Chapter 421: Fear

Chapter 421: Fear [V5C128 – A Distance Within Reach]

Wildfang’s eyes turned round all of a sudden—his mouth couldn’t help but open wide as he sprayed out everything he had drunk. The torrential vomitus drenched the onlookers standing behind Qianye.

Qianye’s right fist shot out and, once again, slammed into Wildfang’s abdomen. This time, the werewolf could no longer hold on—his knees went soft, and he fell kneeling onto the floor. Qianye pulled Wildfang’s face up by the hair and delivered a ruthless headbutt!

Wildfang’s face turned into a complete mess amidst cracking sounds. His nose had been beaten into his skull, and a mixture of fresh blood and alcohol splattered out in all directions.

The alehouse suddenly fell into a lapse of silence. Everyone knew just how sturdy a werewolf’s skull was, but quite unexpectedly, Qianye had beaten Wildfang’s face into a pulp with a single headbutt.

Qianye was rather caught up in the fight and only discovered the presence of a fishy smell after he had delivered that satisfying headbutt. His face immediately turned pale as he recalled how Wildfang had just vomited a while ago and came quite close to throwing up himself.

Qianye reached behind him and rather conveniently discovered a piece of cloth there. A forceful tug of his hand tore the fabric off with which he hurriedly wiped his face clean.

It turned out that a young vampire lady was standing behind Qianye. Despite her cold countenance, she was scantily clothed and possessed a plump, fiery figure that was rare among the vampires. Not only was the vampire girl not concerned, but her eyes were even flowing with charm as she twisted her body over toward Qianye.

Unfortunately, a bottle of wine exploded on her head before she even managed to approach. The vampire girl momentarily swayed about before falling head-first to the floor. Nighteye snorted deeply behind her as she tossed the broken bottle in her hand to one side.

Wildfang had already recovered from his daze during the time it took for Qianye to wipe his face. The werewolves’ healing powers were indeed terrifying. He had already entered a berserk state, suddenly transforming into his werewolf form. His head crashed right through the ceiling as his body expanded rapidly!

Qianye said nothing. He just directly rushed over and threw another punch at Wildfang’s abdomen.

A shocking scene played out this time—Qianye had actually pierced through Wildfang’s protective origin power with a single punch, his forearm once again disappearing into the werewolf’s body. With Wildfang’s strength, no gun below grade-five could blast through his origin power, but now, someone had punched right through it. How could this not shock everyone?

This time, Wildfang had nothing to vomit. His eyes, filled with astonishment and disbelief, nearly popped out of their sockets. His knees buckled, and he was once again sent kneeling onto the floor.

Qianye reached out to grab Wildfang’s hair and pressed down. The werewolf’s head smashed right through the bar counter with a boom and fell to the ground, half of it vanishing into the floor. Qianye picked the wolf head up again and smashed it down. Once, twice, thrice—every smash was accompanied by a muffled thud—much like a drum thundering at the bottom of everyone’s heart.

Wildfang still refused to fall unconscious and continued struggling frantically. Even Qianye found it hard to keep him pressed down. It was at this time that a bottle of wine appeared before Qianye’s eyes which he took without a second thought and smashed it ruthlessly onto the werewolf’s head.

The bottle shattered, but Wildfang’s struggling was still as violent. The damage done by the bottle seemed almost negligible against the werewolf’s steely head.

Nighteye glanced around, and her eyes soon fell upon a pig-iron cask behind the counter. That fellow seemed big and sturdy, and it was also heavy enough.

“Boss, out of the way!” Nighteye pushed the old arachne away and lifted that big wine cask with one hand.

“Wait! That’s…” The old arachne was shocked. He tried to stop her, but, alas, it was too late—Nighteye had tossed the cask to Qianye.

“Thank you.” Qianye caught the cask and smashed it onto Wildfang’s head with a loud bang, immediately flattening the thick cask.

“Don’t mention it,” Nighteye replied politely.

Werewolf heads were indeed hard. Wildfang’s skull still hadn’t shattered even after receiving such a heavy blow. However, he stopped moving after struggling a couple of times and was finally out cold.

Qianye exhaled deeply and stood up feeling greatly refreshed. He was quite sober now.

But it would seem that his problems still hadn’t ended. Brock led the group of vampires toward Qianye and said coldly, “Brat, you want to leave just like that? Kneel down!”

A wisp of blood energy carrying some traces of ancient blood rose from Brock’s body and rushed violently toward Qianye. The vampire wanted to use his powerful blood energy and superior bloodline power to suppress Qianye into submission.

The mutual suppression of bloodlines among vampires were much stronger than that of the other three races. Even if they weren’t direct line descendants, the superior bloodline would exert an obvious suppression on the inferior one. The greater the difference in rank, the more distinct the suppression would be. For instance, the vampires from a remote region like Evernight might even be rendered helpless when facing a descendant of the Twelve Ancient Clans. The vampires had always been the strictest in terms of hierarchy among the four big races.

Brock had discovered when Qianye was fighting against Wildfang that the latter’s aura was particularly lively, a sign that he had just condensed his blood core. Brock wasn’t willing to give up despite having seen Wildfang fall in Qianye’s hands—he wanted to rely on his advantage in bloodline and rank to directly suppress Qianye. Even if the latter had some background, it would, at most, come to a stalemate.

The blood energy in Qianye’s body flared up as Brock’s blood energy rushed onto him—this, to them, was a direct challenge. In the past, any blood energy bold enough to enter Qianye’s body could hardly escape the fate of being torn apart and devoured.

Qianye only felt a certain urge within his heart as an inexplicable and tyrannical killing intent surged up. He could no longer endure and retaliated against Brock with a bestial roar!

Extremely dense blood energy burst forth from his body. It completely swept Brock away and covered the entire bar.

The vampire viscount turned pale. It felt as though a hammer had struck his heart, and he nearly coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Brock still managed to remain standing, but the same couldn’t be said for the vampires under him. Several vampires collapsed to the floor with a thud, while the weaker ones simply fainted.

Qianye’s face was full of killing intent as he reached out to pick Brock up and throw him down to the floor. This attack was so powerful that it shook the whole bar and produced a human-shaped hole in the stone floor.

With Brock’s second-rank viscount strength, his body was even harder than rock. He still hadn’t fallen unconscious and was struggling to clamber up, but Qianye placed a foot on his head and stepped down hard, sending Brock’s entire head into the stone floor with a boom. Brock could no longer endure such a severe attack and fell unconscious.

The violence in Qianye’s heart had yet to subside as he scanned the bar with his foot still on Brock’s head. It was only then that Qianye realized that only a dozen or so people were still standing. All of these fierce people had been suppressed to the floor by his blood energy eruption.

Moreover, this was Qianye’s first time using his blood energy to suppress an opponent. The effects were unexpectedly good, and could even be considered inconceivable. Qianye’s sobriety increased further when he realized how fortunate it was that the eruption was only from the purple blood energy; the golden one hadn’t moved at all. Had the latter erupted, there might not be a single person capable of standing here.

In the end, the old arachne broke the silence. “You two broke so many of my things. You’d better pay for all of them on top of the price for the wine. Oh right, that iron cask was the base spirit I’ve been saving up for decades. It’ll also go on your tab.”

Qianye’s expression changed as he groped around his body. All his money had been used to buy equipment. Now, he only had a single piece of blood crystal left on him, and its quality wasn’t that great either. Additionally, the alcohol that had leaked out from the cask he had used to smash Wildfang was extremely fragrant—it was clearly a premium product one couldn’t find just anywhere. It was also impossible for him to take out items from Andruil’s Mysterious Realm under so many eyes.

Qianye turned quite awkward at the moment and asked Nighteye in a whisper, “Do you have money?”


“Then what do we do?” Qianye was somewhat anxious.

“Run!” As decisive as ever, Nighteye started running with Qianye in tow.

The two dashed out madly and soon vanished into the night.

“Hold it!!!” Those in the bar who still had other motives immediately gave chase.

They had just stepped out, however, when all of them fell to the floor. During their chaotic tumble, these people discovered a thin strand of spider silk winding around their legs. The thread that had held them back was barely visible, and no one knew when it had appeared. However, it was inconceivably sturdy, and not even a viscount could tear it apart.

There was only one arachne in the bar. Everyone’s expression shifted when they glanced at the old fellow.

The old arachne, at this moment, was gazing at the direction in which the duo had escaped. He muttered in a voice only audible to himself, “Nana’s descendant? Nana has a descendant?”

At this moment, within a certain majestic and spacious palace hall, a young, delicate girl—one so beautiful that she seemed not to be of this mortal world—gradually opened her eyes atop the black throne. Her brows were slightly creased as she gazed at the empty space in puzzlement. For a moment just now, it felt as though something had resonated with her—the feeling was distant yet intimate, familiar yet unknown.

Qianye and Nighteye ran frantically through the small town and soon reached a fairly deserted corner. There, they were finally able to breathe a sigh of relief after finding that no one had caught up to them.

The two glanced at each other for a short moment before breaking into a hearty laughter. After a a while, they asked each other at the same time, “How did you…”

At this point, both of them paused their words and became silent. Although they had met purely by chance, the reason for coming here was self-evident—it was for the bloody battle.

“Your blood energy…”

Qianye replied with a smile, “My body is already half-vampire, but I remain human.”

Nighteye laughed. “I know.” It was just that there were some other things hidden within her smile.

The serious topic once again sent the two into a lapse of tacit silence. Nighteye suddenly glanced at Qianye and asked, “Did you drink too much?”

“Yes,” Qianye replied truthfully. His thoughts were still floating about at this moment, just as they had been since the first cup.

“That’s good.” Nighteye’s pupils shone like the stars as she embraced Qianye and sealed his lips.

Qianye was astonished and momentarily at a loss what to do.

He wasn’t lacking in experience, but in front of Nighteye, he was always fraught with worry—anxious that he would do something wrong and make her unhappy. Perhaps that was why, at this moment, Qianye was still apprehensive and didn’t dare return the embrace. He truly feared that Nighteye would vanish the moment he held her in his arms.

Qianye had never felt so afraid before.

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