Chapter 681: Grudge

Chapter 681: Grudge [V6C211 – Sorrow of a Silent Parting]

The arachne was greatly astonished. In his eagerness to seek help, he had completely forgotten about this little grudge. Had he known that William was related to the Red Tail Tribe, he would’ve sent a signal immediately and asked the top experts of their race to save him. Even though he would have to pay a steep price for this, it was much better than losing his life.

The arachne exerted force in his abdomen and bounced up from the ground, firing a mass of red light into the sky.

But William’s figure flickered and caught the red flare in his palms. Then, he appeared before the arachne with a cold smile and gazed silently at him.

“You, you can’t kill me! This is the rule of this battlefield. We’re not allowed to kill one another!” The arachne was so flustered that he couldn’t even speak clearly.

William smiled coldly and said, “Who said I’m going to kill you? There’ll be others to do that for me.

“Y-You, what are you doing?!”

William transformed into his werewolf form amidst the arachne’s shocked screams. He then bit the spider and flew off into the night sky.

The silver wolf ran like a bolt of lightning. He crossed half of Indomitable in the blink of an eye and soon passed by the Zhao clan main camp.

Although the flames of battle were spreading everywhere throughout Indomitable, the main camp was shrouded in silence. None of the dark race experts approached the eye of the storm at this point, and William was the first to pass through.

Several frosty killing intents rushed into the sky as the latter shot past the camp, akin to giant blades piercing into the sky. However, William made several agile turns in the air and evaded all of them. He then opened his jaws and threw the arachne into the camp below before swaggering off.

The arachne unleashed an earth-shattering wail as it fell into the Zhao clan camp, but the cries vanished halfway through. It wasn’t just the voice, though, as even his figure disappeared in the blink of an eye. The Zhao clan camp remained as quiet as before, much like a dark whirlpool in the depths of the ocean, silently devouring everything that passed through it.

Within the main camp, that mysterious lady stood up and said with a cold voice, “Actually daring to pass over Young Master’s head, I’ll go teach him a lesson!”

She had just started moving when Zhao Jundu raised his hand to stop her. “This much is fine. He was kind enough to deliver contribution points to us, after all.”


“He was tormented quite ruthlessly. It’s fairly normal for him to be resentful,” Zhao Jundu said with a smile.

The lady didn’t insist on the matter and merely asked, “What should we do with the arachne?”

“Turn him into raw material,” Zhao Jundu replied indifferently.

Following this scene, several powerful and mysterious consciousnesses clashed in the skies above Indomitable. However, this exchange wasn’t between the empire and Evernight.

“Amiro! What’s the meaning of this? You’re going against our agreement! Are you planning to go to war with our race?”

“Noxus, William didn’t kill your men. Look clearly, he died in the hands of the human race. Even his injuries were inflicted by humans.” This consciousness was tremendous and not at all inferior to Noxus. Actually, it was even slightly stronger.

The arachne warlord said coldly, “Who was it that intercepted the rescue signal?”

“A piece of trash that had its legs broken before even doing anything. Saving him is such a waste.”

Noxus was petrified because these words were true. According to Evernight Traditions, even if that arachne were rescued, the humiliated Noxus would dispatch him to the most dangerous of battlefields until he was finally dead. However, he felt indignant about conceding to the werewolf just like that. The arachne overlord was just about to continue his argument when the Lightless Monarch Medanzo’s consciousness appeared and isolated the other two.

“This is not the time to be fighting. Don’t you feel that the outcome of this battle is becoming unpredictable?”

They were paying attention to the situation at all times and naturally understood what was going on. Although the young experts of the Evernight faction held a clear advantage in terms of numbers, there were three people on the empire’s side killing them as though they were splitting bamboo.

Ji Tianqing killed enemies with her bare hands and moves that couldn’t be any more ordinary. However, she was strangely powerful and anyone encountering her would be torn apart. Meanwhile, Li Kuanglan was a different level of extreme. The Cold Moon Embrace in her hand was unbelievably fast. Her opponents would only see a flash of blue before receiving more than a dozen sword strikes. With that extremely sharp blade and her exquisite sword arts, it could be said that she was invincible.

They could accept their performance—although their names weren’t well known, the empire and Evernight had been fighting for countless years, so these powerhouses could more or less guess their identities.

Yet there was one more Qianye, and even these great monarchs couldn’t quite see through him. Qianye’s combat style was practical, unfanciful, and he was actually using the Military Combat Technique that one could find everywhere. Even his sword arts were mostly made up of basic techniques. Nonetheless, these techniques became boundlessly powerful in Qianye’s hands, beating all the enemies black and blue within just a couple of moves. If it wasn’t for the fact that the ones participating in this battle were all geniuses with numerous life-saving measures, there was no telling how many people would’ve died in Qianye’s hands.

A certain consciousness fluctuated in the sky. “He’s the one who killed Truman.”

The great monarchs immediately started to pay more attention to him, but there was a layer of mist on Qianye which prevented them from seeing everything. Noxus let out a cold snort and said, “It’s a disruption art again! Trying to play such tricks in front of me?”

Noxus’ consciousness turned into an invisible spear which shot toward Qianye!

Qianye sensed the invisible spear the moment it was shot out. He looked up instantly, his short hair flying about under the stimulation of this dangerous premonition. A tremendous threat of death descended from the sky, and it was a force he simply couldn’t contend with!

In a flash, Qianye pushed East Peak into the ground, drew the Twin Flowers and took aim at the sky. A deep, ancient and mysterious aura rose quietly from his body and confronted the descending consciousness from afar. At this moment of life and death, the Shot of Inception was the only thing that could afford him a faint chance at survival.

“Eh?” Noxus’ astonishment had just arisen when a certain consciousness appeared in the air. It blasted the spear of consciousness with tyrannical momentum, immediately shattering it!

Noxus let out a muffled groan. Without waiting for the former to speak, Zhang Boqian’s voice echoed through the air, “Noxus, I don’t mind sending you on your way if you dare break the rules again.”

“Aren’t you being too savage?! The council definitely won’t let it slide if you dare attack.”

Zhang Boqian replied calmly, “That’s a matter for the future. For the moment, though, I’ll make sure you never go home. Additionally, all those in the city can forget about going back too.”

Noxus’ vigor weakened by a few notches. He had been utterly defeated in a confrontation of consciousnesses just now. Moreover, Zhang Boqian’s combat arts had always been peerless and tyrannical, usually deciding victory and defeat in a matter of moments. Noxus might be able to escape from other people, but he would surely die if he were to engage Zhang Boqian. This was the reason Zhang Boqian alone was enough to restrict several dark monarchs in most major wars.

On the other hand, it was Noxus who had attacked first and broken the rules. There had been countless instances wherein the two factions had reneged on agreements and incited subsequent hostilities. However, they had to take the location into consideration. Currently, numerous young Evernight experts were deep in enemy territory. If these experts were to fall because of him—especially the Masefield family’s Demoness—the Eternal Flame would probably never forgive him even if he was able to escape the place.

Amiro’s voice rang out at this moment. “This battle is related to the Great Maelstrom. Let us not interfere since this is a battle between the young ones.

“Fine,” Zhang Boqian replied.

The skies once again became silent, while the battles in Indomitable grew ever more intense.

At this moment, most of the imperial experts had realized that there was an enemy invasion going on and started joining the battles one after the other. It was just that they weren’t adequately prepared, and the enemy forces consisted of powerful young experts of the Evernight faction. Casualties started to appear in a short while with people sustaining heavy injuries and even dying in battle.

Viewing the battle as a whole, though, the dark races were gradually falling into a disadvantage. Ji Tianqing and Li Kuanglan were simply too savage, and Qianye wasn’t too far off, either, despite his low profile kills. After his brief standoff against Noxus, no one dared look down on his military combat arts anymore.

In addition to the three, Zhao Yuying and Song Zining were also doing remarkable work. They firmly suppressed all the enemy experts at the same level until they almost couldn’t retaliate. Meanwhile, Wei Potian who was estimated to cause quite a lot of trouble for the Evernight faction never appeared.

Since the dark race experts rushed into Wei Potian’s little courtyard, it was as though they had poked a hornet’s nest. Numerous savage monsters were released into their midst and began hunting these experts down in all directions.

With the gradual increase in casualties among the Evernight experts, the three great dark monarchs could no longer watch on. Amiro said with a cold smile, “At first, it was supposed to be decided with a showdown between the Demoness and Zhao Jundu. But you people just had to interfere and insist on sending people over. How does it feel now? These contributions aren’t easy to snatch, are they?”

Medanzo sneered, “As the Lord of the Summit of Peaks, not only did you not make any effort, but your men even tried to harm people from our side. You better think about how to explain this to the council.”

Amiro said indifferently, “You better look after your own first. If something happens to Edward, you’ll have a lot of explaining to do in front of the Queen of the Night.”

Medanzo’s heart tightened at the thought of this. Edward was currently undergoing punishment. Although his strength was still a cut above the empire’s younger generation, things were now different following the appearance of unexpected variables like Li Kuanglan and Ji Tianqing. It would be hard to say who would win if he were to encounter them. Even Qianye might very well cause him to suffer a setback. Even Medanzo himself felt shaken by the ancient aura that had risen during the former's brief confrontation with Noxus.

He spoke no more and turned his attention back to Indomitable, focusing on Edward who was about to enter the battlefield.

Within the main camp, Zhao Jundu placed a long, azure gun case onto the table and opened it slowly.

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