Chapter 87: Reunion

Chapter 87: Reunion [Volume 2 - Bloom of the Other Shore Flower]  

Wei Potian’s face darkened. He stomped at the ground, his aura naturally becoming as solid as a mountain.

He turned around and yelled, “We’ll fight these bloodsucking son of a bitches with all we’ve got, brothers!”

After saying this, Wei Potian let out an angry roar. pulled out his bayonet, and pounced at the higher vampire! He attacked the vampire without bothering to protect himself. It was almost as if he had gone mad. All he cared about was stabbing that vampire a couple of times with his bayonet!

This immediately startled the young vampire. Wei Potian’s bayonet glittered with silver light! The thick sheen of silver that covered the bayonet was obviously the luster of exorcism mithril!

No vampire in the world want to be stabbed by a mithril bayonet. Although this young vampire’s rank was absolutely superior to Wei Potian’s, his opponent’s unpredictable charge forced him to dodge again and again.

The rest of the Broken Winged Angel rookies were well-versed in firearms and wasted no time in charging their origin power handguns, firing them into the vampires. They then pulled out their own bayonets and screamed as they pounced toward the vampire warriors surrounding them.

Every single one of them attacked like a crazed tiger with bloodshot eyes. However, their aggression wasn’t what the vampires had feared the most. What really scared them was the fact that all one of their bayonets gleamed with mithril light!

That higher vampire nearly groaned when he saw this. He had no idea when the humans had become so rich that they could equip any one of their men with mithril bayonets of exorcism! If the humans could arm themselves to this degree, then there wouldn’t be any vampires left to take part in the war between Evernight and Daybreak as it raged on. As he thought, humans were a treacherous and loathsome race. He couldn’t believe that even such a shoddy trap could have a surprise!

The young vampire thought that all of this was part of the trap, but he didn’t know that it was the Broken Winged Angels who were rich and not the human race.

Almost every soldier that the Broken Winged Angel recruited was a descendant of an aristocratic family. Other than the standard loadout afforded by their corp, all of them had their own personal equipment as well. The standard equipment that the Empire provided for their elite corps might seem like top-tier equipment in the eyes of a common soldier, but they were just outdated trash in the eyes of many Broken Winged Angels. This was why they prepared better equipment for themselves.

In terms of excellent equipment, the Broken Winged Angels were undoubtedly the number one corp in the entire army.

However, the difference in strength between two parties wasn’t something that could be made up for with just a couple of mithril bayonets. Every Broken Winged Angel rookie was injured in the blink of an eye, and even Wei Potian suffered a deep cut to his chest!

Although these rookies managed to take down five to six vampire warriors in a completely one-sided battle, making themselves proud, the gap in strength between the two parties only continued to grow bigger and bigger.

It looked like that this little team of Broken Winged Angel rookies would be annihilated very, very soon!

Wei Potian had already been knocked away by the young vampire three times. The origin powered light of Thousand Mountains around his body had already faded quite a bit.

He could already tell that this young vampire was an official Blood Esquire at the very least. If that weren’t the case, his attacks wouldn’t be strong enough to threaten the integrity of his Thousand Mountains defense with just three hits. With the current gap in strength between them, as soon as Thousand Mountains was destroyed, he would definitely be slaughtered like a helpless lamb.

Wei Potian panted heavily like a furious bull. He squatted to the ground, assuming a martial arts stance, and watched his opponent closely. He made up his mind to forsake any kind of defense during the next attack. He would put a hole in that vampire’s body with his mithril bayonet even if he instantly died from a counter attack!

In reality, that young Blood Esquire felt just as gloomy as Wei Potian did. He couldn’t believe that he wasn’t able to break through a rank four rookie’s origin power defense even though he had thrown three heavy strikes at it. If this news spread back to his clan, he would become a complete laughing stock. The rest of the Broken Winged Angel rookies that his subordinates were dealing with were already on their last legs. If he couldn’t take this troublesome brat out before his subordinates defeated their opponents, where could he find a hole to hide in?

The Blood Esquire no longer charged at Wei Potian. Instead, he stayed where he was and conjured a bloody shield in front of his chest with his right arm. His left arm burned up with a wisp of bloody light that grew brighter and brighter over time. His smile became increasingly strange as he sent a sidelong glare at Wei Potian who stood several steps away from him.

It was obvious that this would be an earth-shattering attack once it fully charged!

Lying in wait within a shadow, Qianye finally found his chance. Steadily, strongly, he pulled the trigger of his Eagleshot!

The Eagleshot rumbled like a brewing thunderstorm as origin power erupted from it, illuminating half of that small street. The tremendous recoil pushed Qianye a full meter backward. The physical origin bullet, however, cut through the air at an unavoidable speed and shot toward the power-gathering Blood Esquire.

The blood energy within the bullet head seemed to sense something as it began to wildly writhe back and forth!

A terrifying red light abruptly flashed before Wei Potian’s eyes. The shockwave of the resulting explosion caused him to stagger backward.

If the shockwave of the explosion was powerful enough to knock Wei Potian, in his Thousand Mountains state, several steps backwards, then the Blood Esquire at the dead center of the origin power explosion was blasted at least a dozen meters back!

The Blood Esquire didn’t only possess tremendous speed, but also unparalleled reaction time. In an instant, he protected his head and chest area by crossing his arms before them, and when the impact happened his feet dug and drew a pair of deep ditches on the ground. The arm shield he created with his blood energy had dissipated the instant his origin power clashed against Qianye’s.

The Blood Esquire’s arms were covered in blood and had been wounded by the impact to the point where his bones were visible. His clothes had been destroyed, leaving behind only a few tattered shreds of them on his body. The Eagleshot had completely destroyed the vampire’s upper-body armor as well.

Two hundred meters was a distance in which Eagleshot could unleash its full might!

Qianye inwardly proclaimed a word of pity. The Blood Esquire was obviously at rank seven, and although he hadn’t trained his body like Sky Snake had, the huge difference in rank meant that the shot had only been able to seriously wound him. He hoped that the vampire enjoyed the extra substance in the origin bullet though.

The Blood Esquire lowered his arms and turned his scarlet eyes to where Qianye was hiding, staring at him intensely. He didn’t need to order his well-trained elite vampire warriors to do anything. They automatically abandoned the Broken Winged Angel rookies who were on their last legs and pounced in the direction that the origin bullet came from. A long period of war against humans had thought them that they always needed to deal with enemy snipers as quickly as possible!

Shooting Eagleshot had been so loud that Qianye knew there was no way he could hide himself any longer. Pouring such a large amount of origin power into the shot had left him in a weakened state. He didn’t even have the time to recover before he was forced to grab his hand axe and leap to his feet, preparing himself for close quarters combat.

However, the vampire warriors moved faster than Qianye had predicted. A black shadow dashed forward like lightning and slammed into Qianye. The two men crashed down to the street, wrestling each other on the ground..

Qianye’s attacker was a rank four vampire warrior. A dark blue rimmed his scarlet pupils, making him look exceptionally bloodthirsty and cold. He had seized the upper hand while they wrestled and put himself above Qianye. Choking Qianye with one hand, he thrust his other hand straight at Qianye’s chest!

A rank four blood vampire possessed strength comparable to that of a rank five human Fighter. Qianye felt as if a steel collar were tightening around his throat, keeping him from drawing air into his lungs. He couldn’t use his right hand or the hand axe it gripped because he was lying in an awkward, twisted position. All he could do was grab the vampire warrior’s wrist with his left arm and prevent him from plunging a scarlet dagger with black and golden patterns into his chest.

This quickly became a contest of strength between the two fighters.

Qianye couldn’t breath at all. His neck was being choked to the point where even blood could barely flow to his head. His face turned purple from the suffocation. However, after the confusion caused by the initial ambush passed, Qianye sensed that the vampire warrior’s strength had weakened more than he expected.

Both parties were stuck in a deadlock!

All of a sudden, Qianye’s heart pounded and his black blood boiled. All seven blood energies within his heart emerged and rushed toward different parts of his body!

The muscles on Qianye’s neck suddenly bulged, and his neck instantly became half a size thicker than it originally was. This change was so huge that it actually forced the vampire warrior’s fingers apart!

The vampire warrior was shocked. His left hand was shaking, and every muscle in his arm was trembling. Yet, no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t force his fingers even a millimeter deeper into Qianye’s flesh! He almost couldn’t believe what he was seeing. How could a human, a rank three human, possibly possess such tremendous strength?

Qianye inhaled deeply. The sensation of being able to breathe again was absolutely magical as he felt every cell in his body screaming in joy.

Qianye suddenly put strength into his left hand, and the vampire warrior let out a bloodcurdling scream as his wrist cracked under the pressure. His fingers went limp and the dagger fell to the ground. Qianye exerted his strength once more and tossed the vampire warrior away from him. Then, he swiftly grabbed the fallen dagger and plunged it straight into his opponent’s heart!

Qianye tossed the dagger away and plunged a stimulant syringe into his thigh. The Combatant Formula swiftly circulated throughout his body as a turbulent tide of origin power soothed his tired veins. But that was all the time he had to recover. A rush of wind could be heard behind him, and another vampire warrior pounced at him once more.

Qianye immediately curled up into a ball and rolled to the side. Only when he was out of the vampire warrior’s pouncing range did Qianye jump to his feet. Then, instead of retreating, he let out a short yell, turned around, and strode toward the vampire warrior instead. With all the strength he had in his body, he leaped at the vampire warrior that had yet to switch his posture! A dull bang immediately resounded through the air, and the vampire warrior flew backward like a cannon ball. After hitting the ground, he couldn’t climb to his feet no matter how he struggled.

Qianye lightly sprang up from the ground and dodged two daggers swiping at him. He suffered a cut to his right shoulder, but swallowed a dull groan of pain, moving as if he hadn’t been wounded at all.

When the two vampire warriors had that had swiped him missed their first attack, they immediately switched positions and continued to attack Qianye from his left and right flanks.

Qianye pressed his limbs inward to make himself smaller and jumped at the vampire on the right. His hand axe instantly cut across his opponent’s chest a dozen times, drenching both men in blood.

However, Qianye also felt a cold chill and a sudden pain in his back. The other vampire had left a long wound on his body. Qianye silently turned around and swung his hand axe to block the other vampire warrior’s second strike then immediately tossed a bag of liquid at the his face!

As soon as the liquid hit the vampire warrior, his exposed skin bubbled and swiftly turned black! The pain was so great that he rolled on the ground screaming and covering his face, unable to concern himself with Qianye any longer. The leather bag held the liquid silver that Qianye coated his blades with. Of course, the vampire couldn’t withstand it being thrown into his face.

In the blink of an eye, Qianye had taken out the first four vampire warriors who came after him. However, more than a dozen meters away, another six black shadows were rushing toward him at an unbelievable speed. The Blood Esquire that had been severely wounded by his Eagleshot had shaken off Wei Potian and was furiously charging at him as well.

More than half of the vampires who were surrounding the Broken Winged Angel rookies had been drawn to Qianye!

Wei Potian had originally run back to his companions. However, when he saw their rescuer battling the vampires, he couldn’t help but burn with emotion and charged toward him.

Qianye immediately shouted at Wei Potian. “Run! Run back to the expeditionary force headquarters and bring someone to save me!”

Just then, Wei Potian finally saw Qianye’s face. The sight left him shocked to the point of disbelief. He threw all caution to the wind, roaring as brown origin power covered his entire body. He charged two of the vampires with as much force as he could muster, knocking them away.

Wei Potian stumbled to Qianye’s side and grabbed his arm. He was panting so heavily that his voice was a little shaky as he exclaimed, “Little Ye!”

But without warning, the world turned upside down as a powerful and unstoppable force suddenly erupted from Qianye’s hand. Wei Potian completely lost his center of gravity, and by the time he felt his ass hit the ground painfully, he had already been thrown extremely far away.

Qianye had kicked Wei Potian right back to the Broken Winged Angel rookies.

“F*ck off, rookie!” he yelled angrily. “Don’t drag me down!”

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