Chapter 662: Strike at The Sharpest Point

Chapter 662: Strike at The Sharpest Point [V6C192 – Sorrow of a Silent Parting]

Dare you fight this battle?

In the face of this question, before the incoming black tide—an army tens of times their own—Qianye felt a surging feeling in his chest. He simply drew East Peak and thrust it into the ground in front of him!

The heavy sword entered the ground and towered like a mountain!

“Very Good!” Zhao Jundu let out a drawn laugh. He raised his hand toward the enemy central army and said, “I’ll open a path for you!”

With that, he removed Blue Firmament from his back. A layer of azure radiance lit up on the gun as his aura surged wildly. In the blink of an eye, he had shot beyond rank-twelve and was showing no signs of stopping.

“Fourth Young Master!”

“Young Master, please reconsider!”

“You must not!”

Zhao Jundu’s volcanic aura elicited gasps of astonishment from around him. The shocked generals attempted to dissuade him but were quickly stopped by a ring of violet flames. All they could do was watch Zhao Jundu’s aura rise unhindered.

At this point, Even Song Zining couldn’t keep his calm. “Are you crazy? This will affect your future foundations!”

However, Zhao Jundu replied calmly, “Heavenly Monarch is too far away, while the enemies are right before us!”


“No buts! If I don’t dare go all-out in battle just for some pure origin power, what’s the use of it?”

Zhao Jundu’s voice was clear and sonorous, much like the ring of a gong. The Blue Firmament in his hand grew brighter and brighter until a boundless blue sky began to materialize in the firmament above him!

Everyone lost their voice after seeing this shocking visual phenomenon. Any form of dissuasion was already too late at this point.

The dark race army seemed unaffected by this and simply kept marching on. Tens of thousands of cannon fodder and low-ranking warriors charged madly at the van. They had already lost their intelligence and sense of fear, and neither did they value their bodies. The only thing left in them was killing intent and blood-thirst.

Zhao Jundu’s hand was unbelievably steady as his finger pulled back on the trigger.

A werewolf at the foremost crossed a thousand meters like a bolt of lightning and swiped his claws at Zhao Jundu. In his bloodshot eyes, those sharp claws would tear the latter apart. However, his eyes were suddenly filled with a boundless blue light and nothing else.

The blue light gushed forward like a great river, extending thousands of meters with Zhao Jundu as its source. It traversed the dark race army and headed straight for the core of the incoming army.

Heaven and earth turned silent, and it was almost as though all sound had ceased—there was only a deluge of blue light in everyone's eyes. Only when the brilliance slowly faded away did the countless frozen dark race soldiers come into view. They were in their charging postures as if they had been fixated within that moment and time had stopped flowing.

All these petrified soldiers fell down silently at the exact same moment. A broad, open road had actually appeared amidst the vast sea that was the dark race army.

Only then did everyone understand what he meant when he said “let me open up a path for you”. Everyone held their breath for a brief moment.

The Blue Firmament suddenly broke down into ashes and was scattered in the wind. This famed weapon that had accompanied Zhao Jundu throughout his life could no longer endure its owner’s power, reaching its end in the most resplendent manner possible.

Qianye’s voice rang out amidst the silence. “My turn.”

Before everyone could react, Qianye had already charged out at extreme speeds. He was like a bolt of lightning charging down the path Zhao Jundu had paved for him and straight into the heart of the enemy forces.

Qianye’s speed was so fast that the dark race army couldn’t respond on time. Only when Qianye was halfway did the two sides come together, effectively sealing the passage and trapping Qianye inside.

However, Qianye neither lingered about nor changed directions. He actually continued killing his way straight into the central army.

At this moment, Qianye’s entire body had transformed into a weapon. Any part of his body would produce a killing blow after coming in contact with the enemy. Later on, he raised East Peak and slashed down with earth-shattering momentum. There were no variations; only peerless strength which cleared the path thirty meters ahead of him.

Seeing this barbaric and tyrannical blow, the virtuous demonkin count who was sitting calmly in the central army shot to his feet. He then pointed at Qianye and let out a shrill cry.

Those solemn-looking personal guards in the central army began to move out. They charged ferociously at Qianye like a wave of flowing darkness.

Qianye didn’t avoid the black-armored personal guards and simply met them head-on, both man and sword charging into their midst. Countless threads of blood flickered briefly around him as he rushed out of the black squad.

Most of the personal guards turned sluggish and began to stagger as though they were drunk. A small number of them looked about, baffled, as though they had no idea what had just happened. They couldn’t find any trace of Qianye, either.

The demonkin count’s eyes went wide open with bewilderment. Within that brief moment just now, Qianye’s almost empty aura saw a sudden and dramatic increase—Life Plunder was just that tyrannical.

Seeing Qianye reach his peak state once more, the count had no choice but to leave his seat and charge at the incoming enemy.

At this moment, massive amounts of blood energy were rolling inside his body with nowhere to go. It almost felt like his body was swelling up without limits and would soon burst at the seams. When the count charged over, a terrifying aura locked Qianye down and prevented him from leaking his blood energy.

Under pressure from both within and outside, Qianye’s blood core began to pulse strongly, pumping auric flame blood to every part of his body. Qianye’s auric flame blood was already distributed throughout his body, to begin with. Now, the last few gates had been flushed down, causing the auric flame blood to merge together and suddenly ignite!

A loud explosion rang in Qianye’s ears as an inexplicable surge of strength gushed out from every corner of his body. In the deepest parts of the void, a vortex appeared in the legendary River of Blood as countless bits of knowledge rushed into Qianye’s soul like a raging waterfall.

This was an indescribable sensation—it was as though he could grasp everything in the palm of his hand or shatter the worldly barriers with his strength. This was the power of an ancient count!

A thread of faintly discernible blood appeared in the air, extending from Qianye’s feet to the demonkin count and going thrice around him.

During the moment of the river’s awakening, the demonkin count felt an unrestrainable sense of terror grip his heart—he almost couldn’t control himself. Meanwhile, Qianye, who was several dozen meters away, flickered out of existence and suddenly appeared in front of him!

Within moments, Qianye flew thrice around the demonkin count and rose into the air as though he were completely weightless. He performed an agile spinning slash and landed on the ground dozens of meters away. His movements in the air were graceful and quick, but his landing was extremely heavy. With a muffled boom, the ground beneath his feet sank into a huge pit.

The demonkin count let out an incomparably mournful wail as his body split into four parts—fresh blood soon sprayed high into the air.

The scion of a famed demonkin clan and the vanguard commander of the dark race army, Virtuous Count Aurelius Caesar Truman, thus fell in battle.

Everything happened too quickly, so much so that most people could only look on with their mouths wide open. One had to know that the enemy was a demonkin virtuous count—which was, to say, a first-rank count. He was actually killed just like that!?

The only one who made any movement was Song Zining. Face ashen, he drew the sword of a nearby Zhao clan warrior and rushed forward. However, just as he was passing by Zhao Jundu, the latter reached out and locked him in place.

“What are you doing!? I must go and save Qianye!” Song Zining shouted.

Zhao Jundu replied, “Qianye does not need to be rescued. Besides, you’ll die if you go now.”

“It’s my business if I die, nothing to do with you! Move away!”

Zhao Jundu watched Song Zining with a spurious smile. “Don’t tell me the stately Song clan seventh young master, the empire’s future god of war, is such an impetuous fellow.”

The dark races had recovered from their initial shock while the two men were speaking and gradually started closing in on Qianye. However, owing to the intimidation he had exerted by killing a virtuous count in one move, none of them launched the first attack.

Song Zining was both anxious and furious. “Zhao Four! I’m not from your Zhao clan, you can’t control me. Let me go!”

Zhao Jundu smiled vaguely with a purple glow in his eyes. The Omniscient Seal had completely immobilized Song Zining.

It was at this time that a giant pillar of darkness rose over the distant horizon. It soon turned into a violent tornado connecting the heaven and earth. Many people cried out secretly. Despite numerous dark race experts being pinned down, there was actually a duke-level expert overseeing this pursuit operation!

The distant aura wasn’t at the stage where it could shake the heaven and earth—perhaps he was merely a vice-duke. However, a vice-duke was also a duke.

At the center of the dark race army, Qianye stood up and gazed at that terrifying cyclone pressing down toward him. Then he glanced back and saw Zhao Jundu and Song Zining.

Qianye turned back and took a deep breath. A faint layer of golden flames suddenly appeared on East Peak as he raised his blade and walked straight toward the dark tornado, completely ignoring the massive army in the way.

Song Zining cried out loudly, “Qianye, come back!!!”

His clear voice spread far and wide. Not only did it cover the entire battlefield, but even the distant duke could hear him.

However, Qianye neither turned back nor slowed down his footsteps. No one could escape from a duke—the only way out was for someone to fight him head-on and keep him occupied. Qianye knew that Zhao Jundu and Song Zining were behind him. That was why he chose to meet that all-destructive vortex head-on.

Song Zining became silent. Darkness flowed within his body as he prepared to activate a secret art. The raging violet flames flickering around him began showing signs of being extinguished. At this point, streams of azure flames shot up from each direction. This served to stabilize the tottering flames somewhat, but they still remained fluctuating.

Being able to force the azure flames out of Zhao Jundu’s Omniscient Seal and force the empowered seal into instability spoke volumes about Song Zining’s strength.

Looking at the figure of Qianye’s back, Zhao Jundu’s eyes were filled with a mysterious glint; no one could measure his thoughts at the moment. He suddenly reached out to pat Song Zining’s shoulder and said, “He’ll be fine.”

The sky behind the army suddenly dimmed down. The raging netherworld river emerged in the darkness with red spider lilies blossoming and wilting within its waters.

The tornado of darkness let out an exasperated roar, “Red Spider Lily! You actually brought the Red Spider Lily!”

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