Chapter 222: Fierce Battle

Chapter 222: Fierce Battle [Volume 4 – Perpetual Conflict]  

The sturdy town walls were tall and narrow. Only a couple of people could walk side by side on top of it. It was quite difficult for the arachne with their enormous bodies to even turn after climbing on top. It could only nail its limbs into the wall to barely stabilize itself. Gunshots sprang up everywhere as the expeditionary army soldiers in the vicinity focused their fire on its gigantic spider body. 

A shower of sparks flew out from the arachne hanging on the wall as it was bombarded by a hail of bullets. Most of the projectiles were deflected by the thick armor it wore while the few bullets landing on the unarmored areas only left some dents. Those were light injuries at most.  

From this, it was evident that the soldiers were mostly newbies. Arachne possessed boundless strength and mostly wore heavy armor to the battlefield. Small caliber firearms simply couldn’t threaten them. It was difficult to kill them in one attack even with an origin gun. Experienced veterans would never waste ammo on those arachne mobile forts and would instead pick the weakest of werewolves and servspiders first. As for something like the rank six arachne on top of the wall, there would naturally be officers to deal with them.

The arachne simply cared little about the scrap bullets and didn’t even spare those flaming muzzles a glance. Latching onto the wall with its limbs, the arachne was hesitating whether or not to jump into the town. 

The small human town before it was the narrowest it had ever seen. So much that even a settlement might be more spacious. The buildings were densely packed and the streets were full of twists and turns. Even a werewolf would bump into things when running quickly. An arachne would likely be trapped in the rubble once it collapsed a rooftop.

It looked down at the small town filled with smoke and flashes of light for some time, unable to find a suitable place to land.

It was at this time that Qianye arrived beside the arachne like an arrow and rushed through its blade-like limbs with a few evasive maneuvers. The Vulcan was almost pressed against the arachne’s body as its six barrels began to spin rapidly!

The arachne let out an astonished cry and wanted to curl up its body immediately.

However, it was already too late. A torrent of red-hot metallic bullets gushed out of the Vulcan’s muzzle. The tempest of flame and metal forcefully tore the arachne’s armor apart, piercing through its hard skin and pulverizing its flesh and blood.

The arachne was badly mutilated under the immense force, causing its gigantic body to flip over and fall down the wall. The arachne’s life force was extremely strong and despite suffering a sudden ambush, its limbs were still moving as it let out a hiss so sharp it could almost cut the air apart. Carrying the Vulcan and using the town wall and the arachne’s body as footholds, Qianye evaded the spider’s dying counterattack with a few leaps.

Qianye nimbly jumped back onto the wall as the arachne’s large body struck the ground. The flames from the Vulcan’s multiple barrels were like whips striking at the arachne’s body continuously.

The arachne struggled in the rain of bullets, its cries growing softer and softer. At this time, the Vulcan stopped spinning with a loud click—Qianye had emptied a whole 300 bullet cartridge.

The arachne under the town wall still hadn’t died completely. It kicked up a cloud of dust as its limbs were still moving and scraping at the ground continuously. However, its exoskeleton was almost completely destroyed and its innards were a mess. It likely wouldn’t survive too long with such an injury. 

An especially large black werewolf captain was dragging out an expeditionary army sniper from within the bunker. After witnessing this scene, it tossed away the body in its hand, got on all fours and pounced toward Qianye while letting out a long howl!

Qianye discarded the Vulcan and glanced at the werewolf captain with cold eyes before jumping into the town as if he had no intention to meet the latter in battle.

The werewolf captain roared in rage as it leapt over the town wall in a flash and descended toward where Qianye last disappeared. It turned its head around while in mid-air and scanned the surroundings for signs of the human, but with battles raging everywhere in the town, where would he find traces of Qianye?

The werewolf captain suddenly felt a sense of extreme danger. It rapidly lowered its head at this moment to see Qianye standing with his back tightly pressed against the wall with a pair of pistols aimed at him. The human’s disdainful eyes seemed to be mocking its recklessness. 

The werewolf captain howled as origin power flickered on its body and formed an immediate defense. But under the bombardment of the twin flowers, the werewolf captain was sent flying as if it had been kicked by a giant, drawing a trail of saturated blood on the ground.

Qianye rushed toward the werewolf’s landing point in large strides, knocking away the werewolves and servspiders in his path with his body. He was determined to kill this rank six werewolf captain and didn’t relax his pursuit in the least. The werewolves’ defenses were extremely robust and this was doubly true for captain level warriors—neither the Eagleshot nor the Twin Flowers could kill them in one shot. They would become dangerous enemies once they were allowed to catch their breath. 

The werewolf captain who had just landed nearby struggled momentarily and was, indeed, about to clamber up.

The nearby expeditionary army second lieutenant had just dealt with a servspider when he saw the bloody werewolf captain land nearby. He rushed over with his assault rifle hoping to take advantage of the situation and finish off the enemy, but the other party showed no signs of falling even after three consecutive shots. On the contrary, the werewolf captain straightened its body and let out a horrifying roar toward the sky.  

The lieutenant colonel’s face, pale from the overconsumption of origin power, was filled with terror as he immediately turned to flee. However, the werewolf captain had already pounced on him like a flash of lightning and ripped off half his brain!

Qianye was one step too late—he bent his back and charged after seeing the situation. 

The more badly wounded the werewolves were, the more violent they would become. This werewolf captain wasn’t one to refuse a direct confrontation. It arched its back, got down on all fours and leapt forth, viciously biting at Qianye without using any fighting techniques.

Qianye’s left elbow pushed forward as if he didn’t notice that the incoming attack wasn’t a claw but cold sharp fangs. His right hand drew the Radiant Edge and, with a flash of dark red light, pierced ruthlessly into the enemy’s heart!

The werewolf captain bit into Qianye’s arm but felt as if it had bitten a piece of metal alloy—several of its teeth were immediately knocked off. It was staring with wide opened eyes even before its death, unable to understand why it couldn’t bite through this insignificant human’s armor or even damage it. It had only seen such defensive power in high ranking arachne warriors.

The werewolf captain’s final guess was, in fact, the truth. Qianye’s arm plate was taken from a rank seven arachne’s armor. It was originally an armor of extreme weight and thickness. After activating its internal origin array, it was naturally not something that could be destroyed with a mere bite. It was just that an ordinary human warrior would be pressed to the ground by his own weight upon donning such an armor, not to mention do battle.  

Qianye pushed away the werewolf carcass and glanced at the somewhat deformed armor on his arm. He couldn’t help but shrug his shoulders after having experienced a werewolf’s biting power once again.

Qianye raised his head and scanned the surroundings. A rank five arachne struggling amidst the rubble entered his field of vision. He began to speed up, running faster and faster before finally leaping up and crashing into the arachne’s body. Qianye’s body, with his full set of armor, weighed several hundred kilograms. A leaping charge with such momentum directly toppled the arachne who had just gotten up with great difficulty and the two tumbled to the ground together.

Qianye immediately jumped up after touching the ground, while the arachne, on the other hand, was momentarily unable to flip over with its belly toward the sky and its limbs swinging in confusion.

Qianye took a step toward the arachne and directly pierced its defenseless abdomen with the Radiant Edge. The rank one heavy armor therein did little to impede the attack as the violent origin power erupted from the tip and immediately shattered the arachne’s internal organs.

Qianye immediately retreated after cutting into the vital parts and effectively evaded the arachne’s final struggle. It waved its limbs madly and drained its remaining energy on the nearby rubble. Shattered stones and debris flew into the air and fell like rain but was ultimately unable to reverse its fate.

It was at this time that a rumbling sound rang out behind Qianye’s back. He only felt as if his back was struck by a heavy hammer, causing him to stagger a few steps forward before stabilizing himself. A fiery sensation spread throughout his back accompanied by intense pain. At the same time, a bone-chilling darkness origin power entered his body but was immediately crushed after coming into contact with the raging tides of the Combatant Formula.

It turned out that Qianye was struck by an origin gun.

The dark red origin power radiance flowed across Qianye’s body and immediately swept away the remnant darkness origin power. Only then did he turn back unhurriedly to face the werewolf standing dozens of meters away. 

The werewolf, on the other hand, glanced at the muzzle of his still glowing gun, peeked at Qianye and then back at his origin gun. Apparently, he was completely puzzled and couldn’t understand why there was no effect after striking this moderately powerful human with no military insignias.  

Qianye had no intentions to be entangled by this pitiful werewolf. He drew the Radiant Edge, rushed toward the enemy, and pierced its heart. The werewolf roared and swiped with its claws, and Qianye just grabbed onto one of them while letting the other strike his body. 

The werewolf’s claws drew several flaming tracks on Qianye’s armor, leaving deep marks from shoulder to the chest. However, they were far from penetrating the armor. At this moment, the Radiant Edge had easily pierced into the werewolf’s chest, immediately bursting with berserk origin power and grinding its heart into small pieces.  

Qianye withdrew the dagger and threw the werewolf corpse to the ground. It was somewhat of an overkill to use the Radiant Edge against a rank five werewolf. However, he was on the battlefield right now and the mission was to kill high-level enemy warriors as quickly as possible.

He entered the battlefield once again and, along the way. helped two expeditionary army and mercenary sniper teams complete their kills. Additionally, he also killed numerous rank five werewolves. Afterwards, he felt as if a ball of fire was burning in his chest and the sensation was only intensifying. This was a sign of origin power overconsumption.

Qianye flashed into a small house by the alleyway and, with his back against the wall, worked to calm down his breathing. There was a crystal in his hand—dense blood power was being continuously drawn into his body. The fresh blood power contained within the crystal was rich, mellow, and extremely satisfying. It could be directly absorbed, unlike directly sucked blood which had to be devoured by the blood energy within his body and turned into energy.   

Qianye now understood why blood crystals were a high-level currency among vampires. It was just like energy-grade black crystal but was more advanced in its deposition and release.

Minutes later, the blood crystal in Qianye’s hand had been reduced to an ash gray color, becoming weak and brittle. A light squeeze was enough to turn it into fine powder which scattered like dust.

A huge black shadow suddenly flitted past the room door. Qianye immediately rushed out of the house and chased after the rank seven werewolf. The latter, sensing the pursuit of a high-ranking human warrior, immediately turned back and bared its fangs at Qianye. 

The two had just begun their confrontation when the ground beneath them suddenly shook. A world-shaking explosion resounded from nearby as a terrifying origin power tempest soared toward the sky.

Lightning and thunder were provoked continuously in the air as daybreak and darkness origin powers clashed wildly. Several bolts of lightning struck the ground and immediately ignited a great fire!

Qianye and the werewolf both understood that Brahms and Wei Bainian had begun fighting.

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