Chapter 386: Revenge

Chapter 386: Revenge [V5C93 - A Distance Within Reach]

Zhao Fenglei was momentarily dumbfounded and simply couldn’t believe his ears. Even though his talents were inferior to the Duke Chengen fourth young master and Zhao Yuying, he was still an excellent character within the Zhao clan and also the grandson of Duke Yan—when had he ever heard such words?

He came to only with great difficulty and his face immediately turned red as he shouted, “What did you just say? Say it again?”

Qianye spoke word by word, “I said scram!”

Zhao Fenglei was furious—his origin power erupted without disguise and formed two vortices around his body. “You’re courting death.”

Qianye didn’t even spare Zhao Fenglei a glance. He gazed at Count Yuyang and said coldly, “Do you intend to take action inside the room or shall we go out?”

His bearing and tone as he spoke those words completely ignored Zhao Fenglei’s existence. The latter was greatly enraged and pounced toward Qianye with a flash of green origin power. However, Zhao Fenglei had just moved when Count Yuyang placed a hand on his shoulder and pressed him down.

At this moment, Zhao Yuying propped herself up and blocked Qianye. She then turned around and said, “Sixth Grand Uncle, let’s leave this matter here. I wish to rest. I’ll call upon you in a couple of days.”

Count Yuyang nodded. “That’s fine too.”

Zhao Yuying hung unto Qianye’s shoulder and said, “Qianye, stay behind. There’s something I need to discuss.”

Zhao Fenglei’s eyes were almost spewing flames as he stared fixedly at Qianye. “Don’t think that I don’t know what you’re planning by getting yourself involved with Yuying! If you have guts, don’t learn our Zhao clan’s arts. Continue cultivating your Combatant Formula until you die!”

Qianye stared coldly at him without a change in expression—an azure light swept through his eyes.

Count Yuyang said with a frown, “Fenglei, speak less! Let’s go.” With that, he turned around and left. Zhao Fenglei wanted to say something but was immediately dragged out.

Zhao Yuying turned limp after Count Yuyang’s group left and had to cling onto Qianye for support. She said with an unsteady voice, “Help me with the wound, this mommy can’t hold on much longer.”

Qianye broke into a tight frown. He simply picked up Zhao Yuying and walked into the bedroom.

Zhao Yuying removed her clothes and lay face down on the bed. Her wound was on the back close to her ribs. It was only about three fingers wide, and the margins were extremely smooth. Qianye was astonished after a careful inspection—the wound seemed small, but it was extremely deep and almost reached the other side of the body. Moreover, the external origin power lingering around the opening was extremely sinister. Not only did it remain undispersed around the wound and obstruct its healing, but it was also invading the internal organs continuously.

Zhao Yuying appeared fine on the surface, but her organs were already badly damaged. The damage wasn’t lethal considering her strength, but she would need to recuperate for at least a month and would be restricted from using her full strength several months afterward.

Qianye calmed down after observing the wound clearly and inquired once more about how she was injured. It was just as Zhao Yuying had recounted earlier—Nangong Xiaofeng had launched a sneak attack. His strength was slightly above Zhao Yuying in the first place, so he succeeded in heavily wounding Zhao Yuying in a single strike.

But Zhao Yuying didn’t run away immediately in the face of grave danger and, instead, launched a brazen counterattack. She used up that extremely valuable cannon shell to shatter Nangong Xiaofneg’s protective origin power and similarly injured him.

“I understand now.” With that, Qianye began cleaning Zhao Yuying’s wound.

Qianye’s daybreak origin power was incomparably pure, and its effects were extremely evident here. Before long, the lingering origin power around the wound had more or less been dispelled, and Qianye also managed to grasp Nangong Xiaofeng’s origin power attribute during this process. However, she would have to slowly clear the remaining bits of origin power that had entered her lungs.

Zhao Yuying’s aura became apparently weaker after this round of torment, but her complexion had taken a turn for the better and was no longer as pale.

Only at this time did the two of them regain the mood to discuss other matters. Zhao Yuying asked about Qianye’s meeting with Count Yuyang and said, “Qianye, that’s just how the Sixth Grand Uncle is. He only takes action after sufficient planning. This matter, in his eyes, might be an extremely good opportunity with which to force the Nangong family toward our Zhao clan. Even if he fails to do so, he’ll definitely make Nangong Yuanbo bleed heavily, and the compensation will be more than enough.”

Qianye sat down beside the bed. “I grew up as a native in the countryside, and I don’t understand the methods of you aristocrats. I only know that since they’ve injured you, don’t even think about compensating with money!”

“Qianye, don’t be rash. The Nangong family is not one you can afford to provoke. It’s fine while I’m still here, but I’ll have to leave sooner or later.” Zhao Yuying only felt Qianye remove the sheets and hold her in his arms. Zhao Yuying’s weary body relaxed in his warm presence, and tiredness finally rolled over her entire being. She could no longer hold on at this point and fell into a deep sleep.

She suddenly woke up after an unknown period of time. She found that the sky outside the window had turned dark, and the room was completely empty. Qianye was gone.

Zhao Yuying was alarmed and, for some reason, completely flustered. She could no longer care about her powerless body and rushed out after putting on her clothes. Two ramrod straight Dark Flame warriors were standing guard outside the door.

Zhao Yuying asked immediately, “Where’s Qianye?!”

“Sire Qianye left long ago and only instructed us to keep watch here.”

Zhao Yuying had left even before the guard’s voice had trailed off. She asked everyone she met along the way and finally heard from Song Hu that Qianye had long since left the city on an airship without telling anyone where he had gone. The one he had taken was Nangong Xiaoniao’s airship. It was several times faster than normal vessels and was probably already far away at this moment. It was already too late even if Zhao Yuying wanted to chase after him.

She stood in a daze for a length of time before returning to her residence. There, she brought out a bottle of wine and started drinking slowly, her emotions incomparably complicated.

Meanwhile, Qianye was standing atop a rocky mountain peak and looking down at a certain courtyard at the foot of the mountain. The manor was extremely big and even had its own perpetual dynamo tower—it was practically a small city.

Gazing down at the manor below, Qianye thought quietly to himself, “This fatty is quite useful.”

This news couldn’t be considered too hard to obtain, but it was still difficult to bring it out on the spot. Zhou Caiguang had, without a second word, brought out intelligence related to the Nangong family when Qianye went knocking on his door. Not even a single unnecessary word was spoken. From this, it was clear that he had already done sufficient homework.

This was the Nangong family's biggest estate in the Trinity River County. The family only had three or four bases of such scale on Evernight Continent. If Nangong Xiaofeng needed to recuperate, it was very likely that he would be here.

Qianye drew the Twin Flowers and pressed two Black Titanium Bullets of Annihilation into the chamber before holstering them. He then retrieved East Peak from Andruil’s Mysterious Realm, strapped it to his back, and ran toward the manor.

The Iron Curtain hadn’t extended to this place yet, but it was already quite close. Hence, security in the manor was tight—there were sentries everywhere, and there were soldiers patrolling the area constantly. Moreover, a fair number of fierce dogs were kept outside of the manor walls to ensure watertight defenses.

A patrol unit was moving along the external walls of the manor, the origin lamps in their hands flickering with an exceptional yellow hue against the dark night. A gust of cold air caused them to shiver involuntarily.

“This accursed weather suddenly turned so cold. Will we even survive?”

“A little chill is fine, but not seeing the sun every day is damn frightening.”

The fully bearded leader snorted, “Enough! Quit complaining. If there was a choice, who would be willing to be sent to an accursed place like Evernight? But we’re fortunate that whatchamacallit Iron Curtain hasn’t reached this place yet. Otherwise, you can all start weeping!”

Someone asked curiously, “What kind of thing is that Iron Curtain? Why is everyone so afraid?”

Another person glanced around and, after finding no one nearby, spoke in a whisper, “I’m not trying to intimidate you guys. You might not know, but Sire Xiaofeng just arrived today and now he’s grievously injured! I heard he went into the Iron Curtain. What kind of person is Sire Xiaofeng? Even he was injured, so tell me if that Iron Curtain is scary or not?”

Everyone’s expression changed since all of them were external warriors, and it was the first time they had heard about this. Someone asked suddenly, “Has Sire Xiaofeng left?”

The person who revealed the news replied subconsciously, “He still has to recuperate for a couple of days—wait, who are you?!”

The warriors all glanced back and discovered that they didn’t recognize the person who had raised the question. In fact, they didn’t even know when this person had appeared behind them. This shocked them out of their wits.

Qianye swung East Peak without unsheathing it. Powerful origin power tides shot forth like a tsunami and knocked all of them flying. They spat blood through the air and collapsed onto the ground.

Qianye discovered, from their gossip just now, that these people were dispatched from the upper continent. No matter how unfavored they were, each of them was still part of the clan’s main force. Such soldiers usually served the family faithfully for generations and would probably fight to the death. As such, Qianye didn’t hold back at all—the entire unit was killed from the impact of his origin power. Numerous canines in the vicinity heard the commotion and charged over toward him, but just as they were about to bark furiously, Qianye shot them a sidelong glance. The dogs immediately lowered themselves to the ground after sensing the blood energy on his body. There, they whimpered continuously and couldn’t even stand up.

Qianye jumped over the wall but didn’t move covertly the rest of the way. Instead, he charged straight into the courtyard without hiding his presence and shouted with a stern voice, “Nangong Xiaofeng. Get out here! Does the number one genius of the Nangong family only know how to hide like a turtle?”

The manor was stirred within moments, and many people charged out from their rooms. They wanted to see who was bold enough to cause trouble in the Nangong family estate.

At this time, a lazy voice rang out from a secluded little building, “Where did this madman come from? Are you so eager to die when you’re not even a champion? Your daddy here is just halfway done with this young girl. What a nuisance! It seems I have to teach you a good lesson to vent my frustrations.”

While speaking, a ghostly figure floated out from one of the second-floor windows and rose against the wind to stand upon a tall eave. It was evident from his unfathomable movements that this person was an expert in assassination.

Qianye said nothing more. A backpack suddenly appeared in his hand which he tossed toward Nangong Xiaofeng. The bag unraveled in the air and out spilled a dozen or so black objects—all of them were origin hand grenades!

“Shit!” Nangong Xiaofeng was shocked out of his wits and cursed loudly. His entire body curled up into a ball as he charged into the small building.

He saw, at a single glance, that the grenades all had vampire style patterns on them. Moreover, the other party was clearly a veteran—although the grenades were tossed at the same time, each of them was lit up to a different degree, and the trajectories were somewhat interlocked. Even with his skills, Nangong Xiaofeng didn’t dare attempt to break through the explosive net, much less resist forcefully.

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