Chapter 680: Savagery

Chapter 680: Savagery [V6C210 – Sorrow of a Silent Parting]

The scream not only tore apart the silence over Indomitable but also dispelled Ji Tianqing’s intoxication and blurry vision. After the shock, she found an arachne in its true form, trying desperately to climb over the wall and escape.

Ji Tianqing instinctively reached out and grabbed one of the arachne’s hind legs and shouted, “Little spidey, where do you think you’re going?”

The arachne have always been known for their berserk strength. This particular one didn’t sport a massive build, but its body was fully covered in a shiny, black exoskeleton. The arachne of this tribe had always been known for their speed and power. In Ji Tianqing’s hands, however, it was as weak as a real spider. Ji Tianqing simply picked it up and slammed it into the ground, breaking its arachnid limbs amidst crackling sounds. Then she tossed the disabled creature to the side.

After doing this, Ji Tianqing seemed to remember something all of a sudden. She looked down at herself and gasped, “My image!”

She quickly retracted...

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