Chapter 681: Grudge

Chapter 681: Grudge [V6C211 – Sorrow of a Silent Parting]

The arachne was greatly astonished. In his eagerness to seek help, he had completely forgotten about this little grudge. Had he known that William was related to the Red Tail Tribe, he would’ve sent a signal immediately and asked the top experts of their race to save him. Even though he would have to pay a steep price for this, it was much better than losing his life.

The arachne exerted force in his abdomen and bounced up from the ground, firing a mass of red light into the sky.

But William’s figure flickered and caught the red flare in his palms. Then, he appeared before the arachne with a cold smile and gazed silently at him.

“You, you can’t kill me! This is the rule of this battlefield. We’re not allowed to kill one another!” The arachne was so flustered that he couldn’t even speak clearly.

William smiled coldly and said, “Who said I’m going to kill you? There’ll be others to do that for me.

“Y-You, what are you doing?!”

William transformed into his werewolf form amidst the arachne’s shocked screams. He then bit the spider and flew off into the night sky.

The silver...

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