Chapter 106: Collapse by Force

Chapter 106: Collapse by Force [Volume 3 - The Place Where My Heart Feels At Peace]  

A white dressed woman suddenly landed in front of the crowd. She was floating several meters above the four people’s head, but no one detected her arrival at all including Bai Longjia!

This was a woman with insipid features. Her age was indistinguishable, and she wore the classic attire of a noblewoman of the upper level of the Empire. Her buttoned jacket, girdle and sleeves were spacious, they were unusually simple and neat. The silk belt tied around her waist was strung with a penannular jade pendant. This was the only ornament she wore on herself. Her long hair was casually tied up with silk bands and left hanging down behind her back.

Her looks could be considered delicate and pretty, although an overlapping scar on her left cheek damaged her beauty a little. Besides that, she did not have any other features that could leave an impression in the mind. She appeared to be very normal, extremely normal, so normal that she would immediately be swept away the second she entered a crowd.

Luo Jianyi, General Yang, and General Du did not recognize this woman, but it did not prevent them from knowing how formidable she was. No matter who she might be, the fact that she could appear soundlessly above their heads meant that to her, killing them was just a matter of exerting very little effort.

When Bai Longjia saw her, his complexion changed involuntarily once more. He cried out, “Sis!”

“I heard that there is a demonkin laying down a blood feast and fishing. I just happened to pass through here, so I came over to have a look.” the woman said insipidly. Her voice and looks were just as normal, and did not have qualities that could be specifically memorized.

Bai Longjia said hurriedly, “It’s just a mere demonkin, I alone am enough! You do not need to attend to this personally, do you sis?”

“And you think you’re not a fish?”

“Even if I’m a fish, I’m a big fish okay!”

Bai Longjia wanted to argue further, but the woman made a silencing gesture and said insipidly, “A big fish is still a fish.”

Bai Longjia knew that this was her telling him to stop arguing, with no objections permitted. His face was swollen with redness, wanting to argue further on the subject that “a big fish wasn’t fish” from the bottom of his heart . But he had known very well since a young age that it was suicide to actually do so.

The woman circled around the hall once, her feet never stepping on the ground from the beginning to the end.

“Alright. I’ll be seeing that fisherman.” her figure flashed once she said this. Although she appeared to be strolling softly, she had vanished to the end corners of the wasteland in the blink of an eye.

The three champions of Darkblood City only dared to exhale after she had left.

Major General Yang asked carefully, “General Bai, she, is she truly that person?”

Bai Longjia said in a bad mood, “You don’t say! I only have one elder sister, so who else is she but her?”

The three Champions actually broke out in a shiver spontaneously after acquiring Bai Longjia’s confirmation. Bai Longjia also turned listless as he waved his hands and said, “Let’s head back!”

Although her judgment in terms of combat strength made Bai Longjia extremely displeased, he also knew that she was never mistaken in this regard. It was exactly because of this reason that Bai Longjia grew even more downcast.

A moment later, the airship slowly rose into the air and returned to Darkblood City.

Inside the dark territory, the young Masefield was sitting right at the courtyard and swaying the goblet in his hand somewhat in boredom. There was wine in the goblet, and it was as red as blood.

He looked towards the big, round moon in the sky and seemingly soliloquizing or confessing what was on his mind, “The big fish should be arriving soon, shouldn’t he? The human Bai Longjia is not far away from here, and I heard that he had a little bit of skill. If he was the one who came, then killing him should give me enough reputation. Those guys would remember my name, and I would no longer be called a Masefield. As I thought, an overly illustrious surname is a burden.”

While soliloquizing softly, Masefield tried to take a mouthful. However, he saw that the red wine in his cup was actually rippling.

He was startled for a moment, and immediately after he felt the earth beneath him starting to shake rhythmically. It was as if an unbelievably huge ancient beast was slowing walking this way.

An indescribable feeling abruptly rose up his heart, causing even his hair to stand up on its end. The eye at the center of Masefield’s forehead abruptly opened. It was a strange eye that was completely pitch black without any whites or pupils at all!

When his third eye had opened, a black aura rose from behind Masefield’s back and straight to the sky. It transformed into a sinister-looking giant head of a beast that rotated in a circle once before staring fixedly at a certain direction, letting out low growls continuously.

The head of the giant beast that had transformed from the black energy alone was a dozen or so meters long. It was shaped like a fierce tiger, but its two extremely long fangs were features of a giant ancient beast that had vanished into the legends.

Panic suddenly fleeted across Masefield’s face. He hadn’t even seen the enemy’s shadow, and his innate gift, the giant totem beast was already forced out by the opponent’s aura?

Who exactly had come?!

He could no longer maintain his cool as he leaped up from the ground, his figure flickering before appearing on the sky away from the base. He looked towards the furthest end of the horizon. A white dressed woman had entered his view, and she was walking step by step towards him from the wasteland. The earth shuddered matched her footsteps exactly.

Masefield was unable to believe no matter what that the shaking of the entire earth was caused by this woman.

“Who are you?” Masefield shouted loudly. He had suddenly recalled a name from the bottom of his mind, which was why his voice had a slight quiver in it. But that person shouldn’t show up here!

The woman looked like she was out on a stroll, but every time she took a step her figure would flicker and appear hundreds of meters away from where she was before. In the blink of an eye, she had appeared in front of Masefield.

She glanced at the totem giant beast in the air once before saying word by word, “Everpeace Bai clan, Bai Aotu!”

“How can it possibly be you!” the young Masefield cried out involuntarily in surprise before forcing himself to be calm and said, “I am the great…”

“So much nonsense!”

Bai Aotu appeared right in front of Masefield in a single step. She punched straight towards his chest!

The second her fist was unleashed, the entire world seemed to distort at this very instant!

Masefield pushed out both palms in unison and forcefully blocked Bai Aotu’s one punch.

The world suddenly transformed from distortion into absolute silence. Incessant rumbling sounds rang from behind Masefield, and every building in the base actually collapsed row after row as if they had been ran over by an invisible wave. Smoke and dust rose and covered half of the sky!

What was strange was that there were no other sounds at all coming from the ruins. It was as if the dozens or so high ranking warriors and hundreds of civilians of the dark races did not exist at all. In the blink of an eye, the base that could fit almost a thousand men were flattened to the ground, and there was only one half collapsed building still standing at the farthest end.

If someone were to look down from the sky, they would see the ruins was spread out in the shape of a fan-shaped brush mark. This dark race base had been wiped from the surface of the earth.

This was the might of Bai Aotu’s one punch!

At the height of the punch, Masefield continued to maintain his defensive posture and did not move in the slightest. The punch that had flattened the entire base with its aftershock alone actually failed to push him back even a centimeter.

When the rumbling noises had completely subsided, only then one could hear the young demonkin murmur softly, “I am the great Masefield…”

Bai Aotu withdrew her fist and patted his head softly, saying, “If you’re just a kid, then don’t try to mimic your elders and fish in the deep waters.”

Once she said this, she turned around and left, vanishing into the depths of the night in the blink of an eye. When she left, the aura which seemed to illustrate that she was the only person to exist in the entire world had completely faded away. She had turned back into that normal woman that would be forgotten after a single glance.

“I am the great Masefield…” the young demonkin continued to murmur again and again like a gramophone with a stuck record.

His body slanted forwards slowly and finally fell. The instant he touched the ground, the young demonkin’s body suddenly shattered and turned into fine, white dust, scattering along with the wind. A demonkin Champion vanished from the world just like that, and no one remembered his name even until the very end. The only imprints he had left in this world seemed to be that incredibly illustrious surname.

He simply wanted to pull up a big fish, but he did not think that the one who bit the hook would a great white shark.

At the bottom of the only remaining ruin of the base, the bricks at a particular spot suddenly rolled off to reveal a little girl inside. Her white skirt was so dirty that no color could be seen, her hands and body were covered in scratch marks all over, and her face was completely covered in plaster as well. However, her eyes were as clear as ever without the slightest trace of panic in them.

With difficulty, she climbed to the top of the brick pile and looked everywhere. She was the only living person in the entire ruin. Every dark race warrior and civilian had scattered into dust under the one punch’s might. She had run with all her might to the furthest end and hid at an underground wine cellar before Bai Aotu had threw out her punch. It was only then she managed to avoid certain death.

The little girl picked a direction and walked away from the ruins. Her posture was strained, and she limped as blood flowed down her left leg. She bowed her head to look at her leg wound before pulling out the wood chip that had pierce into her thighs forcefully. Then, she tore a corner of her skirt and wrapped her wounds before standing up once more.

However, she took only a step before freezing suddenly. Then, she slowly turned around.

Bai Aotu was standing not far away and looking quietly at her.

Bai Aotu was cocking her head slightly and seemingly thinking about something. Then, she asked, “Human?”

The little girl nodded.

“Your innate talent is just average, but you have an instinctive intuition for danger. To think that you can avoid my punch in advance. How rare.” Bai Aotu’s tone was as flat as ever. No meaning could be discerned from her voice.

The girl hesitated for a moment before moving closer to Bai Aotu. Shakily, she stretched out her arms and said with a slightly rough voice, “Take me away.”

Bai Aotu looked at the little girl’s big, round eyes and said slowly, “If you want to leave with me, then you will have to become the sharpest blade in the Bai Family. Will you?”

The girl’s eyes were as clear as water, and she answered without any hesitation, “I will.” then, she lowered her voice and murmured softly, “As long… as I can live.”

“What are you called?”

“I don’t have a name.”

After staring at the little girl’s eyes for a very, very long time, Bai Aotu finally stretched out a hand and grabbed the little hand that was still bleeding before her. Bai Aotu let out the trace of a rare smile before turning around and moving away, leading the little girl towards human territory.

The one big and one small girl walked further and further away into the wasteland and merged into one with the night.

In the dark nation, the relative and far opposition of Darkblood City was Black Glory Gemini City.

Gemini City was composed of both Wolf City and Blood Castle. They were separated at the center by a tower as tall as the city walls, a battlement and a hiding soldier wall. The architectural style of the two city districts were completely different. Only the southern end of the public area was administered jointly, and any dark race could visit this place freely. It was also Gemini City’s business district.

Wolf City was mainly populated by werewolves, and was controlled by four great tribes. The mayor was a mad wolf named Kohl Moya. Meanwhile, Blood Castle was formed by many big and small vampire families led by a Count named Weald.  Due to the feud between werewolves and vampires, no vampires could be seen inside Wolf City, and naturally no werewolves in Blood Castle.

The responsibility of Gemini City’s mayor was assumed by Moya and Weald in rotation every three years. Moya and Weald were the supreme ruler of the territory several hundred kilometers around Gemini City.

Right now, Mayor Count Weald was at the final year of his term. However, the vampire count was in an extremely bad mood as of late. It seemed like nothing was going satisfactorily for him. No, the situation could no longer be described with just satisfactory any longer. Things had never been as bad as it was now for the last several hundred years of his long life.

The count paced back and forth inside the study, and from time to time his eyes would sweep across the few pages of reports on the study table. Every time he reread the pages, his feelings would worsen further. In the end, after he finally could take it no longer and let out a howl that shook the entire castle, the count picked up an entire book rack and smashed it heavily at the wall on the opposite side. Only then he finally vented some of the resentment in his chest.

Several vampires were kneeling in front of the study’s entrance. Every time the count saw them, his anger would rise without reason!

“Can’t do anything right, don’t know anything! Why do I still need you all then!”

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