Chapter 239: Unforeseen Event

Chapter 239: Unforeseen Event [Volume 4 – Perpetual Conflict] 

The wound on Nighteye’s palm wasn’t very big. Her blood was similarly drawn towards the door in a ribbon-like stream, but it was evidently different from Twilight’s with strands of gold mixed into it.

Twilight’s expression grew dismal after seeing this. Both their bloodlines had been thoroughly stimulated by the sanguineous door. Thus, in the eyes of all these council members, it became obvious that there was a difference between the strength of their bloodlines.

An imposing growl was suddenly heard from the boundless space beyond the door just as the ribbon of blood came into contact with it.

The howl seemingly broke through space to invade the altar hall, whereupon the auras of all those major characters fell abruptly as if the peaks of a mountain range had been shaved off. Even that indomitable and majestic figure was suddenly shortened by a third.

They soon came to and realized that it was a strand of consciousness left behind by Andruil. It actually able to subdue the numerous council members here. From this, it was obvious how strong the Black-Winged Monarch was at his peak!

Afterwards, several origin arrays on the door began to light up; the rate was much faster than Twilight’s.

Within the blink of an eye, all the origin arrays on the door were activated, whereupon a gigantic eye slowly materialized at its center. It spun around and swept its gaze over everyone present.

Everyone was overcome by an earth-shattering pressure as the gaze fell upon them. The stronger the council member, the greater the pressure. The pressure upon the younger generation was much lighter.

Almost half the council members couldn’t withstand the gaze sweeping over them and were forced to retreat several steps.

Standing dejectedly in the crowd, Twilight’s eyes suddenly lit up as she discovered something odd. She actually didn’t feel any pressure as the eye swept over her despite her diminished vitality. Consequently, she began to ponder.

The giant eye finally fell on Nighteye—even its pupil was taller than her—the cold and lifeless gaze turned much gentler as a deep voice rang out.

“My descendant, you, child, who possess the same bloodline as I—you have finally arrived. For this day I have waited a whole millennium! Now, accept my gift and prepare to inherit my destiny. May the darkness be with you, my child.”

The darkness in the depths of the eye began to flow and, within the blink of an eye, spread out to form a seemingly endless pathway connected to an unknown location.

A drop of sanguineous radiance lit up in the deepest parts of this pathway, following which several red gems gushed out like a spring.

Jotun suddenly let out a resounding scream, “Origin blood! Great Monarch Andruil’s origin blood!”

Apart from a number of senior council members, the others frantically soared into the air to intercept the flying red gems.

Each origin blood crystal could produce a descendant with Andruil’s bloodline. Although they would be much weaker than his direct descendant Twilight and incomparable to Nighteye’s awakened prime bloodline, their chances at becoming a marquis, or even a duke, was much higher.

Andruil left a whole seven crystals of origin blood. It was likely that a lot of disputes would ensue regarding their distribution. Even the 12 ancient clans wouldn’t let go of such a readily-available marquis position.

Just as the crowd was busy intercepting the origin blood crystals, an inexplicable sensation emerged throughout the whole underground capital. It was a pensive, ancient, and tyrannical intent, comparable to the sudden descent of a ferocious ancient beast.

A golden radiance lit up in the deepest parts of the giant eye!

“The core array!!!” Ge Shitu’s loud shout roused those who were busy intercepting the crystals.

Suddenly, all eyes were focused on the mass of golden light.

Not only did the council members not advance, but, on the contrary, they immediately landed and completely withdrew out of the altar’s range. The younger generation also retreated along with their elders.

No one dared to ignore Great Monarch Andruil’s consciousness after experiencing his might. The Evernight Council had found certain records proven to be Andruil’s own handwriting. It was clearly stated therein that the core array would choose a master on its own. Only a person with Andruil’s bloodline and one of sufficient purity would have the qualifications to wield it.

The eyes of all council members were aflame, but none of them dared to attempt a forceful collection. This core array was related to the birth of a grand magnum—if the dark faction could gain control of it, they would be able to completely suppress the human race. It was a major change that would completely shift the power balance between the two factions.

Additionally, there were high hopes that it could, one day, confront the Red Spider Lily directly. If anyone were to forcefully collect the array and, as a result, destroy the inheritance, the commanding Evernight Council Powerhouses would be the first to tear the bastard apart.

According to the agreed-upon procedure, only Nighteye and Ge Shitu would remain near the altar. Nighteye would be responsible for collecting the core array with her awakened bloodline power while Ge Shitu would provide support from the side.

The golden light leapt out of the eye and hovered in the air for a moment.

Everyone held their breath at that moment and their hearts almost skipped a beat.

It was at this time that a figure suddenly leapt up high and pounced towards the golden light.

It was Twilight!

She charged like a bolt of lightning, shouting, “It’s mine! It belongs only to me!”

Killing intent flashed across Nighteye’s countenance as Twilight’s flying figure was reflected within her eyes. The highly excited Twilight suddenly felt a sense of indescribable danger. She immediately erupted with origin power and forcefully clashed with Nighteye’s attack mid-air.

Twilight’s charging momentum was disrupted as she hovered in the air and coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood. Nighteye who was on the ground also let out a muffled groan and staggered back a few steps. Her face had gone pale and two streams of blood were trickling down the corners of her eyes.

In this contest, Nighteye was actually on par with Twilight who was already a champion.

The blob of golden light seemed to sense something. It suddenly stirred and flew toward the two ladies.

Twilight was immediately overcome with excitement as she extended her hand to grab the ball of light. However, the moment her fingertips came into contact with the golden halo, she was flung away like a kite with its string broken. It was almost as if she was struck by lightning.

The golden ball of light, completely unaffected, continued along its trajectory toward Nighteye.

A number of council members revealed expressions of disappointment, but most appeared delighted. In truth, the Evernight Council as a whole had little interest in the countless conflicts underneath, especially the internal disputes of the clans. Neither did they have any predisposition.

They only sought an extra magnum for the Evernight faction in order to gain a six versus three advantage over the humans. This was the bigger picture. As for who the master of this gun was, it was a significant matter but definitely not the most important thing on their list.

Before awakening, Nighteye was only the young mistress of a small clan with no blue-bloods supporting her. But this was actually better because it signified that she could still be won over. Twilight, the other hand, was a famous pureblood descendant and precisely because of this, her standpoint was already predetermined. Those in conflict with her clan absolutely wouldn't wish to see her obtain the core array.

Nighteye used the dagger to cut her palm open. She extended hands stained with fresh blood toward the ball of light. This was both a ceremony and a testament.

Everyone exhaled in relief as they waited for the advent of this historical moment.

Nighteye was able to open the sanguineous door and draw out Andruil’s origin blood and core array. This signified that her bloodline had already received the recognition of Andruil’s remnant consciousness. Only she was the rightful inheritor of the core array.

However, just as the ball of light entered Nighteye’s hands and everyone believed the situation was decided, an alarming change suddenly occurred!

The light rose suddenly and rapidly, shooting toward the sky with a sharp whistling sound. It pierced right through the domed roof within the blink of an eye and disappeared just like that.

Only that powerful character and a few other senior council members were able to lock onto its trajectory. They extended their consciousness through the thick layers of earth to reach the surface but could only watch as the light disappeared into the distance, its whereabouts thereafter were no longer known.

Everyone was momentarily petrified.

In the deathly silence, Twilight wanted to howl with laughter but she wasn’t that dumb. She closed her half-open mouth and proceeded to wipe the traces of blood at its corner.

Nighteye was also frozen in place. She glanced at her hands and then toward the direction in which the light had flown away. Her mind was completely blank.

The domed roof of the underground city was completely unharmed. Not a single mark was left as if the ball of light wasn’t even corporeal.

The silence continued for a few moments before the majestic figured roared, “Search! Go find out where the core array has gone!”

Only then did everyone wake up from their reverie and began to accept the truth—Andruil’s core array, the Wings of Inception, chose neither Twilight nor Nighteye and had flown away into the distance.

The Evernight Council members contacted their subordinates stationed on the surface. Moments later, everyone’s expression turned extremely ugly.

More than one person witnessed the mass of golden light break through the earth and fly toward the south. However, its speed was comparable to a shooting star. It even escaped the perception of that major character and many other senior council members. How could those soldiers, who knew nothing at all, be of any use?

“Give chase! Chase after it immediately!”

“There’s a major human city in that direction.”

“Then mobilize all the armies. Flatten whatever stands in the way!”

Numerous commands brimming with killing intent were transmitted in every direction. Before long, an elite squad began to move toward the last known direction of the Wings of Inception. Hours later, numerous dark race armies disassembled camp and moved south. One day later, the units stationed near the predetermined battlefields also began to move.

Suddenly, Evernight Continent was, again, overcome by sudden and violent developments.

The imperial troops aggregated on Evernight Continent had already reached the size of five regular armies. Additionally, half of the elite corps had also arrived. The spies hidden in the Evernight faction were all mobilized to deliver each of the dark race army’s movements to imperial ears. Besides, movements of such a scale could hardly be concealed.

At the expeditionary army headquarters, dark arrowheads began to move on the map before Duke Ding and Marshal Luo Mingji. All of them vaguely pointed toward a certain direction. The arrows were of different sizes but each of them represented a unit of considerable strength.

Duke Ding stroked his short beard and said slowly, “They’re moving in full strength!”

Luo Mingji nodded. “This time, it seems they have completely no intention to feign or conceal their movements. Could it be my misperception? Why do I feel that these dark-blooded scoundrels are flustered and exasperated? What do you think, Lord Duke?”

Duke Ding muttered to himself. There was a mountain range and a human city in that direction. But according to reports, there was almost nothing special about that place except the production of black crystal and some rare ores.

Duke Ding didn’t ponder too long before he slapped the map and said resolutely, “We will also dispatch our troops! No matter what they want, we won’t let them have an easy time. Mobilize every combat-ready army. Every army we deter counts!”

Luo Mingji nodded. “As it should be!”

Moments later, numerous mobilization orders were sealed and delivered to the airships. Dozens of airships then took to the air and flew off in all directions. One day later, the elite units closest to the front line began to set out. Afterwards, three half-armies with some preserved fighting power and the expeditionary army reserves were moved out in full force.

Dozens of armies from both factions were directed at a single region. If they were to clash head-on, it would inevitably result in an earth-shattering battle!

Meanwhile, in a remote corner of this region, Qianye was still sleeping soundly.

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