye looked up at the night sky. The flowing crystalline radiance expanded in his eyes and almost filled the entirety of his vision. Qianye was perhaps—just like the monarchs of both factions—one of the very few people who understood just how powerful this crystalline brilliance was.

This attack, Zhao Jundu couldn’t take it on.

Similarly, the Demoness wouldn’t be able to handle that single shot Zhao Jundu had been preparing for many days.

The moment he understood this point, the blood core in his chest unleashed the most powerful beat since birth.

Thump! An intense sound akin to the beat of a drum echoed in everyone’s ears. It was as though the very first war-drum of the Evernight world had sounded once more.

Apart from the most powerful experts, everyone’s hearts throbbed along with the sound of this drum.

The night lost its color, the icy radiance was no longer as dazzling, and the white clouds were also frozen in time.

The night turned to day in everyone’s eyes, simply because of...

…a pair of slowly unfurling luminous wings.

The wings occupied the entire world. People could no longer see anything else—neither Qianye nor the three beams of light that had shot out from his hand.

Those were feathers, the three most beautiful and garish feathers in the life of a peacock.

The shooting icy radiance fell into an abrupt stagnation, its brilliance weakening time and again until only a small amount of the luminescence remained. Then, it shot forward like a necklace made of stars.

For the very first time, Zhao Jundu was stunned and even forgot to open fire.

The luminous wings behind Qianye closed up around him, covering his body like a lover’s hands. Then, he continued flying into the air like a comet and crashed into the flowing icy radiance.

In a split second, the entire sky was filled with stars falling like rain, like tears.

Back in Blackflow City, the book “A Brief History of the Empire” dropped down from Nighteye’s hands. She herself fell onto the table, knocking away her favorite tea set, which duly shattered on the ground beside the table.

She felt a sudden pain in her heart, an agony so great that she couldn’t even breathe.

The day turned back to night on the void continent as the luminous wings disappeared. Seemingly in deep sleep, Qianye shot backward and drifted to the ground like a falling leaf.

A distant, glacial sigh arrived from beyond the night sky as the Demoness spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. While she was in a daze, gazing at the dissipating sanguineous pearls, her body suddenly began to break down as well.

Within Indomitable, Song Zining fell onto his back with blood streaming out of the corner of his mouth. Wei Potian, on the other hand, was still in deep sleep. It was just that his grip tightened on the glass he was holding, and the shattered pieces were piercing into his flesh. Yet, the Wei clan heir was completely unaware of the pillar of blood gushing out therein.

“Ah!!!” Zhao Ruoxi finally cried out and raised her gun into the air. “If you don’t let go, I’ll make sure you never see the Red Spider Lily again.”

A heavy sigh rang out in some unknown location.

Finally regaining her freedom, Zhao Ruoxi raised a middle finger into the air and shouted with all her might, "What nerve! Do you feel no shame calling yourself a prince?”

In the ends of the void, Zhang Boqian was sitting with his hands on his knees. He sighed once more, but this time, no one heard him.

Lin Xitang suddenly appeared in front of him. More than half of his silver hair had turned white. His smile was still capable of overturning all life, but at this moment, it was suffused with a tinge of helplessness.

After a long moment of silence, he said, “They’re still young. They’ll understand when they grow up that even heavenly monarchs are afraid of dying.”

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