Chapter 104: Blood Poison

Chapter 104: Blood Poison [Volume 3 - The Place Where My Heart Feels At Peace]  

The distance between both sides instantly drew close. Suddenly, Qianye bounced off the ground like a leopard and with a smooth jump, charged right into the bosom of a rank three vampire, smashing a fist right into his face!

After the punch, the vampire warrior’s facial bones instantly caved in. Then, carried off by the tremendous force to his head, the vampire’s body floated forwards for a second before flying backwards along his head.

With a bang, the ground beneath Qianye’s feet suddenly depressed before he shot forward like a cannonball. He met another rank five vampire, also the leader of the guard head on and smashed his fist into his face again while ignoring the short knife stabbing towards him!

The short knife pierced into Qianye’s chest, but its progress was unusually slow. It was as if the blade had pierced a pile of hard leather instead. In the end, the blade was even stuck between Qianye’s ribs. The guard leader’s reactions weren’t slow either, as he raised his left arm and barely defended himself from Qianye’s punch. However, his entire person was thrown backwards by the harsh punch, and his arm bones let out creaking groans in response.

After ascending to rank four, Qianye, who was doubly enhanced by origin power and a vampire’s constitution now possessed an extreme tough body. He could overwhelm any normal rank six fighters and rank five vampire warriors now.

Qianye grabbed the guard leaders’ knife arm and prevented him from escaping. At the same time, his right fist and elbow smashed towards the guard leader full in the face like a storm, with every hit as heavy as a smashing hammer and as a great axe opening up a mountain!

In two punches, Qianye broke the leader’s arms and with an elbow, crushed the blood energy protecting his body. Then, he stepped towards the side and used his body as a weapon, leaning heavily onto the vampire guard leader’s body!

The guard leader flew backwards in an explosive bang that sounded like muffled thunder, his body twisted into many odd shapes. Just now, Qianye had used an extreme amount of force and complement it with his origin power to create a hidden force that was as heavy as a mountain, shattering every bone in the guard leader’s body!

There a soft piercing noise, and another knife had stabbed into Qianye’s back. The short knife pierced through his armor and entered his muscles with difficulty before finally stopping just barely on his bones.

As if he could feel the sharp blade that had entered his flesh and blood, Qianye moved his hand backwards and grabbed the vampire warrior’s neck, tightening his fingers and breaking his neck bone in an instant. Although a vampire’s tough constitution meant that he might not necessarily die from such a wound, at the very least he would lose the ability to continue fighting.

Qianye swung his arm and blocked yet another vampire’s short knife before throwing out a straight punch. It struck him right at the bottom of the chin as the warrior fell backwards amidst a scalp numbing sound of breaking bones.

Qianye was like a lion weaving through a group of wolves. His fists were as swift as lightning and as heavy as mountains. There was actually not a single person among this group of vampire warriors who could take a direct hit from him!

In the blink of an eye, there were no longer any enemies around Qianye. There was only the blood knight climbing to his feet with difficulty not far away beside the remains of the carriage. However, the blood knight’s feet were wobbly, and he wasn’t even able to stand quite steadily on his feet. He stared with a face full of shock at his own injuries. Although the mutilated mess that was half of his body could not be considered a fatal wound, black blood was pouring nonstop from his injuries. It was filled with the stench of rot and death.

The blood knight was both shocked and furious. He did his utmost to summon the power of his blood, and finally he just managed to suppress and eliminate the unusual blood energy that almost felt like poison, but wasn’t quite the same that invaded into his body. However, his injuries had also worsened a lot more times because of it. A large majority of his blood energy had been exhausted, and he became dispirited and listless in an instant.

Qianye strode with broad steps towards the knight and grabbed towards him. The blood knight swung his own arm and met Qianye’s hand with extreme fury. Their palms met each other, and they began to compete strength. Suddenly, the ground beneath both parties’ feet caved inward in a dull noise. A shallow pit several meters wide had appeared!

Both sides’ strength matched each other equally, and for a time they were at a stalemate. However, the blood knight’s injured left arm grew weaker and weaker, and soon it looked like it would not be able to endure. Suddenly, he let out an animalistic snarl as blood energy rolled over and over in his eyes. Red light actually shone amidst the dark night as a pair of long, bloodsucking fangs appeared at the corners of his lips. He bit down fiercely towards Qianye!

Qianye did not retreat in the slightest. He simply inclined his head and allowed the blood knight’s fangs to bite into his shoulders. The moment the vampire’s fangs entered his body, Qianye could feel two wisps of black, blood poison seeping into his own blood. However, his own blood of darkness immediately had a strong reaction.

Purple blood energy had practically burst out of his ability rune and pounced right at the invading blood poison. They were devoured completely after just a single face-off. That wasn’t all. With a twist, it immediately split out a thin wisp of purple energy that followed along the path the blood poison had come in and ultimately entered the blood knight’s fangs and into his body.

The blood knight’s eyes suddenly turned round as he tried to push Qianye away with all his might with a look of extreme fright. He was no longer able to let out any meaningful syllables from his throat, and could only yell incoherently.

Naturally, Qianye would not let go like this. He continued to wrestle against the blood knight, and was slowly gaining the advantage as well. However, when the purple blood energy flowed up against the stream, dense red mist rose into his eyes. As if he was drawn to the action, Qianye suddenly bit towards the blood knight’s neck!

Blood filled with origin power surged into his mouth like floodwater. Qianye instinctively took a huge gulp, and with every mouthful he felt that every blood energy inside his body was boiling up in joy. This was the blood of a rank eight vampire, and the power of his blood energy was far richer than Qianye’s. The Darkness origin power contained in every mouthful of blood was the equivalent of the total origin power Qianye possessed right now.

However, Qianye had only swallowed two or three gulps before he inhaled a mouthful of stinking, rotten blood. He almost vomited on the spot. He spat out all of the rotten blood before pushing the powerless blood knight away.

The appearance of this higher blood knight was withered. It was as if he had aged a dozen or so years in a short time. Right now, the blood knight had completely lost his life. Originally, the blood power of a rank eight knight was definitely not as little as this. However, previously he had suffered from the blood poison contained inside Qianye’s origin bullet, and it took nearly half of his entire bloody energy just cleansing his body of this toxin. Then, he directly sucked in a mouthful of blood that contained the purple blood energy, causing a large majority of his blood to rot and die in the blink of an eye.

Qianye noticed that his blood right now was extremely poisonous to vampires. He couldn’t help but feel curious about the origin of the purple blood energy. Perhaps the gold blood energy would give him an even bigger pleasant surprise when it broke out of its cocoon.

Qianye swiftly circled the battlefield once and sent all the vampire warriors on their dying gasps to hell. Right now, there were only a few normal vampires left in the ancient castle of this family.

He picked up a long sword and wiped off the vampiric aura on it. He took out a leather bag and poured some silver liquid on its edge. Then, he walked towards the two bronze door at the front that was now no longer protected.

A red flare suddenly rose into the air from the peak of the ancient castle before exploding. Qianye’s ears moved once, already capturing a sharp pitch that could not be heard by human ears. This was a warning signal, and it wouldn’t be long before the vampire patrol teams would notice it and arrive.

Qianye did not fear the patrol teams. He strode into the ancient castle, and he saw the remaining clansmen of this family all gathering at the great hall and watching him in silence.

There was a vampire even older than the blood knight sitting on the sofa at the middle of the hall. There were a few more old men standing behind the sofa, and a few children gathered beneath the old man’s knees.

If he didn’t know that this was a vampire’s base, if these people’s pupils were not all blood red, he would’ve thought that he had walked into the living hall of a human noble.

The hall was incredibly quiet. The sound of silver fluid dripping from the tip of the blade and onto the ground sounded like gongs in their hearts.

Qianye slowly walked towards the old man at the center. The old man’s face looked like it was carved from wilted wood. He matched eyes with Qianye without any expression before saying slowly, “Human, you are very bold.”

Qianye let out a thin smile. He did not have the interest to converse with him, and so he raised his blade and pointed it at the old man’s throat.

“Grandpa, is he tonight’s dinner? He looks really tasty!”

A young girl’s voice came from the side, and Qianye immediately felt pain on his thigh right after. He looked down, and saw a little vampire girl who looked to be only four to five years old biting fiercely at his thigh, her two little fangs half entering his flesh. He could see two wisps of blood threads swimming into her mouth through the half translucent fangs that had a luster like ivory.

Elation appeared on the old man’s face as he laughed sinisterly and said, “You are finished, human! Even if you killed us, you will not escape transforming into a blood thrall!”

Qianye simply kept his head low and continued to look at the little vampire girl. When he heard this, he said indifferently, “Is that so? This little girl is a pure blooded vampire. Her ability to hide herself is pretty good as well. When she grows up, maybe she can become yet another knight. How unfortunate… Don’t be so hasty, little girl. Drink a little slowly, or you might get sick.”

When Qianye’s blood had flowed out, the purple blood energy inside his body had awakened once more and leaped out of the ability rune. Just like before, it delivered a wisp of blood energy into the little girl.

The little girl suddenly turned stupefied while she was sucking at Qianye’s blood. While letting out cries of exclamation, she collapsed on the ground and curled herself into a ball. Her body swiftly turned swift as purple black blood flowed out of her mouth.

As if he had seen the most terrifying scene in the world, the old man abruptly jumped to his feet and cried out involuntarily, “Sacred blood! The higher sacred blood! You are absolutely not a human being! Why!”

“This is the sacred blood?” Qianye smiled thinly at an inappropriate moment, and it was unclear if his tone was a declaration or doubt. He said softly, “But I still feel that I’m a human being…” while speaking, he blade shook and stabbed straight into the old vampire’s heart.

The sword moistened with silver fluid danced continuously, lightly piercing many aging or newborn vampire hearts. After some brief screams, the hall quieted once more.

Qianye swiftly walked around the ancient castle once while holding his long sword. When he walked into the display room upstairs, he saw many oil paintings and a pair of short guns embedded into the wall.

This was a pair of vampire style origin gun. The pair of gold guns were so polished it was glowing. It obviously had some history to it, and as something that was placed so preciously at the most eye-catching place in the display room meant that the pair of short guns must have some extraordinary meaning and value.

The rest of the oil paintings and decorations were all extremely valuable luxury goods in the human world. However, Qianye neither had the time nor the strength to carry so many things, so he simply took down the pair of short origin guns that were obviously relics and a bag of crystal coins on the wide study table before leaving the ancient castle.

When he stepped into the courtyard, with the gate very close to him, Qianye hesitated for a moment before turning around and walking towards the manor at the back.

The unnatural commotion inside the ancient castle had alerted the humans here. They walked out of the house and stood at the entrance of the manor, looking toward the ancient castle. Most of the people’s faces were vacant and numb. It was as if there was an invisible red line at the gate of the manor, and no one had overstepped their boundaries.

In Qianye’s eyes, none of these people were blood thralls who were polluted by the black blood. There were just dozens of people who looked weak and overly pale. It would seem that they had been bled out just recently.

For a vampire, being able to suck in warm blood directly from their prey was one kind of entertainment, and it had a distinctive flavor from drinking slightly cool blood from a glass. That was an ability granted to them by the progenitor. However, the people whose blood was sucked would quickly turn into blood thralls, and they could no longer be used after their blood was sucked once or twice. On the other hand, bleeding them out periodically ensured that they could be used long term, just like how humans raised their dairy cows.

Qianye said, “I come from the great Qin Empire. Anyone who wishes to go back with me, come out!”

These human livestocks looked at each other. Some of these people wore struggling looks, but a large majority of them simply stood with a numb look on their faces.

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