Chapter 437: Lurking Wolves

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Chapter 437: Lurking Wolves [V5C144 – A Distance Within Reach]

There was also a burly, stern-looking man standing within the tent. He said, “Young Master, it’s been several days since we’ve had any harvests. This situation isn’t right! We’re already in the hinterlands of the Dark Nation, but we can’t even find half a dark bastard after searching for so long.”

Zhao Jundu said indifferently, “That’s normal. We have at least five or six other groups acting alongside us. The dark races aren’t morons. Who’ll come to throw their lives away?”

“Won’t our rankings turn ugly if this goes on?” A worried expression flashed across the burly man’s face, but it immediately turned into fierceness. “Why don’t we take a walk and drive away those flies?”

Zhao Jundu looked up. “Drive away?”

Under Zhao Jundu’s scrutiny, the burly man’s face turned more and more unnatural. At last, he scratched his head and said in an embarrassed manner, “Some lives will inevitably be lost. We’re already deep in dark race territory, so some casualties should be normal. Ahaha… haha!”

There was no humor on Zhao Jundu’s face as he asked thoughtfully, “How many days has it been since we lost contact with those behind?”

The burly man gave it some thought and replied in surprise, “It’s been seven days now!”

Seven days wasn’t short, but it wasn’t long, either. There were wolves lurking everywhere under the Iron Curtain. Even champion-level scouts might not be able to keep the rear channel flowing smoothly. Although their squad wasn’t lacking in supplies just yet, they had lost contact with the outside world. They were no different from a blinded beast—every step was fraught with danger.

Zhao Jundu touched the crystal disk in his pocket and said softly, “Seven days… too long.”

The burly man grinned with frosty killing intent. “Young Master, you know that I, Zhao Kuang, am a coarse person. But I simply refuse to believe these flies buzzing around us are just a coincidence! Two Bai clan squads, two Nangong squads, and two more from other families. As I see it, these people didn’t come for military contributions. They came for you.”

Zhao Jundu laughed indifferently. “That’s normal too.”

Zhao Kuang said with a gloomy expression. “Young Master, these people are too insolent. They’re not putting our Zhao clan in their eyes at all! They probably won’t know the immensity of heaven and earth if we don’t teach them a lesson. Let me go out and slaughter a dozen of them first.”

“No need,” Zhao Jundu pointed to a point on the map and said, “we’ll pack up tomorrow and go to this place.”

Zhao Kuang looked on blankly, “Isn’t that the hunting ground of that Nangong brat?”

Zhao Jundu said calmly, “There are no boundary stones on the ground. Wherever, I, Zhao Jundu go is where the Zhao clan’s hunting ground is.”

Zhao Kuang’s eyes were suffused with a ferocious glow. “I understand!”

Zhao Jundu’s entourage packed up and left at dawn the next day. They had just passed through a valley region when dozens of warriors jumped out from the forest ahead and blocked their path.

A man in his thirties with a neatly trimmed beard walked over. “Zhao Fourth Young Master, how did you find the mood to visit our Nangong family’s hunting grounds?”

Zhao Kuang took a step forward and shouted, “From now on, this is our Zhao clan’s hunting ground. You can take your men and scram.”

The man was furious and said coldly, “Zhao Fourth Young Master, What’s the meaning of this?”

Zhao Jundu replied indifferently, “What he said is also my opinion.”

The man laughed loudly. “I, Nangong Yuncheng, have never seen such an insolent fellow! What? Are you going to resort to force if I refuse to leave?”

“That is indeed my intention.”

Nangong Yuncheng was startled, but anger rushed up immediately afterward. He said while gnashing his teeth, “Zhao Jundu! Even if you’re the empire’s number one genius, you’re not even a champion at this point. I’m already a rank-eleven champion which puts an entire two realms between us! Humph, genius? I was also a genius among the nobility several years ago! Did you think you’re the only genius among so many aristocratic families and clans? If you’re truly intent on fighting, I’ll just have to experience how powerful your Blue Firmament is!”

Zhao Kuang was furious, and thunderclaps rang out as his hands formed into fists. However, an invisible origin power swept past from beside him and rooted him in place; he couldn’t even take one step forward.

Meanwhile, Zhao Jundu slowly walked forward and stood about ten meters away from Nangong Yuncheng. A smile hung on the corners of his lips, but his eyes were full of frost and devoid of all humor.

Nangong Yuncheng drew his twin blades subconsciously and assumed a combat stance. The man only came to see the truth after his hands were upon the cold sword hilts—his weapons were already drawn, while Zhao Jundu hadn’t even done anything—didn’t this mean he was afraid of the other party?

Nangong Yuncheng simply let out a loud shout. Dark currents immediately surged in the vicinity as he activated the Origin’s End domain.

Zhao Jundo finally raised his hand and clasped it in the air. “Omniscient Seal, rise!”

With Zhao Fourth’s clear, penetrative shout, eight streams of violet flames rushed to the skies and locked Nangong Yuncheng within. At almost the same time, each of them began to exude dense violet qi which spread out like a curtain and enveloped an area dozens of meters in radius. It was impossible to see what had transpired within. This was a contest of domains, and apparently, the Omniscient Seal had overwhelmed the Origin’s End.

Zhao Jundu strode forward, his figure flickering as he entered the formation in one step and left in another. But there was now a human head in his grasp.

“Before me, all geniuses are merely jokes.”

Behind him, the scenery within the domain became clear as the eight violet pillars of flame shattered and the violet qi dispersed. Nangong Yuncheng’s headless body was actually still standing with his blade in hand, but it gradually fell down after a moment.

That illustrious Blue Firmament had been strapped to Zhao Jundu’s back this whole time, and he didn’t even use it.

The Nangong family warriors stood frozen on the spot with distorted expressions and were slaughtered by the Zhao clan warriors swarming over them.

“Next stop, Bai clan.”

Outside of Blackflow City, Qianye was standing atop a mountain peak and gazing into the distance. He could see Blackflow’s silhouette, but most of it had been covered up by the rolling smoke. The sounds of cannons and war-cries reached even that distant peak.

The battle was in full swing at this moment, and several segments of the city wall were ablaze. The dark race warriors and Dark Flame soldiers were fighting desperately—every meter of the city wall had been taken and retaken several times.

“So this is Blackflow City? There is indeed a war! But it looks like the defense is in dire straits!” Blackmoon spoke.

Even Blackmoon could see the problem here; how could Qianye not know?

Despite the anxiety in his heart, his expression was as calm as still water and didn’t betray any of his thoughts.

Qianye surveyed the entire battlefield and suddenly turned his gaze to a certain direction.

Blackmoon followed Qianye’s line of sight and saw a group of dark race soldiers appearing from that direction and rushing toward the battlefield.

At this point, Blackmoon felt things were far from encouraging. “What’s going on? Why doesn’t Blackflow have any reinforcements?”

“There will be no reinforcements.”

“Then how are we going to fight this war?” A vexed Blackmoon scratched her hair as she gazed at the distant city embroiled in the flames of war.

Qianye said calmly, “It’s not an easy fight, but one that we have to fight nonetheless. You’ve seen the battle situation. It’s not too late to go back now.”

Anger flashed across Blackmoon’s face. “A Highbeard’s word is worth its weight in gold. We’re not scheming like you imperials. Since I’ve already accepted your advance payment, how can I leave without even fighting? What face will I have left to meet my tribe and its warriors if I do such a thing? In short, I’m definitely fighting this war! Remember to send my payment if I fall in battle. My father’s waiting for that cash to save someone’s life.”

The words made Qianye glance at Blackmoon in astonishment. Throughout the empire and even among the imperial clans, the number of people with such an attitude was dwindling.

Qianye finally nodded and said, “Rest assured, I’ll deliver it.”

Blackmoon appeared puzzled after observing the flow of the battle for a while. “Why isn’t Blackflow city trying to break through the siege or sending couriers out?”

From their location, they could see that the dark race army was separated into numerous camps which had Blackflow City tightly surrounded. There were gaps between each camp, but considering the dark race’s superior agility, those trying to charge through them would be quickly surrounded. A large squad couldn’t escape, but there was enough leeway there for a small unit of experts to leave.

But after a long period of observation, not a single expert was seen charging out from the city.

Qianye gazed at the blazing Blackflow City and gradually understood Song Zining’s notion.

“An opening!” Seeing most of the dark race squads being mobilized, Blackmoon shot up and wanted to charge toward the city. Under the chaotic circumstances, there was a good chance she might be able to charge through the assault lines and rush into the city.

“Hold it.” Qianye held her back. Blackmoon jumped a couple of times but only managed to bounce about in place. This surprised her quite a bit because she was assisted by mechanical power, and ordinary champions weren’t her match in terms of pure strength. But in the end, Qianye’s tug had rendered her completely immobile as though she were tied to a mountain.

“Aren’t we charging in now?”

“Not yet, rush into the city when I make my move.”

“Aren’t you going into Blackflow City?” Blackmoon inquired.

“No, I want to pay the dark race commander a visit,” Qianye replied calmly.

“You’re crazy!” Blackmoon finally understood what Qianye was planning and couldn’t help but gasp in astonishment.

At this very moment, Song Zining was sitting atop the city gate tower like a carved statue. He had already cut down several dark race viscounts since the beginning of the great battle, and that sinister demonic mask had become the nightmare of many a dark race warrior.

Song Zining paid no heed to the dark race army’s torrential offensive. His gaze was patrolling through the army beneath the walls as though he was searching for something.

Luther knew Song Zining was looking for him.

This demonkin general was standing amidst the great army at the moment, and his guards had also changed into ordinary warrior uniforms. At a glance, the place looked just like an ordinary captain’s station and nothing like the command center of the entire dark race army. The army’s attack patterns would change as commands were issued one after another, and Song Zining was surveying all of these minute details. All of a sudden, his eyes lit up as he shot a glance toward Luther’s area!

Luther felt a burning stab of pain as Song Zining’s gaze swept over him!

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