Chapter 680: Savagery

Chapter 680: Savagery [V6C210 – Sorrow of a Silent Parting]

The scream not only tore apart the silence over Indomitable but also dispelled Ji Tianqing’s intoxication and blurry vision. After the shock, she found an arachne in its true form, trying desperately to climb over the wall and escape.

Ji Tianqing instinctively reached out and grabbed one of the arachne’s hind legs and shouted, “Little spidey, where do you think you’re going?”

The arachne have always been known for their berserk strength. This particular one didn’t sport a massive build, but its body was fully covered in a shiny, black exoskeleton. The arachne of this tribe had always been known for their speed and power. In Ji Tianqing’s hands, however, it was as weak as a real spider. Ji Tianqing simply picked it up and slammed it into the ground, breaking its arachnid limbs amidst crackling sounds. Then she tossed the disabled creature to the side.

After doing this, Ji Tianqing seemed to remember something all of a sudden. She looked down at herself and gasped, “My image!”

She quickly retracted her terrifying aura, and at the same time, her facial features turned illusory as she attempted to hide her countenance. A sudden chill spread through the courtyard at this moment. Li Kuanglan watched her with an expression of ridicule and said, “What image do you have left?”

Cold Moon’s Embrace left its sheath as soon as she got up, and its edge outlined an aqua blue sword radiance which trapped numerous Evernight experts within its range.

The moment the blue light appeared, several dark race experts called out, “Cold Moon’s Embrace, why is this sword here?”

They didn’t know Li Kuanglan, but they most certainly knew her sword. Moreover, any person capable of using this sword undoubtedly knew one of those two terrifying sword techniques.

“A trap!” Many of the Evernight experts had the same thought, and their morale decreased sharply.

The very first werewolf to arrive in the courtyard was the fastest. He immediately swiped at Song Zining’s neck. With a force that could easily cut through vehicle armor, taking the head of a drunken Song Zining should be as easy as plucking fruit. He had clearly struck the latter’s neck, but it somehow felt like his claws had sunk into mud. It was fairly difficult to even move his hand.

The shadow wolf attacked anxiously, knowing that Ji Tianqing and Li Kuanglan might turn to him any moment. Yet, no matter how many times he attacked, all he could see was his claw moving forward slowly.

It was at this time that the scene in front of him warped and shattered, revealing a badly shorn wooden table and a ground filled with intersecting claw marks. Song Zining was no longer in his original position and was instead standing somewhere nearby with a smile on his face.

The shadow wolf understood that everything he had seen just now was just an illusion.

Zhao Yuying sat up all of a sudden and roared with fiery eyes, “Can’t you all let this mommy sleep in peace?!”

After sobering up, she quickly discovered that the courtyard was full of Evernight experts. Her spirits rose as she stood up to do battle.

At this moment, however, all of the Evernight experts suddenly turned about and fled over the walls, vanishing completely in the blink of an eye. The sudden changed caused Zhao Yuying’s hot blood to cool down and left her completely dumbfounded. She couldn’t decide immediately which Evernight expert to chase since they had run off in different directions. All of them had vanished into the night while she was standing in a daze.

Li Kuanglan retracted her blade in a leisurely manner, seemingly quite satisfied after checking the blood hanging on her blade.

Zhao Yuying felt an inexplicable discomfort well up within her. Soon, she turned about and saw, in the courtyard, an overturned arachne with its limbs all broken. Being all too familiar with this technique, she lashed out at Ji Tianqing, “You’ve gone too far! This mommy can bear with you for everything else, but I won’t tolerate you taking my opponent! I won’t be polite if there’s a next time!”

Ji Tianqing was naturally unfazed by the threat. Perhaps she felt that she had already ruined her image by tearing an arachne apart and didn’t quite care anymore. She simply raised a middle finger at Zhao Yuying and said, “Ho? No need to be polite with me. Come, repay the debt from last time first and we can talk.”

Zhao Yuying was immediately stoppered up. Her momentum gradually deflated all the way until it hit rock bottom.

Zhao Ruoxi also woke up at this moment. She jumped lithely to her feet and staggered off from atop the noble ladies. Everyone in the courtyard was a genius with eyesight as sharp as lightning; how could they not notice the girl carelessly stepping on all the noble ladies? Two of them were about to wake up but were stomped back into oblivion. Everyone who had some enmity with Zhao Ruoxi felt a chill run down their spine. Ji Tianqing’s expression wasn’t too good, and that sense of triumph over Zhao Yuying had vanished entirely.

The Zhao clan young miss lifted her skirt and said while glancing about at the surroundings. “Oh, fighting again? I’ll leave you guys to it, I won’t be joining.”

With that, she flew up amidst a flurry of illusory red spider lilies and drifted away. At this moment, despite the wind and storms throughout Indomitable, no one dared to provoke Zhao Ruoxi and her other shore flowers.

The atmosphere in the courtyard relaxed considerably after she had left. However, killing intent spread out once more as Ji Tianqing and Li Kuanglan glared at one another.

The two snorted at the same time and flew away in different directions. Having already picked their respective targets, Song Zining and Zhao Yuying left to hunt on their own. In a flash, the only ones left were Qianye and the snoring Wei Potian.

Qianye was still leaning on the wall and watching everything in silence. It wasn’t because he was excessively calm but because he was still a bit tipsy and his reactions were considerably slower. He had wanted to take action when the shadow wolf went for Song Zining and the arachne pounced toward Ji Tianqing, but his body couldn’t keep up with his thoughts.

In truth, it wasn’t completely due to his sluggish reactions. It was largely due to the fact that Qianye didn’t feel any danger from all of this. His senses at the moment were quite strange—he felt that Song Zining was an extremely sharp blade that was cleverly hidden, one that would bloody anyone who tried to touch it carelessly. Meanwhile, Ji Tianqing, Zhao Ruoxi, and Li Kuanglan were like live volcanoes that might erupt with a gentle breeze. Anyone approaching them was simply looking to die.

Qianye shook his head fiercely in a bid to shake off the intoxication. It was at this time that he noticed a gap in one of the wine barrels, through which a pair of shining eyes was sizing up the surroundings.

“He’s awake too.” Qianye walked over to the barrel and thumped down on the cover, locking William firmly inside the barrel. He wasn’t quite satisfied yet after doing this, so he picked up a bone and tossed it into the barrel. Then he sealed the barrel cover shut, leaving a furious William roaring inside.

Then, Qianye leapt onto the wall and observed his surroundings with his azure eyes. Under his True Sight, dozens of powerful darkness origin powers lit up throughout the city. He picked a random opponent nearby and flew away in that direction.

As he was leaving the courtyard, Qianye vaguely remembered doing something that infuriated a certain someone. However, he could no longer recall the details.

Back in the courtyard, Wei Potian finally couldn’t stand the clamor. He opened his eyes with a yawn and found the courtyard largely empty. He saw the noble ladies heaped up in a corner of the yard and mostly unharmed—that is apart from the small footprints all over them.

There was no one else.

Wei Potian held his head with his hands and couldn’t help but curse at the head-splitting pain. It was at this time that a loud bang echoed through the courtyard, causing him to jump up in shock. He turned around and saw a large silver dog bursting out of a wine barrel.

Wei Potian remembered that it was the dog Zhao Ruoxi had carried over. It was just that the canine’s silvery fur was stained with liquor and it looked like it had gone through a nightmare. Thinking about how savage those ladies were, Wei Potian was filled with sympathy for the beautiful dog and wanted to comfort it.

How to comfort a dog was common knowledge. Naturally, Wei Potian reached out and grabbed a bone.

However, the big dog suddenly vanished from his sight. Soon, Wei Potian felt a heavy blow to the back of his head and blacked out.

William finally let out a long breath and glanced disdainfully at Wei Potian. He shook his mane and was just about to howl. But he remembered that it wasn’t quite right and quickly swallowed it back.

The werewolf finally remembered what day it was today. It was the day on which the appointed battle would begin. He was also qualified to join the showdown between the younger generation of the two factions, so he knew that the young experts of the Evernight faction would appear here. He had reached the battlefield on time, but the fashion of his arrival was simply too humiliating. Hence, all he wanted to do was find a way to leave this accursed place.

Moreover, after the battle last night, William already knew that the council’s information was disastrously outdated. They had grossly underestimated those savage ladies, and even Song Zining and Wei Potian were much stronger than their reports had stated. As for Qianye, it would be an understatement to say that the information on him was excessively discordant.

William’s anger flared up at the thought of Wei Potian. He jumped up onto the fellow, stomping on and leaving a flurry of claw marks on him. Only then did he feel slightly better. A stately Summit of Peaks member had been kidnapped by Zhao Ruoxi and bullied twice by Qianye. Now a mere Wei Potian wanted to feed him a bone!?

Spewing curses in his heart, William leapt onto the wall and was just about to leave when he heard a weak cry from behind. “Sir William, please save me!”

The werewolf turned around and saw the immobilized arachne in a corner of the courtyard.

The arachne was just about to call out again, but it shockingly recalled how it had witnessed the entire process of William’s misery.

William changed into his human form. He stared at the arachne and said slowly, “I remember you. The Red Tail Tribe died in your hands last year, didn’t it?”

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