Chapter 124: Bloody Battle

Chapter 124: Bloody Battle [Volume 3 - The Place Where My Heart Feels At Peace]   

Naturally, Qianye would not allow them to break through the entrance this easily. He put down Eagleshot, grabbed a large caliber sniper rifle he picked from the arsenal at the side and aimed it at the werewolves controlling the short barrel cannon. He pulled down the trigger repeatedly and fired five bullets out of the magazine with his fastest speed.

Blood blossomed from the werewolves’ bodies as they wailed. The siege cannon lost control and let out yet another rumble. But the slightly reddened long barrel had turned more than ninety degrees and fired off target this time, throwing off several dozen of blood thralls beside it instead. However, all of the high-rank werewolves except one climbed back on their feet after rolling on the ground several times.

Qianye inwardly shook his head. A werewolf’s life force and defense were ridiculous. When they reached rank five, a large caliber sniper rifle like this would only deal moderate damage to these creatures as long as they weren’t hit at a vital spot.

Qianye switched a new magazine and began yet another round of quick shooting. This time, he aimed everything on a single werewolf and finally killed it.

It was at this moment that the sentry tower shook even more fiercely than before, looking like it would collapse at any moment. The dark race soldiers that were rushing up the walls had discovered this sniper’s nest and were attempting to break into it. Those who were rash had even begun taking apart the building directly.

Suddenly, alarm bells rang in Qianye’s heart. He glanced outside and just happened to see several round-shaped objects engraved with complicated patterns on their surface flying toward him!

They were vampire’s grenades!

Vampire grenades were driven by darkness origin power, and although they were about the same size as a human grenade, its power was the equivalent of an artillery shell. Moreover, with the dark races’ strength, they could easily be thrown hundreds of meters away towards its intended target.

Qianye had identified the objects at first glance. He immediately grabbed Eagleshot and jumped through the window directly to the bottom of a hiding soldier wall. He found a corner and curled himself into a ball!

The rumbling noises were endless, and it was as if only smoke and explosions were left in Qianye’s entire world. He could not hear a second kind of sound from his ears. Bricks and plasters fell non-stop, and there were quite a lot of debris that had fallen on his head.

Finally, the rumbling noises were over. When Qianye raised his head to take a look, he discovered that half of the ceiling had vanished to reveal the gray, lightless sky above. The upper floor of the sentry tower had been completely wiped away, and the dead bodies of the dark race cannon fodders lay at its surroundings. Not only had this explosion destroyed half the sentry tower and its connecting defense walls, but its shockwave had also taken out quite a lot of dark race soldiers who were attempting to make their way in as well.

However, the dark races did not care for the death of cannon fodders.

There weren’t many human soldiers left on the defense walls. Most of the surviving soldiers had been forced to evacuate into the defensive fortifications inside the town. The cannon fodders were climbing up the defense walls endlessly, and several high ranking soldiers were yelling out commands. Some had even grabbed some slow moving cannon fodders and tossed them right into the other side of the wall.

Inside the sentry tower’s ruins, Qianye suddenly stood up and held Vulcan, the multi barreled cannon, and pulled down the trigger!

Vulcan’s barrel swiveled and sprayed countless bullets towards a werewolf twenty meters away like a storm. At close range, blood continuously blossomed from the rank five werewolf’s body, blasting it backwards step by step until it finally collapsed on its back!

Qianye did not stop there. The roaring Vulcan was like a swinging whip of metal and fire that swept down droves of dark race soldiers.

In the blink of an eye, the five hundred bullets in Vulcan’s bullet box had been completely shot clean. There was not a single living dark race being thirty meters before Qianye.

Qianye had just let out a sigh of relief when a dark shadow charged over like lightning and pushed him to the ground! It was a rank five vampire soldier.

The duo rolled and fought on the ground for a moment before Qianye suddenly threw a jab right beside the vampire’s mouth. The vampire instinctively bit down on his hand, sinking his fangs deeply into Qianye’s flesh. However, before he could enjoy the pleasant surprise, Qianye’s flesh suddenly became as tough as steel. He pulled back his hand fiercely and actually pulled the vampire fangs right out of his mouth!

The pain nearly knocked out the vampire soldier completely. Qianye immediately jumped onto his feet and took out a pistol. He plunged the barrel directly into the vampire soldier’s bleeding mouth and pulled the trigger!

There was a dull, wet sound, and Qianye’s face and chest became covered in blood.

He stood up and looked around. He jumped into the town before the next wave of dark race soldiers could surround him.

Qianye moved swiftly between the buildings of the small alleys and attacked occasionally to kill many werewolves and arachne. On the battlefield of a large scale muddled warfare, the werewolves and arachne who had thick skin and flesh and incredible strength were much more threatening than the vampires. It was only when the battle had escalated to a higher level that vampires would then come above the two races.

That was why Qianye’s main killing targets were werewolves and arachne.

There were gunshots, explosions, fire and bloodcurdling screams everywhere. The entire town had turned into a battlefield. Qianye had forgotten about the time, and his fighting instinct was the only thing that remained with him.

Suddenly, several low-rank werewolves rushed by at the front. Qianye instinctively grabbed for something on his body but did not find anything. He did not know where he had tossed Eagleshot to, and his assault rifle was gone too. All of his firearms were out of ammo, and the bag holding the grenades was absolutely empty. His two pistols were still around his waists, but they might as well not be there. Qianye’s origin power was almost completely depleted, and even if there was a physical origin bullet inside the pistols, he no longer had the strength to activate them.

Qianye felt so tired he could die. If he wasn’t controlling himself with all his might, he even felt like collapsing on the ground just like that. This was the result of excessive use of origin power and stimulants.

Suddenly, he found something inside his pants pocket and took it out for a look. It was actually a stimulant syringe. Unable to worry if repeated usage would cause problems for his body at the moment, he immediately plunged it into his arm and injected everything inside. The feeling of sleepiness faded away quite a bit as expected.

Suddenly, Qianye heard an unusual noise from the house beside him. A human was screaming. He immediately broke through the door and charged inside. There were splattered flesh, blood, and bodies everywhere in the house. Some were human bodies, and some were the dark races’. Several werewolves were forcing an expeditionary force soldier to the corner of a wall.

It looked like a young boy who had just reached adulthood. The military clothes on his body appeared overly huge. His complexion was pale, and he was swinging the dagger in his hand wildly in an attempt to protect himself.

Qianye let out a low roar and attempted to charge inside. However, a werewolf abruptly charged him and knocked him over. Man and wolf rolled on the floor continuously and fought in melee. By now, Qianye was so exhausted that he actually wasn’t able to break free from the rank two werewolf for a moment.

The werewolf bit fiercely into Qianye’s shoulders. Its sharp fangs tore apart the specially made military uniform that was as tough as leather armor, piercing into his flesh. However, Qianye’s body was actually even stronger than leather armor, and no matter how the werewolf shook its head it wasn’t able to tear down a piece of flesh.

It was at this moment Qianye heard a scream. He turned around to look and find the young expeditionary force soldier had been pushed to the floor by the three werewolves. His flesh was being torn bit by bit and swallowed into the werewolf’s stomach. However, the young boy hadn’t died just yet, and the intense pain prevented him from even falling into unconsciousness. He could only scream at the top of his lungs and endure the pain of being torn alive.

The color of blood rose in Qianye’s eyes. It wasn’t just the reflection of the young boy’s flesh and blood!

Qianye suddenly raised his head and bit fiercely into the werewolf’s throat! Large volumes of blood rolled into his stomach, instantly causing all of the blood energy inside his body to boil up, surging joyfully like toppling mountains and overturning seas. Even the purple and gold blood energies had swum out of the ability runes to join in on the devouring.

Qianye’s strength abruptly increased, and with a flip, he pushed the werewolf beneath him and kept him from moving. Meanwhile, the werewolf suddenly lost more than half of its blood as if there was a leak in its body.

By now, the three werewolves had finished eating the young boy and stood up in satisfaction. Suddenly, they felt that something was wrong and turned around abruptly. They saw Qianye looking coldly at them.

Qianye’s eyes became as red as blood in an instant!

Moments later, Qianye finally walked out of the room. He looked as if he had been drenched in blood from head to toe. Even his black hair had turned dark red in color. The vampire long sword he held in his hands was still dripping with blood continuously. However, this also made the bright red color of his pupils less remarkable.

Suddenly, a group of blood thralls surged out from the alley on the opposite side. When they saw Qianye, they suddenly retreated and escaped from another alley while whining. A high ranking vampire soldier ran over and looked doubtfully at Qianye, yelling, “Which family do you belong to? Why have I never seen you?”

Faint killing intent flashed past Qianye’s pupils as he slapped the pistols around his waists and said, “I am a descendant of Marquis Ross.”

“Marqius Ross! But the Marquis did not participate in this battle this time!” the vampire was immediately caught by surprise. Then he saw clearly the shape of the pistol and said in shock, “It’s you!”

He did not finish his sentence. This little bit of time was enough for Qianye to come close to him and penetrate his stomach with the long sword! Qianye even grabbed the writhing and struggling vampire soldier’s neck and dragged him into an abandoned housing by the side before biting him right at the neck!

This rank four vampire soldier was so shocked he could faint, but as the essence of his blood slowly flowed out of his body, the light and bright red color of his eyes faded. When Qianye released his hands, the vampire soldier had become as dry as a corpse.

Qianye did not head out immediately. He calmly damaged the body with a sharp blade before sitting at a corner of the house and shut both his eyes. He quietly awaited his stamina to recover.

After he had absorbed the werewolves and vampire’s blood, Qianye’s body had entered a state of blood boil. His recovery speed had increased tremendously, and it wouldn’t take him more than half an hour before he would recover his stamina and a small portion of origin power. Then, he would be able to use an origin gun again. The only tiny flaw of blood boil was that he was unable to control his blood energy and instill them into origin bullets.

Suddenly, there was a bang and the door on the other side of the building was blown open. It was Bao Zhengcheng’s stalwart figure that had appeared. He stumbled into the room and did not even notice who was inside the house. He rolled on the ground beside the wall on the spot and gripped his short blade tightly, putting on a combat posture.

A rank six Blood Esquire appeared at the entrance of the house. He was wearing the classic cold smile of a vampire, walking slowly with his head high. The longsword in his hand was glowing with bloody light.

However, his smile was frozen the second he went through the door. Qianye’s pistols were already aimed at him!

The Blood Esquire screamed. He never imagined that there was still one more person inside the house! He didn’t sense him at all!

The pistol shot was incredibly soft like the sound of blooming flowers.

In comparison, the Blood Esquire’s flying momentum was extremely shocking. He crashed through the door and slammed into the wall so hard that it cracked. The armor before his chest and his stomach had been blasted completely to smithereens. The twin pistols were tossed directly on the ground, leaving behind only two beautiful and demonic looking twin flowers blooming on one stalk in the air.

Qianye had long since pounced forward like a demon. While holding the sword with both hands, he plunged the weapon right through the Blood Esquire’s chest and penetrated his heart!

The Blood Esquire struggled with all his might. His extraordinary vitality gave him strength to retaliate. Qianye’s stomach and chest were punched and kneed repeatedly, but Qianye used every strength in his body to hold onto the hilt and nailed the Blood Esquire firmly on the floor.

Every time the Blood Esquire landed a punch, the soft sound of cracking bones would resound. Intense pain flushed Qianye’s nerves, but the pain was completely within his limits since he had gone through the tempering of the Combatant Formula. If he allowed the Blood Esquire to climb to his feet, both he and Bao Zhengcheng would likely die to the blood esquire’s final retaliation.

It was at this moment the sound of gunshots rang repeatedly. Bao Zhengcheng had somehow fished out a pistol from who knew where, and had pressed the muzzle point blank against the Blood Esquire’s face and shot every bullet inside the chamber. It utterly devastated that pale and eerie face.

The Blood Esquire twitched a couple of times before going motionless.

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