Chapter 418: Establishing Might

Chapter 418: Establishing Might [V5C125 – A Distance Within Reach]

Moments later, two heavy trucks filled with men from the Nangong squad arrived at Dark Flame’s gates. It was just that all of them were injured, tightly bound, and there were even some corpses.

Only at this point did Song Hu understand that Song Zining wanted him to set up an interrogation room. But he still found it difficult to disguise the shock in his heart no matter how hard he tried. Even if Song Zining were already a champion, he should be a newly advanced one. How then was he able to sweep through the Nangong family troops and capture them all in one go?

The interrogation room was set up a while later.

It could hardly be called an interrogation chamber and was more like a trial hall. Over thirty Nangong family soldiers and five corpses were brought into the room together with an entire company of the most elite guards whom Song Hu had arranged for Song Zining’s safety. It took the largest conference hall at Dark Flame headquarters in order to settle them all in.

Only after everything had been arranged appropriately did Song Zining finally appear in the company of several beautiful ladies. He stepped steadily toward the stage and sat down with due calmness as his aides hurriedly delivered tea and fruits.

Song Zining looked down from above with a sidelong glance and asked calmly, “Who are these bound prisoners?”

This knowing question quickly infuriated the Nangong family squad.

One of the leaders said furiously, “Song Zining! Kill me if you want. I, Nangong Kang, am your son if I so much as frown! Why must you humiliate us so? Your Song clan may be powerful, but our Nangong family isn’t so easily bullied either!”

Song Zining only laughed and tossed a slice of fruit into his mouth. “I don’t think that the Song clan is powerful at all. If it really is powerful, how could it be taken advantage of by you people?”

Nangong Kang’s expression changed. “Seventh Young Master’s words are incorrect. We’ve never offended the Song clan.”

Song Zining pointed beneath his feet and said with a smile, “It’s not too late to let you know that I have a share in this place. You people smashed my business and killed my men for no good reason. If this isn’t pushing the Song clan around, then what is it?”

Nangong Kang’s expression changed yet again. They had no idea that Song Zining owned a share in Dark Flame. However, the Nangong family had completely shifted to the Imperial Party and even dared offend the Zhao clan, so the Song clan didn’t matter all that much. Moreover, as Nangong Kang saw it, Song Zining was only trying to fault them and extort some benefits.

He immediately sneered, “That is quite the secret, but, just as the Seventh Young Master said, it’s not too late to know about it now. Since Seventh Young Master has captured us, you can negotiate with the Nangong family—just state your demands whether you want money or land. I’m sure the family will give you a satisfactory reply.”

Song Zining shook his head with a smile. “Why go to all the trouble? I’m old now, and my memory isn’t so good. As such, I prefer the simplicity of taking revenge on the spot! Song Hu, how many men did we lose?”

Song Hu replied from the side, “Seventeen in total, Young Master.”

“Very well. I’ve killed five of them already, so that leaves twelve. Pick any twelve and chop their heads off! Use my blade here.” With that, Song Zining removed his sword and tossed it to Song Hu.

Despite having experienced his fair share of important matters, Song Hu’s expression couldn’t help but change at this point. Killing twelve soldiers wasn’t a big deal for someone of Song Zining’s status, but a public execution was a different matter—it was tantamount to declaring war on the Nangong family!

Song Hu could hardly believe such extreme words would come from the extremely sophisticated Seventh Young Master who had always handled matters with great discretion. But he could only obey since the order had been issued. Song Hu immediately drew the blade and arrived behind the group of Nangong soldiers—with its rise and fall, twelve heads rolled to the ground in a flash.

Song Hu couldn’t care about the blood all over his body. He returned to Song Zining’s side and said, “Seventh Young Master, the men have been killed. I now return your treasured sword!”

Song Zining opened his fan with a swoosh and covered his face. He then said while waving his hand, “Stay away, stay away! Look at what you’ve done. There’s blood everywhere. Seeing blood is the one thing I’m most afraid of!”

Song Hu was immediately shocked after hearing this. Meanwhile, the group of maids giggled with their mouths covered. It seemed these little girls taken in by Song Zining weren’t simple either. At least, they were still quite calm and cheerful while facing this bloody scene.

Below them, Nangong Kang was glaring so hard that his eyes were about to tear. He roared furiously, “Song Zining, you dare kill my brothers. There’ll definitely come a day when I quarter you and turn you to ash! Don’t ever think about sleeping soundly as long as I’m alive!”

Song Zining was startled after hearing these words. “T-That’s really not good!” he said unhurriedly with a terrified expression. “Then I can only let you die.”

At this point, a maple leaf formed of origin power appeared in Song Zining’s hand.

A sudden shout came through from outside the window. “Halt!”

But Song Zining didn’t seem to hear anything. The leaf in his hand shot out at lightning speed and sent Nangong Kang’s head flying high into the air.

“You dare?!” The person outside was both angry and surprised. He hadn’t expected that Song Zining would take action so decisively—he didn’t even have time to stop the latter.

The french window opened without any wind as a young man walked in. He stared daggers at Song Zining and said word by word, “I’ve long since heard about a certain Junior Zining from our batch who’s brimming with talent. But today, I found that your methods are also extraordinary. It’s just that your actions are so ruthless. Do you not wish to leave some leeway for the future?”

Song Zining laughed in a fairly reserved manner. “How can my meager talents compare to Senior Brother? Senior Brother Xu Lang is the number one in Yellow Springs. Please don’t mock me. See? I’m already scared after seeing blood. How can I be a ruthless person?”

Xu Lang was stoppered up, and his countenance turned malicious. This Song Zining had so casually ordered to have twelve people beheaded, not to mention he himself had just taken someone’s head. Yet, he was still claiming that he didn’t dare see blood—his pretentiousness was on a whole new level.

Song Zining spread his fan and said, “Could it be that Senior Brother is behind these people?”

Xu Lang had no way to continue this topic—how could he fall for such an obvious verbal trap?

He snorted coldly and said in a mocking tone, “Major clan descendants are indeed different. But I heard junior brother’s share in Dark Flame is only a small amount. Is it worth offending the Nangong family for such a minuscule profit? It’s best junior brother not take on the role of a scapegoat!”

The threat in Xu Lang’s words was obvious, but Song Zining didn’t mind it at all. “The conflict between clans has always been tangled and complicated. It’s not easy for Brother Xu to reach this stage with your commoner background. You shouldn’t wade into these muddy waters so easily. I’m here right now, but quite understandably, you won’t dare take action. Even if I’m not your match, I still have brothers, elders, and the many experts raised by the Song clan. These people aren’t mere freeloaders and will surely retaliate in kind. If Senior Brother wishes to lecture me, I suggest waiting for another five years or so!”

Xu Lang’s countenance immediately turned unsightly. He sneered, “Major clan descendants are really quite imposing! Do you have no other cards to play apart from ganging up on people?”

Song Zining laughed heartily at this. He flapped his fan even faster as he said with a laugh, “This is the only good thing about being a noble. It’ll be a waste not to put it to use.”

Xu Lang couldn’t flip out despite his fury since Song Zining was acting in such a scoundrelly manner, not to mention most of the Nangong family’s men were already dead anyway. He immediately said with a frosty demeanor, “Well played Zining, this senior brother is much obliged. But you must know that certain other people don’t have powerful backgrounds, especially Junior Brother Qianye. He should take great care when going out in the future.

Song Zining only chuckled. “Is Senior Brother referring to that troublemaker, Qianye? It’s fine, you can teach him a good lesson when you next meet him. I’ve been displeased with him for a long time now.”

Xu Lang only snorted and left, knowing that he simply couldn’t gain any advantage in a verbal spar.

The Dark Flame soldiers in the room all collapsed in succession after Xu Lang’s departure and only managed to clamber up moments later. The man’s presence had exerted a formless suppression in the room, and it took these soldiers everything they had just to remain standing. Now that the pressure had vanished following Xu Lang’s departure, the men could no longer hold on and collapsed one after another. Only the powerful officers were able to remain unfazed.

Song Hu was aghast. This Xu Lang was so young, but his strength was unfathomable. It seemed even Song Zining was at a disadvantage and could only protect himself. He couldn’t shield all those soldiers in the hall.

“Seventh Young Master, what shall we do with the remaining prisoners?”

Song Zining was still smiling frivolously. He swept his gaze over the Nangong family members below and said, “I wanted to keep a couple of them alive to deliver a message to Nangong Yuanbo, but that’s no longer necessary since Senior Brother has come. Kill them all!”

“This isn’t too appropriate, is it?” A shocked Song Hu said cautiously, “Seventh Young Master, this method is too ruthless. It won’t be good if word gets out. Moreover, killing these people would mean a real war with the Nangong family.”

Song Zining smiled indifferently. “It’s not ruthless at all. I’m not a softie like Qianye. This time, I’ll have those people know that as long as I’m here, Dark Flame is a place they won’t ever return from.”

“The Nangong family army…”

Song Zining replied calmly, “If they dare come, then I dare fight them. It’s high time they see my tactical abilities.”

“Seventh Young Master’s abilities are naturally top-notch,” a maid chimed in from the side.

Song Zining laughed loudly and said, “I’m not being modest. Even Qianye isn’t my match when leading troops into battle.”

Another maid asked curiously, “Has the Seventh Young Master ever fought Sire Qianye?”

“Of course, we’ve never fought a real battle, but I’ve rehearsed it several times on the sand table and the results are always the same.”

“What are those results?” It wasn’t just the maids, even Song Hu and the other Dark Flame warriors were curious at this point. In Song Hu’s eyes, Song Zining was undoubtedly a heaven-bestowed talent, but he had also found Qianye becoming increasingly unfathomable after an extended period of interaction. It was truly difficult to say who would win in a direct confrontation.

Song Zining closed his fan in the face of all those curious gazes and said heroically, “Naturally, I’m the one with extraordinary skill in leading troops. I marched straight ahead and directly wiped out that troublemaker’s army. Then…”

“Then what?” everyone asked in unison.

Song Zining clenched his teeth and said, “Then that calamity broke into my camp alone and took my head!”

Within half a day, the corpses of the Nangong family men had been fixed to wooden frames and exposed to the public. All the powers in Blackflow City immediately became quiet and decided to lay low. No one dared make a rash move.

Everyone knew some changes were imminent following Qianye’s prolonged absence. However, Qianye’s departure begot Song Zining’s arrival, and the latter was even more difficult to deal with. With Song Zining’s current status, he could kill any commoner or landowning household member at his whim. Even the Nangong family’s troublemakers had been killed off; what could these ordinary people even do?

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