Chapter 150: Encirclement and Annihilation (2)

Chapter 150: Encirclement and Annihilation (2) [Volume 3 - The Place Where My Heart Feels At Peace] 

A soft noise rang from nearby at this moment, and Qianye immediately withdrew all of his presence. Through the gaps between the leaves, he could see a lone landowning household warrior carefully moving forwards.

He was just passing through the tree Qianye was at when his footsteps came to a sudden stop. A drop of water had nearly brushed past the tip of his nose before splattering into tiny bits at the tip of his boot. The landowning household warrior frowned before he bent downwards and wiped a finger across his boot. He lifted the finger and gave it a close glance.

His fingertip was stained with bright red blood.

The warrior silently tightened his grip around his gun and poured origin power into it. Then, he slowly looked up at the tree. It was at this moment a rush of wind appeared from behind his head!

Naturally, the landowning household warrior had his reasons to dare step into this area. He was a rank six expert, and he had a lot of experience fighting at the frontlines. He immediately counter-attacked with an elbow strike without any hesitation at all!

There was a dull impact, and the landowning household warrior felt as if he had rammed his elbow into a piece of dead wood, his origin power scattering completely. Although his hit had landed solidly, he wasn’t able to deal any damage to his opponent at all.

“What kind of defense is this?” The landowning household warrior was both shocked and terrified. The thought had just crossed his mind when a hand landed on his shoulder, and Qianye plunged his knife straight into the warrior’s ribs with his right hand. The violent origin power of a thirty cycle Combatant Formula seeped through the blade, and an impact of peerless intensity crushed both the warrior’s origin power defenses and internal organs around the blade completely!

“Thirty cycle Combatant Formula! You’re a Fighter King!?” This landowning household warrior had survived real battlefields, and he was obviously knowledgeable and experienced enough to recognize the Combatant Formula. His voice was steeped in shock and fear!

As a landowning household member who had to survive on his own, he knew very well what a Fighter King represented. No wonder his opponent was able to cause so much trouble to the Zhao Household even though he was just rank five! But it was now too late for regrets. He didn’t hope to survive this encounter. Instead, he counterattacked with all his might, hoping to severely injure his opponent before he died. He summoned all of his remaining origin power and swung his elbow right into Qianye’s waist!

Bang! Bang! Bang! The sounds of dull impacts resounded throughout the forest, but Qianye wasn’t moved by his strikes at all. It was as if the body that was being pounded by the elbow wasn’t even his. He simply summoned cycle after cycle of origin tide and poured them fiercely into this landowning household member’s body.

The landowning household warrior’s counterattack gradually turned weak. Although the only obvious injury on his body was the blade in his ribs, in reality, every organ inside his body had been crushed into a pulp. Qianye’s own army knife couldn’t endure the thirty cycle Combatant Formula and shattered into iron bits inside the warrior’s body.

Qianye’s hand suddenly slipped away from the landowning household warrior’s shoulder and cut a wound across his neck artery. Blood filled with the rich scent of origin power immediately sprayed several meters across the ground! Qianye closed his eyes, inhaled deeply before pushing the warrior’s body onto the ground.

Suddenly, Qianye recalled what Yu Renyan once told him and broke into an involuntary smile. It might be inconvenient to hold fast to a belief, but in a large majority of situations, it wasn’t worth breaking them either.

Qianye calmed down his breathing for a bit before he began searching through the landowning household member’s body. He took out every stimulant and origin bullet he possessed, and to his surprise found two origin hand grenades in the process.

Qianye made some arrangements around the body before he left the scene, running into a nearby forest.

About ten minutes later, two aristocratic family bodyguards showed up on the scene. They were greatly surprised to find the body on the ground. One person stood guard as the other ran to the body and inspected it. When the bodyguard flipped over the body, he immediately let out an exclamation of surprise, “Wu Youhong!”

It was obvious that they knew each other, and were on pretty friendly terms too. The bodyguard immediately carried the body and attempted to say something. But before he could do so, a strong light suddenly flashed before his eyes as a sense of danger rose from his heart. Then, he no longer knew anything.

The might of two origin hand grenades detonating at the same time was extremely terrifying, and it wasn’t something that a rank six warrior could endure at all. Even the bodyguard who was standing guard ten meters away from the site was thrown far away by the explosion’s shockwave. The bodyguard standing at the center of the explosion was gone entirely.

Right now, Qianye was running across an empty field within the forest. Although his path was blocked by two Song household bodyguards, he chose to charge towards them instead of making a retreat. The two bodyguards who were holding their origin guns evenly looked extremely anxious as their muzzles chased after Qianye’s figure repeatedly.

Qianye’s movements were unpredictable in both direction and speed. He was always able to escape the Song Household bodyguards’ aim with tiny movements and swiftly shorten the distance between the two of them.

The two bodyguards were sweating like they were caught in a downpour before they knew it. They were both snipers, and they were well versed in counter-sniper techniques. But Qianye’s performance had far exceeded his current rank—in fact, his level of skill shouldn’t exist in anyone beneath Champion rank at all.

Both parties were stuck in the confrontation. The bodyguards knew that there existed an extremely short interval between pulling the trigger and shooting the origin power. Although they had more or less a lock on Qianye’s movements, it was still enough time for Qianye to avoid being hit in a vital spot. But at the same time, their bodies would come to an instantaneous halt when they were firing their guns, and they had no doubt that Qianye would seize the opening and fire Twin Flowers into their bodies. They weren’t beneath admitting that they were incapable of achieving Qianye’s dodging speed at all.

Ye Mulan had just run over from behind the bodyguards, and her face was just as pale as theirs. She felt like she was facing an injured wolf, and everyone knew that an injured wolf was at its deadliest.

She suddenly screamed, “Fire!”

The two Song Household bodyguards subconsciously pulled the trigger, and they immediately cursed loudly inside their heads!

Two balls of bloody light erupted from Qianye’s body, but none of them had hit his vital spots. Qianye was tossed backwards by the powerful shots, but his posture was extraordinarily steady. He pointed Twin Flowers steadily at one bodyguard each and fired them at the same time!

Pfft. There was a sound that sounded like flowers spilling their pistil, and beautiful patterns immediately crawled across Twin Flower’s demonic exterior. They shuddered and bloomed in the dark of the night.

The faces of both bodyguards immediately erupted with blood-colored origin light at the same time! They collapsed on their backs, clutched their faces and screamed horribly to themselves. The pain was so terrible that they rolled across the ground with all their might. Blood and fluid kept pouring from between their fingers, and it was obvious that their faces had been crushed by the shot.

Ye Mulan lifted her sniper rifle horizontally and fired a shot. A mist of blood immediately erupted from Qianye’s body again to reveal a huge hole at the back of his shoulder. The golden threads woven between the uniform curled up lifelessly in scorched black color to reveal bloody flesh bits and white bones! Ye Mulan clenched her teeth abruptly before tossing her sniper rifle and pulling out a handgun. She pounced towards Qianye’s landing spot.

Right now, Ye Mulan’s heart was filled with fear. It was only after she had gone on the battlefield that she realized just how dangerous, how much, much more dangerous this man was than in the arena. She only knew that Qianye might become her eternal nightmare if she were to allow him to live past this day.

Right now, Ye Mulan could remember clearly every word Qianye said back at Xichang City’s Copper Peacock Terrace, “How long can you guard yourself against me? A month? A year? Or ten years?” She finally realized that her opponent had meant every word. This commoner was not afraid to offend even Zhao Junhong past the line, and her status as the fiancée of the Song Household’s seventh young master couldn’t protect her one bit.

Ye Mulan only had one thought in her mind, and that was to kill this dangerous man right here and now even at the cost of the lives of the Song Household's high-ranking bodyguards and the family’s beration!

She reached the thirty-meter mark away from Qianye and entered the best shooting range for a handgun, but saw that Qianye had retrieved his Eagleshot before she knew it. He raised the rifle horizontally with one hand and aimed its muzzle at her. His somewhat thin and even pretty looking arm wobbled not one bit and looked as steady as a rock!

Ye Mulan’s mouth opened wide as she let out a scream. Before she could dodge out of the way, a blood-colored light erupted at her stomach and threw her back towards the distance.

Qianye himself was pushed backwards by Eagleshot’s powerful recoil as he skidded across the ground. The wound at his back rubbed against the rough ground and left a bloody trail behind him. Although his constitution was as tough as a vampire’s, the consequences of firing Eagleshot one handed was the sounds of breaking bones around his wrist and elbow area. Right now, terrible pain screamed from his entire right arm if he even moved it a little.

Qianye jumped to his feet, tossed down Eagleshot and pounced towards Ye Mulan. While Eagleshot was powerful, without any ability enhancement it would injure Ye Mulan severely at best. Qianye knew that the shot wouldn’t kill her, and he had no idea if he could survive the next period of time. He had already made up his mind to kill this insidious woman with everything he had.

As expected, Ye Mulan was actually crawling to her feet already after just spitting a mouthful of blood and shaking her head once while groaning. Her outer clothing had completely shattered, and the armor she wore beneath her clothing was revealed. It was a black soft armor that looked like a skin tight suit, and her vital spots were covered by several pieces of dark brown armor too. It was obvious that the armor was reinforced.

Right now, the reinforced armor pieces had long been blasted into pieces by the shot. While most of the armor pieces had fallen apart, there were only a few holes in the black suit beneath them. The snow white skin of Ye Mulan’s chest was revealed, and it actually wasn’t cracked at all! This armor had some serious defensive power.

Qianye immediately felt a terrible headache when he saw her suit of armor. He estimated from his experience that this armor of Ye Mulan’s was just a tad weaker compared to Wei Potian’s Thousand Mountains! Qianye immediately tossed away the knife in his hand. The regular army knife couldn’t withstand his violent origin power at all, It would probably shatter before it even cut open the armor.

Qianye leaped into the air and landed heavily on Ye Mulan’s body, slamming her heavily back onto the ground. Ye Mulan groaned as blood seeped out of the corner of her mouth once more. Qianye immediately stretched out to choke her, but she immediately blocked his attempt with her own hands.

Qianye’s right hand couldn’t exert strength properly right now. Although he managed to push down both of Ye Mulan’s hands with his left, it wasn’t easy to kill her in one go since she was struggling with all she had.

Ye Mulan twisted her body with all her might, erupting into a burst of movement from time to time in attempt to flip Qianye off her. Her close combat skills actually weren’t bad at all, but Qianye’s combat skill and strength were far beyond hers. Qianye pushed his body between her two legs, spread open his own and held her tightly. All of her movements were suppressed at once as his left hand continued to inch bit by bit towards her throat.

Ye Mulan panted heavily as fear and entreatment flowed out of her eyes. Her chest heaved heavily, and the fullness he sensed proved that she was in no way inferior to Yu Yingnan in this aspect. The damaged armor caused her breasts to appear slightly, and she even moved so that Qianye could see more of them. She was obviously hoping that Qianye could feel even a shred of pity towards beauty and let her live.

However, Qianye’s eyes were completely filled with an expressionless coldness. It was as if he couldn’t see the view before him at all.

The stalemate lasted for several minutes straight.

A near indiscernible gaze suddenly swept across the area and landed on them both. However, it moved away after a moment’s time. No one showed up to stop the battle. It was obvious that Ye Mulan wasn’t qualified to enter the safe list yet.

Qianye’s heart suddenly turned completely cold, however. He hadn’t sensed any observers around him while he was hunted earlier. Did this mean that those aristocratic family young leaders had gotten close to him?

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