Chapter 649: More Than One Madman

Chapter 649: More Than One Madman [V6C179 – Sorrow of a Silent Parting]

No matter how calm Uncle Wang was, he could no longer remain indifferent at this point. All he could do, though, was dissuade her, “Young Miss, you mustn’t be impetuous regarding this matter.”

Zhao Ruoxi’s eyes were filled with an ominous glint. “I can’t? Then when can I be impetuous? Just tell me where Bai Aotu is.”

“This…” Uncle Wang wore a helpless expression. He didn’t want to say, but then he saw Zhao Ruoxi waving the Red Spider Lily about. He knew he couldn’t stop her if the lass wanted to escape. In the entire city, perhaps only Duke You could intercept her.

Uncle Wang had to say, “This is a long story, the details aren’t that simple.”

Next up, he described the entire sequence of events to her. Moreover, he sorted out the entire story and explained all the pros and cons very clearly. He spoke in great detail since this matter was quite important to the entire Zhao clan.

After investing a whole lot of words, Uncle Wang said, “So, this matter arose from Bai Kongzhao alone. As for Bai Aotu, perhaps she was just protecting her subordinate without knowing what she had done. All of the aristocracy is doing such things, the only difference is the degree.”

“Uncle Wang, are you trying to dissuade me from seeking Bai Aotu out? Do you think I can’t win?”

Uncle Wang sighed. “Young Miss, this is not how you use a national treasure. Moreover, we’re currently at an important period. The entire warzone requires you and the Red Spider Lily. Besides, it’s best if you don’t use the weapon if you don’t need to, it’s not good for your body.”

“So what if it’s a national treasure? It’s mine now that it’s in my hands, I’ll use it however I want! Tell those old fellows for me, Bai Aotu isn’t the only madman in this world!”

Uncle Wang was shocked out of his wits. He suddenly reached forth to grab the girl. He had clearly caught Zhao Ruoxi’s wrist, but all of a sudden, only a red spider lily remained in his hand. This flower of the netherworld faded away in an instant and actually became an open pine nut in Uncle Wang’s palm.

Uncle Wang stood frozen for a short moment before heaving a deep sigh. He leapt right out the window and shot away at great speeds. He knew where Zhao Ruoxi was going, but he wasn’t too sure if he could catch up to her.

At this moment, Qianye finally opened his eyes within the cultivation chamber of an airship. He had just finished a segment of training.

His current cultivation was mainly for the purpose of healing his injuries as the damage to his origin power was minimal. The most important part was that his origin vortices at the moment were in a semi-crystalline state, filled with small crystal granules. Origin power in this state was countless times more resistant to external damage. Bai Aotu’s punch was enough to shatter an ordinary cultivator’s origin vortex and destroy his foundations, but it inflicted little damage on Qianye. The true damage was focused on his physical body.

However, with his blood core intact and auric flame blood flowing throughout his body, he would fully recover in three days. He really wasn’t lying to Zhao Yuying when he stated his recovery period.

It was just that this step required large food intake to supplement his nutrition and energy. Qianye thus left the cultivation chamber and went to the kitchen. There, he devoured several portions of food before heading over to visit Wei Potian.

The Wei clan heir was lying on the bed, bandaged from head to toe. There were several layers of wound dressing at his waist.

Qianye sat beside the bed and pressed lightly on the bandage out of habit. “Does it still hurt?”

Wie Potian squealed like a butchered pig, and then said furiously, “Of course it hurts!!! Can’t you be more gentle? Moreover, this is the seventh time you’ve come to visit me!”

Qianye slapped his forehead after recalling that it was his seventh time here. He was healing while cultivating—after a forty-minute cultivation session, he would eat a large meal to supplement his energy expenditure and then visit Wei Potian. Every time he came, he would subconsciously pat Wei Potian’s injuries and ask how he was doing. In other words, he would come and torment the latter every hour.

Wei Potian sized Qianye up from head to toe. He couldn’t help but sigh. “Your strength has increased again. It seems you’re about to recover from your injuries, right? Damn, what kind of body is that? Your injuries were clearly worse than my own. How come you’re jumping about after just a day when this daddy still has to lie here obediently?!”

“You’re missing a large chunk of flesh and several ribs. How is that not serious? Just lie there for me. You’ll need a week of rest, more or less.”

Wei Potian was dissatisfied. “I should’ve learned some of the Yin family’s secret arts. That should help me recover faster.”

“That will delay the progress of your Thousand Mountains. That shot would’ve taken your life if your defense was just a bit weaker.”

Wei Potian lay back down and said, “Ah, I feel so bored. This accursed ship doesn’t even have one beautiful nurse or doctor. In fact, there’s no one attractive at all.”

Qianye broke into a laugh. “When did you become Song Zining?”

Wei Potian rolled his eyes. “Yours truly is also a man, and every man likes beautiful ladies. Speaking of which, is that gigolo fine? To be honest, I no longer hate him that much after seeing those two scars on his face.”

Qianye broke his reverie once more. “You know Zining, I’m sure he’ll spend a small fortune to remove those scars. You can forget about that.”

Wei Potian sighed, and then suddenly became silent. Moments later, he said, “Qianye, are you willing to let this matter be?”

Qianye replied slowly after a moment of silence, “If you’re speaking about Bai Kongzhao, I’ll kill her sooner or later. She’ll have a harder time escaping as time goes on. As for Bai Aotu, it’s only a matter of time before I catch up to her. If it’s just to kill her, I don’t really need to wait until I can fight against her fair and square. However, I’ve been thinking if I should do that in the face of a powerful enemy.”

Wei Potian fell into a rare period of contemplation after hearing this. Later on, he exhaled deeply and said through gritted teeth, “I want nothing more than to beat her up right away!”

It was just that one could hardly have that chance without reaching the divine champion level. By the time Qianye reached the divine champion level, Bai Aotu might’ve taken the next step forward. As for Wei Potian, it was truly beyond difficult for him to reach the divine champion. He probably had no hope of beating up Bai Aotu in this lifetime.

Seeing Qianye’s gloomy expression, Wei Potian broke into a laugh. “It’s fine, Qianye, don’t put this small matter to heart. The people of the empire will be the judge of who’s right or wrong in this matter! Our Wei clan has always pioneered new territories for the empire—the countless men who died on the battlefield cannot be humiliated like so. Countless other aristocratic families will be spooked if the Bai clan doesn’t give us a satisfactory explanation. This ordeal isn’t that easy to pass.”

Qianye’s expression relaxed into a faint smile. It was just that the smile was somewhat forced and looked even uglier than a weeping face.

Wei Potian said in a carefree manner, “I told you it’s fine! I’m only missing some flesh, it’ll grow back in a couple of days. You don’t think this heir has no money for treatment, do you?”

Wei Potian made it sound easy, but things weren’t that simple. That shot had removed most of the flesh at his waist, almost a third of it in fact. This kind of injury would make him weak for a period of time even after it had healed.

“You rest well, I’m going out for a walk.”

“Wait! Qianye, don’t tell me you’re going to come here and smack me again after an hour? This daddy will die from the torture instead of the gunshot!”

Qianye pretended to swing his hand again, eliciting a weird cry from Wei Potian. Only then did he say with a laugh, “Don’t worry, my injuries are more or less healed. There’s no need to cultivate anymore today.”

Qianye walked along the corridor after leaving the sickroom, deep in his own thoughts. This was a high-speed transport ship in charge of logistics and supplies. The vessel was massive, and the internal walkways were fairly wide. It wasn’t a problem for four or five people to walk side by side. In fact, this corridor could allow a small truck to pass through.

Hence, Qianye subconsciously ignored the person who had appeared up ahead since the two were on different sides of the wide corridor.

But Qianye had just taken a few steps forward when he discovered that his path ahead was being blocked. That person had, for some reason, shifted his path. Qianye was still trembling faintly as he made to calm the fluctuating blood energy and origin power in his body. He was at the extremes of fury and had trouble controlling himself. At the moment, he would find it difficult to control the flames of his fury whenever he saw Wei Potian’s injury.

Qianye stepped sideways reflexively to evade the incoming person, but the man mirrored his action and blocked the path once more. At this point, Qianye finally realized that the man in front was here to cause trouble for him.

Qianye felt livelier all of a sudden. A troublemaker had appeared just when he needed to vent his anger.

The tall, burly man asked, “You’re Qianye?”

Qianye spoke not a single word. His eyes fell upon the man’s brigadier general rank and Bai clan insignias.

Seeing Qianye silent, the person sneered, “How is someone like you worthy of being in conflict with Miss Aotu? She’s already being quite merciful by not killing you in one punch. Yet, you actually dare to frame her?! Are the Zhao clan’s dogs so lowly? Today, I, Bai…”

He hadn’t even finished his words when Qianye suddenly looked up. The gaze struck like lightning and actually elicited a sharp pain in the man’s eyes! Just as he was about to shift his eyes away, the latter felt something akin to an iron hoop tightening around his neck. The force actually made it impossible for him to breathe!

He looked down to find that Qianye had taken him by the neck and was gradually raising him into the air. The latter hadn’t locked down his origin power, but the strength in his hands was outrageous. The pure physical strength had shattered his origin defenses and was causing his neck bones to crackle, almost as though they would crack at any moment. 

Although he could still move at will, the only thing this Bai clan brigadier general could manage was to try pulling away Qianye’s fingers, lest his neck really gets crushed. However, those five fingers wouldn’t budge at all no matter how hard he tried, and his face was gradually turning purple.

His eyes were full of astonishment, but he couldn’t utter any words. As someone born of the Bai clan, his eyesight was sharp—he could see that Qianye hadn’t used any origin power at all. The latter had managed to render him completely helpless with physical strength alone. What kind of monster was this?

Qianye walked toward the end of the corridor in large strides, kicked open the emergency door, and hurled the fellow out of the ship.

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