Chapter 100: Condition

Chapter 100: Condition [Volume 3 - The Place Where My Heart Feels At Peace]   

Yu Yingnan stepped through the wisteria door, the end of her nose catching a wisp of lingering fragrance. The world inside and outside the door seemed separate. It was warm and wet inside the garden, and even the sky was much brighter. as if they were in the light season.

Beside the water, there were a few girls dressed in button court dress and wore their hairs in traditional buns chasing and fooling around with each other, and every interaction would contain some ambiguous or explicit movements. A pair of girls with the same countenance were even hugging and kissing each other passionately as if there were no one else around them.

Yu Yingnan slowly walked up the railless bridge. The fields of lotus nearly climbed up her legs, and they were actually all rare thousand-petals lotuses. With yellow and pink being the two main colors, the lotuses were just at full bloom. Countless layers of petals opened outward like the many layers of an aristocratic lady’s skirt.

The secrets of the magnificent view that completely went completely against common sense lay beneath the water. Thin copper pipes that were as dense as woven webs lay between the unnatural roots and stalks of the lotuses. Hot water flowed within the pipes and emitted steam non-stop from its few air holes, maintaining the large pond’s temperature at the temperature of light season. Meanwhile, the four corners of the garden were aligned with a light belt of black crystals, filling smokeless light and warmth throughout the entire garden.

This was the peak of luxurious design from an aristocratic family.

At the end of the bridge was the largest waterside pavilion of the place. There was a long chair within the pavilion where a person half-laid. She was clad in full imperial uniform, and looking at her rank, she was actually a lieutenant colonel!

When she heard footsteps, the military personnel on the deck chair turned around lazily to reveal an exquisite face. She spoke, “Yu Yingnan. I could hardly believe my own ears when I heard that you were looking for me! I couldn’t believe there is a day when you will come to me at your own accord.”

Yu Yingnan said coldly, “Yin Qiqi, if there is even the slightest possibility, then I wish that I will never meet you again!”

“Just call me Qiqi. I prefer this way of addressing better.” the female lieutenant colonel stood up from her deck chair.

The woman was very tall; slightly taller than even Yu Yingnan. She had a short haircut, with the hair end dyed in dazzling gold color. She had a pair of thick and straight eyebrows and a pair of thick lips. Beneath the arrogant look, there were also unignorable sexiness and beauty.

Qiqi was very young. If she took off her military uniform, then she would be one hundred percent a noble lady. However, not only did her military uniform accentuated her outstanding figure and shocking astonishing long legs, it also gave her some peculiar dangerous charm.

Qiqi walked right in front of Yu Yingnan and stared her in the eye, smiling, “I believe you! Therefore, you may leave whenever I look unpleasant in your eyes, and I will simply assume that you’ve never shown up. As for that mission, I wasn’t really that anxious to begin with. However, if you really want to discuss a certain something with me seriously, then you will have to get used to being… tolerant, with some of my habits!”

While saying this, Qiqi stretched out a hand and gradually lifted Yu Yingnan’s chin. Moreover, she pushed her chin higher and higher while staring into Yu Yingnan’s eyes during the whole process, licking her own lips softly.

Yu Yingnan did not move, but she said coldly, “You’ve about to reach the limits of my tolerance.”

Qiqi put down her hand and turned to Yu Yingnan’s side, blowing into her ears softly while speaking with a tone that was full of smiles, “About, means that I haven’t reached it, have I? I am very curious. Just where do your limit lies? I heard that everyone’s true bottom line was in fact much lower than they thought it will be!”

There was a loud slap. Qiqi’s hand had slapped heavily onto Yu Yingnan’s butt!

“You wish to die!!” Fire shot out of Yu Yingnan’s eyes as she caught Qiqi’s neck with one hand!

Qiqi did not attempt to put up any resistance at all. She did not even use her origin power and simply allowed Yu Yingnan’s fingers to tighten around her neck. Her face immediately became flushed in purple color.

Yu Yingnan was greatly startled. Without activating her origin power, Qiqi was no different from a normal human. If she put a little bit more strength into her hand then she might actually break her fragile neck bones. In the end, being slapped in the butt was not really a big issue. The reason she was triggered so easily was because of the old grudge they shared in the past.

Yu Yingnan had no choice but to let go in anger.

Qiqi pulled out a military knife from her waist and used the side of the blade as a mirror. She got a reflection of her own neck and found several distinct finger marks on her snow white skin.

“How heavy handed. I guess you truly do hate me.” while speaking, Qiqi patted Yu Yingnan’s face slowly with her military knife.

Then, Qiqi’s hand slipped down Yu Yingnan’s chest and landed on her chest. Gently, she undid the first button.

Yu Yingnan caught her wrist in one grip!

Qiqi said smilingly, “Think about the mission, think about the family, and think about… that matter?”

Yu Yingnan turned pale as her body shook almost unnoticeably, saying, “Don’t push me any further.”

Qiqi’s hand descended firmly and undid the second button. Then, she said slowly, “I am not forcing you. Since the start, I have only given you a choice; a choice that could properly settle that matter. If you are unwilling, then naturally I can’t do anything as well, isn’t that so? That being said, the severity of that matter depends on whose hands it falls into. I happen to know that the current person in charge of that matter, Lord Sun hated your Yu Family to the bones. Therefore, no matter how long the case drags on, it will not be brought to a close.”

The hand gripping around Qiqi’s hand grew weaker and weaker, and Yu Yingnan watched as Qiqi moved on to the third button and undid it firmly. The moment this button was undone, her deep cleavage became revealed as Qiqi stretched out her long fingers and slowly pushed into the center of her cleavage.

Suddenly, Yu Yingnan said, “You should know the cause of that matter.”

“But assaulting and killing an officer is always a major crime no matter what the reason. As long as the crucial evidences are still present, your elder brother will never dare to return to the upper continent. Your family will not escape its shadow either.”

“He said that he likes this place. This is the only place where he can truly let himself go and do certain things without going against his own nature.”

Qiqi laughed loudly and pulled down Yu Yingnan’s bra at one fell swoop, saying, “Do you seriously believe that kind of nonsense?”

Yu Yingnan hugged her chest with both arms, refusing to let Qiqi take another step no matter what. Qiqi did not try to force her way either and tossed herself back onto the deck chair. The girls frolicking in the other waterside pavilion immediately ran over and presented her with tea and fruits. When they looked at Yu Yingnan, their eyes were filled with jealousy and hatred, especially when they were looking at her chest.

Qiqi lifted a finger and said, “One, completely that mission of mine, or Old 2 will have no need to hang around Darkblood City any longer. He may not seek shelter in any city larger than that either. I will also kick that fellow Chu Xiong into the cannon fodder camp. Don’t you think that I don’t know what he did using my name!”

Yu Yingnan said angrily, “Come at me if you dare! What’s there to be proud about bullying other people?”

Qiqi’s eyes abruptly turned cold as she looked up and swept a glance across her once, saying, “Yu Yingnan, you think too highly of yourself! You alone could not have traded for so many things.”

She stretched out another two fingers, “Two, I will settle your brother’s matter for you, and henceforth he will be able to return to the ranks of the main corps. Your small family will no longer be oppressed, and the three years red tape can be cancelled as well. In exchange, you will belong to me from now. You may do whatever you want in normal times, but when I want you, you will come at my beck and call!”

Qiqi tossed a fruit into her mouth and said, “These are all of the conditions. If you agree, then you will accept it. If you don’t, then you may leave immediately. I guarantee that you will not be impeded. You are not at the level where I must obtain you by force yet.”

Yu Yingnan stared blankly at nothing for a very long time. Then, she said, “I… promise you. But only after the conditions have all been fulfilled. Let us talk about that mission first.”

Qiqi’s expression immediately brightened. She tossed away the half eaten pear and jumped on her feet immediately, saying cheerfully, “Now this is what I’m talking about! You little landed gentry always think that you’re different from commoners, but you finally get it now, don’t you? In the eyes of a true aristocratic family, we can control you however we want to just the same! It just takes a little bit more effort than usual. But that’s where the fun lies, isn’t it? Hahahaha!”

Yu Yingnan kept quiet. She knew Qiqi very well, and this woman had always been this domineering and insolent.

Although the Yin Family could not compare to the four grand households, they still ranked among the top three ranks of the aristocratic families. Qiqi was quite favored by her elders and patriarchs, so she was used to doing whatever she wanted to and enjoyed overwhelming another through power the most. To borrow her own words, “So what if I bullied you? I’m born higher than you after all.”

“Speaking of that mission, the fact that you actually came to me personally meant that you have a candidate that you’re fairly confident in. You know me very well, and you know my tastes. So, where is this person? How about letting me have a look first?” Qiqi said with relative interest.

Yu Yingnan took out a paper from her pocket and passed it over.

It was a simple sketch, and although not much ink was applied it was an incredibly lifelike picture. Whoever drew it managed to outline Qianye’s form in both body and spirit.

Qiqi immediately blew a whistle and grabbed it over to have a good look. She praised, “Very good, very good! This is exactly the kind of person I want! Haha, compared to him my subordinates are practically a bunch of trash! What is his combat power, and how is his potential?”

“Right now he is at rank three. He is very talented in combat.”

“Rank three is a bit low, but never mind. I have no lack of money anyway. Even if I am to build him with drugs, I can build him all the way up to rank five! At rank five he will be more or less passable, and I will not lose face too much if I bring him out. Alright, that it’s settled. Bring him back to me so I can have a look at him first. If there aren’t too many problems, then it will be him!”

“Wait a second.” Yu Yingnan pulled Qianye’s portrait back from Qiqi’s hands and said, “I have a few conditions. If you cannot fulfill them, then there is absolutely no chance that he will accept this mission.”

“Well, speak. Does he want money, resource, or something else?” Qiqi said unconcernedly.

“Number one, you cannot force him to do things, especially in that regard. Number two, you must do everything in your power to protect him once if he is met with danger. No matter what that reason may be; even if it is the four grand households themselves who want to attack him, you must protect him once!”

Qiqi pondered for a moment before saying, “I can’t believe you actually didn’t request this for yourself. Something’s not right here! You can’t have fallen in love with this guy, have you?”

“It is none of your business!”

Qiqi let out a smile of clear understanding and said, “I can agree to both conditions. However, the second condition must wait until after the mission. As for the first one… I can agree not to use force, but I cannot guarantee that I won’t seduce him.”

Qiqi moved closer until she was right beside Yu Yingnan’s ears. Suddenly, she stretched out her tongue and licked her earlobe with the tip once and said, “Don’t worry, I am absolutely going to have sex with him.”

Yu Yingnan shuddered once and took two steps to the side.

Qiqi let out a burst of ostentatious laughter before speaking to Yu Yingnan, “How does it feel? Your beloved man is about to climb on bed with me. You want really to kill me, do you not?”

Yu Yingnan said word by word, “You should know that I really wanted to kill you since many years ago.”

“Then come right over and kill me! Why haven’t you?” Qiqi mocked her mercilessly and said, “Afraid that your small family would perish if you killed me, aren’t you? Hmph, on one hand, you landed gentry view yourself higher than the heavens, but on the other you act like you’re bound hand and foot, fearing this and that, incomparable even to the poor and humble commoners! When all is said and done, be it you or that Gu Liyu, both if you are no different from a guys who bully the weak and fear the strong. What’s the f*cking point of having people like you?”

Yu Yingnan did not know how she left the Yin family’s courtyard. She did not know how she sat on a airship either.

When she left, her mind was a complete blank, and yet for some reason she was unusually calm as well. After she had made the decision to let go, the pain wasn’t as heartbreaking as she had imagined. Right now she had just lost interest in everything, that’s all. However, perhaps Qiqi would be Qianye’s ideal dwelling. At the very least, he would be able to earn more money.

Inside Yu Yingnan’s small house at Darkblood City, Qianye had already finished absorbing the medicinal power of the last syringe and was circulating the Combatant Formula with all his power to batter against the fourth origin node. Right now, the blood energies inside his body had returned to seven, and these blood energies had transformed into thin bloo membranes that wrapped around his organs entirely, resisting against the rebound impact of the origin tides.

In the blink of an eye, he had gone through the thirtieth cycle, and Qianye still felt as if he had plenty of strength left in him. Not daring to slack off, he repeatedly drew the origin tide to impact against the origin barrier in his left hand.

When the thirty third cycle had passed, the barrier began to totter on the verge of collapse. Without any pause whatsoever, Qianye continued to draw new origin tides towards it!

When the thirty fourth cycle of the origin tides reached its peak, the node barrier finally shattered with a loud rumble!

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