Chapter 226: City of Heaven’s Chosen

Chapter 226: City of Heaven’s Chosen [Volume 4 – Perpetual Conflict]  

There were undecipherable patterns and runespeak symbols carved upon the door. Streams of light still flickered across the symbols although the door had been left unopened for an unknown length of time. This signified that the origin array was still operational.

A certain vampire viscount walked up and observed the door in detail. He then returned to the squad and said respectfully to the expressionless demonkin, “Great Master Maris, I’ve checked and found no other arrays in the vicinity. Only the seal on the door itself is still operational.” 

The down-curved edges of Maris’ mouth shifted slightly as he emitted a nasal “mm”. This was considered a reply. 

The viscount was only a step away from being addressed as a sire, but in the eyes of this Master Maris, he wasn’t even worth speaking to.

Maris took a slow step forward but his figure suddenly became blurry—the next moment, he had already appeared mid-air before the giant doors. He hovered there silently observing the runespeak symbols and patterns on the door.

No origin power fluctuation could be sensed during this whole process. Even in his current levitational state, it seemed as if he was standing on an invisible platform instead of using origin power. The vampire viscounts gazed at Maris with reverence in their eyes. Even the count was wearing a rather reluctant expression which barely disguised his profound apprehension.

Maris studied the door for quite some time before he exhaled deeply and lamented, “The work of a master! This is the work of a great master! Sadieson, my friend, what do you think?”

Only then did the other elderly demonkin speak slowly, “If we hadn’t obtained the opening method in advance, it would likely take a couple hundred years to open this gate with our ability. Legends stated that Andruil was a grandmaster of runespeak and origin arrays. It seems they’re not false.”

The group of vampires were relieved and revealed delighted expressions. It was unknown how old these demonkin were, but they were both masters of runespeak and arrays. They had likely served the Evernight Council for more years than the ancestors of everyone else here had lived. Receiving such an affirmation from them meant that the operation this time had already half succeeded—they had found the correct place. 

Besides, Andruil was a vampire monarch. The fortunes he had left behind would benefit the vampire race the most. Perhaps all the vampires from the evernight camp would rise in strength once the Black-Winged Monarch’s treasure comes into being.

Sadieson walked toward a certain vampire lady and, erasing the arrogance on his countenance, spoke respectfully, “You Majesty Nighteye, it’s up to you at this point. Your bloodline is the only key to opening this great door.” 

Nighteye removed her hood at this moment—her remarkably beautiful face was the very picture of perfection, a countenance free from all blemish. If one must find a flaw, it was that her expression was too cold and her demeanor too proud. She seemed to hold everyone around her in contempt.    

This vague arrogance was also an inherent majesty. However, no dark race member was discontent. Their society was extremely strict with regards to the hierarchy founded upon bloodline and strength. Someone of higher rank could kill someone of lower-rank with little to no repercussions, given that he possessed overwhelming strength.

Many of the weaker vampires immediately lowered their heads as Nighteye removed her hood and dared not look upon her features. Even the viscounts dared not gaze at her for too long. Even so, they felt their heartbeats hastening and the blood energy within their hearts almost going out of control.

While restraining her aura, there wasn’t the slightest bit of origin power fluctuation around her. It was as if she was a fledgling vampire who couldn’t yet leave her superiors’ side. Even now, her strength was merely rank nine and had yet to reach the level requirement for a viscount. However, even the vampire count couldn’t help but take a step back and edge away when she released her aura. 

The vampires only sensed the suppressive might stemming from the primogenitor bloodline. In Sadieson’s eyes, however, there was a formless energy field proliferating constantly around Nighteye with some drifting runespeak symbols flickering on and off.

The two demonkin masters both revealed expressions of admiration upon seeing the powerful runespeak array. This was a top-grade bloodline power which could be rated as a perfect prototype. She was able to utilize runespeak power instinctively even before the champion level. This was something many champions would fail to do in a lifetime.

Hence to Maris and Sadieson, Nighteye wasn’t just a young vampire lady who hadn’t yet crossed the champion threshold but was a princess who would ultimately sit with Evernight Council in the future.

This was the veneration every race from the evernight camp possessed toward bloodlines.

Nighteye advanced and arrived before the bronze doors. She then rose into the air to stand beside Maris.

Before her was a great eye carved upon the bronze door, comprised of incomparably complex arrays. The tens of thousands of array lines each contained power. This had already been personally witnessed by the vampires in the squad. The vampires below the viscount level had observed the eye for mere moments before they began to grow dizzy and some even fell to the ground. At this moment, no one apart from the count dared look straight into the giant oculus.

Nighteye’s pupils gradually turned from blood color to gold. The wisp of golden radiance transformed continuously, seemingly materializing into a complex condensation. If anyone here possessed a magnifying eye ability, he would clearly find that there were countless golden strands twisting together repeatedly. They were actually duplicating the array within the giant eye one by one.

Maris was finally moved—he was completely unable to disguise his astonishment and profound envy. 

This was one’s bloodline and innate gift—the root of darkness had always been unfair. Some existences arrived in this world with incomparable power and were destined to trample all living beings underfoot. However, it was such injustice that made the dark race citizens revere and seek providence with all their heart.   

After the origin array in her eyes had formed completely, Nighteye extended her left hand and used her nails to cut across her palm. Blood immediately gushed out like a spring.

Nighteye muttered some words in ancient runespeak, each of her words containing tremendous energy. She actually had no grasp of the meanings behind them, but the string of runespeak words had suddenly appeared in her head after successfully copying the origin power array on the bronze door.

This was the command to open the giant bronze doors. Beyond these doors was their objective, something they had been seeking all this time.

Nighteye slowly faced the bronze door and pressed her bloodstained left hand on the giant pupil. Countless strands of blood immediately spread along the origin array patterns and gradually extended over the whole eye.

As fresh blood flowed out continuously from Nighteye’s hand, her face became increasingly pale and her aura rapidly weakened. She suddenly fell from mid-air and collapsed to the ground after failing to stabilize herself.

The door seemed to come alive as the network of sanguineous lines covered the whole of the giant eye. The lustrous eye seemed as if it was about to start moving, and indeed all of a sudden, the eye blinked.

Within moments, all of them felt as if the eye was staring at them!

However, such a bizarre scene delighted the two demonkin instead. Sadieson stopped the vampire count who wanted to rush forward to support Nighteye and continued to wait.

They didn’t need to wait too long before the giant eye shattered and transformed into countless irregular blood colored fragments which dispersed in every direction along the origin power patterns. The giant door began to shake and rumble before slowly collapsing backwards, finally revealing the world within.

There was vast space behind the doors, hundreds of meters from floor to roof, and supported by gigantic stone pillars that could hardly be encircled by a dozen or so grown men.

There was a deep ravine just beyond the door. Glancing down, one could see water flowing at the bottom of the abyss and emitting a bluish luster. The more powerful vampires would feel even greater terror while gazing at this river.

The falling bronze door just happened to fall across this deep ravine and formed a natural bridge.

Nighteye slowly got up at this time, her aura weakened significantly. The vampire count hurriedly ran over and presented two translucent and sparkling pieces of ruby-like top grade blood crystals. Nighteye directly swallowed one of them before color gradually returned to her pale face.

A faint mist suffused the area beyond the abyss. It didn’t appear very thick, but nothing could be seen through it. Everything from the bridge formed of the giant bronze door to the high vault seemed to vanish from everyone’s senses as soon as they reached the other side of the abyss—even the two demonkin’s senses were being blocked—only Nighteye’s pupils were able to see through the mist unobstructed. 

She pointed toward the distance and said, “There’s a city over there.”

Maris was both delighted and surprised as he cried out somewhat excessively, “Could it be the legendary Heaven’s Chosen City!?”

Sadieson also said, “The city constructed by the runespeak proficient chosen of the dark races! Could it be true that Andruil had discovered the City of Heaven’s Chosen?”

“We’ll know when we see for ourselves. I can’t wait!” Maris said eagerly.

Sadieson turned back and said to the vampire count, “You return immediately and inform the His Majesty Slaughterblade that we’ve found and successfully opened the door of lifeweaving eye. We request him to dispatch reinforcements!”

The vampire count was quite hesitant. “Great master, the family has ordered me to protect Her Majesty Nighteye and not to leave her side.” ”

Maris said frostily, “It’s sufficient with us two elders protecting her majesty. Who needs a mere count like you?”

The vampire count wanted to protest but Sadieson suddenly let out a heavy harrumph. It was unknown what secret art he used but the vampire count suddenly went pale and his aura was immediately weakened. He was actually injured by this single strike.

Nighteye suddenly said, “You go and inform His Majesty Slaughterblade. I won’t be in danger within Andruil’s domain.

Only then did the vampire count leave grudgingly.

Nighteye then glanced at Sadieson and said lightly, “Mother will naturally discuss what happened today with His Majesty Darkword.” 

Darkword was the immediate superior of the two demonkin. Sadieson’s cheeks twitched after hearing these words, but in the end, he ground his teeth and bowed toward Nighteye. “Your Majesty, I had no intention to offend you. I only hoped to inform His Majesty Slaughterblade as quickly as possible and have him come over. After all, Great Monarch Andruil was exceedingly powerful and the defenses deployed by him might not be something we can break through on our own.”

Seeing Sadieson apologize, Nighteye only snorted and proceeded to ignore the two demonkin as she advanced straight toward the other side of the abyss.

She had just set foot on the other side when she let out a muffled groan and collapsed onto the ground. 

The two astonished demonkin rushed over to support her.

Nighteye’s face was pale as she vacantly stared upwards as if she had lost her spirit. She only came to after Maris and Sadieson called out to her several times.

Her eyes moved around, taking in the surrounding imagery and finally landed on Maris and Sadieson for a moment. Only then did her eyes gradually regain their spirit.

“Your Majesty, what’s wrong?” Maris inquired hurriedly. This was a significant shock even for people with their status and identity. They certainly didn’t want anything to happen to the princess of the Monroe clan on their watch, especially not after they had just ordered the vampire count away.” 

Nighteye gradually propped herself up and said, “It’s fine. Perhaps I lost too much blood while opening the door. I’ll be fine after some rest.”

The squad found a place to camp after crossing the chasm. Alone in her tent, Nighteye sat hugging her knees and staring blankly at her toes.

She hadn’t told Maris the truth at all.

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