Chapter 74: Exiting the City

Chapter 74: Exiting the City [Volume 2 - Bloom of the Other Shore Flower] 

It was only then that Old 1 let out a sigh of relief, “I heard that Old 2 recently recruited a little guy who had great potential, but was also very prone to getting into trouble. Not too long ago, the Sky Snake Gang even issued a kill order on said little guy. That’s you, isn’t it?”

Qianye smiled and said, “Trouble? I simply felt that there was no need to hold back. Not to an unworthy Sky Snake Gang at least!”

Old 1 looked Qianye up and down once before saying, “You talk big, but your strength is lacking, so what’s the use? You can’t beat Sky Snake, and there are at least a few rank four elites within Sky Snake Gang.

“Should I not fight, then? Just because I’m not strong enough?” Qianye countered.

Old 1 sighed, “When I was younger, my thoughts were the same as yours. But it is only now that I understand that not fighting is the smartest measure when you’re weak.”

Qianye smiled and said, “Then I’d rather not be smart.”

Old 1 shook his head, “Tell me what you want.”

“There’s something I would like to sell you.”

Qianye took out the Flowing Gold Rose, put it on the counter, and pushed it to Old 1.

Old 1 immediately stood up and cried out involuntarily, “A Flowing Gold Rose!”

He took out a magnifying glass and examined every detail of the Flowing Gold Rose bit by bit. It was only until a long time later that he said, “There is no mistake! This is a Flowing Gold Rose handmade by the Niederhill Family themselves. This Flowing Gold Rose is the premium of the premium of its series.”

Old 1 raised his head and looked at Qianye, saying, “I heard that the Sky Snake Gang has lost a Flowing Gold Rose. Therefore, this is not the best time to sell it.”

Behind the smoke, there was a faint smile on Qianye’s slightly blurry face, “Ever since met Old 2, I knew that you must have a channel to sell this off, Old 1.”

Old 1 nodded and said, “You aren’t wrong there, but it’s just a little troublesome. Still, the Flowing Gold Rose is worth this bit of trouble. However, you understand that it cannot possibly sell for too much due to the current circumstances, don’t you? What do you want?”

Qianye pondered for a moment and said, “I need a grade three handgun or shotgun, a powerful one. The shooting speed and range can be ignored. Also, I’d like some origin bullets. Both blanks and filled are fine.”

In reality, this deal was practically exchanging the Flowing Gold Rose for a standard origin gun of the same rank. On the upper continents, the Flowing Gold Rose could easily be traded for three premium, rank three origin guns.

Old 1 put away the Flowing Gold Rose and went to the back room. A moment later, he walked out and put a handgun holster and a bullet box in front of Qianye.

“This is Butcher 3. It’s been revamped once, but it has an accessory attached to its origin array, so its killing power has increased slightly. This is a box of blank origin bullets. There are ten bullets inside.”

Qianye raised the Butcher handgun and gave it a rough inspection. This was a revolver-type handgun, but its cylinder could only fit four origin bullets. Its caliber was unusually big, and the entire gun was forty centimeters long. The barrel was so huge it could literally fit a young kid’s fist. It looked to wield immeasurable killing power, so it was no wonder that it was named Butcher.

The Butcher series were a rather famous handgun-type origin gun series. This was a handgun that was built purely for power, and the energy level a grade three Butcher could unleash was as high as that of a large caliber firearm cannon. Wielding this was literally like wielding a small, steel cannon. A single shot could easily pierce through an armored vehicle’s defenses.

The gun was about seventy percent new, and judging from the polishing marks inside the gun, the one who had modified it was an expert. The modification caused the gun’s power to be enhanced by ten percent.

Qianye was very satisfied with this Butcher. He immediately put it back into its dedicated holster and hung it at his waist.

“You had better leave Darkblood City immediately.” Old 1 said.

“I’m leaving right now.” Qianye said, “Although it doesn’t make a difference to me to be inside or outside the city.”

Qianye hadn’t left A1 Firearms too long before he saw a few Sky Snake Gang henchmen walking his way from the opposite side of the street. These people no longer appeared to be leisurely strolling around the place. They were holding their guns in their hands, and had their fingers placed on the trigger, looking like they were facing a terrible enemy. At the same time, Qianye could feel a few people swiftly approaching from behind him, seemingly planning to surround him from both sides.

Qianye hadn’t hidden his tracks, so the Sky Snake Gang’s men had immediately discovered him.

“It’s that bastard!”

“Don’t let him get away!”

The Sky Snake gang henchmen successively raised their guns and pulled out their knives before charging toward Qianye from the opposite side of the street, screaming at the top of their lungs. From behind him, there were also the sounds of sharp weapons cutting through the air.

Robbery was not allowed on Black Copper Street. This was an unwritten rule that everyone obeyed, lest they should be viewed as enemies by every shop owner on the street. Those who had dared to break this rule in the past all turned to corpses and were dumped in the drains, to be discovered by other people.

Although the shops at Black Copper Street were all small businesses, they were stores that sold arms.

Qianye knew this rule very well, which was exactly why he stood in place without moving and simply grabbed his small axe with his right hand.

The two groups of people charged forward madly, and they looked like they were about to catch Qianye between them. It would only take another two or three steps before the person charging at the front could pierce his back with the tip of his knife.

It was at this moment that Qianye moved and fiercely rammed into the crowd in front of him, sending two men flying backward to where they came from. Then, a cold gleam flashed as his axe slashed in a flat arc and swept through three people’s waists!

In that instant, Qianye had already charged ten meters away. He then paused his footsteps before slowly turning around.

There were two thumps, and the two henchmen knocked away by Qianye crashed onto the ground. They twitched and struggled, but could never climb to their feet again. Meanwhile, the other three people clasped their waists and slowly fell to the ground as well. Blood swiftly spread out all over the floor.

The three henchmen charging towards Qianye from behind stopped in their tracks. They stared in shock at Qianye and found that they were unable to take a step further. If Qianye could take out the five people at the front in an instant, then wouldn’t the three of them just be throwing away their lives too if they charged at him? Suddenly, the group let out screams, turned around, and ran away!

Qianye picked up a machete at random and threw it out forcefully! The blade let out a whistle and flew like lightning before instantly sinking into the back of a henchman’s heart!

The other two henchmen ran even faster and disappeared to the end of Black Copper Street in the blink of an eye. If Qianye had really wanted to kill them, these two fellows could not have escaped. However, Qianye could not be bothered to chase after them. With swift steps, he left Black Copper Street and headed toward at a dense group of buildings before climbing up the web-like pipes covering the sky.

During the latter half of the night, Qianye appeared at the city gate without any warning, and flashed past a Sky Snake Gang sentry post. He then strutted across the magnificent building and left.

There were plenty of Sky Snake Gang members who did not sleep well that night. They kept feeling ill at ease and would wake up from time to time.

After sleeping through more than half the night, not only did Sky Snake not feel recovered, he felt even more tired than before. Naturally, Sky Snake was in an extremely bad mood at this time. His precious son was still lying on the bed, and there was no telling if he could be healed entirely.

Qianye had acted ruthlessly. His shot had nearly completely shattered the young man’s knee.

It was very difficult to heal such an injury, and the metallic shards trapped inside his bones had to be operated on several times before they could be cleaned out entirely. This was not something the doctors of this city could do well. On top of that, if he did not want any sequelae, his son could only be sent to the expeditionary army’s headquarters or even the upper continent for treatment.

The moment he thought of the huge fee he might have to pay to treat his son, Sky Snake felt both irritated and uneasy.

If his son hadn’t been somewhat talented and if he had not reached the rank three threshold at a young age, if his son hadn’t had the potential to ascend to rank five, then Sky Snake had planned to give up on him entirely and raise a few more sons. However, a rank five son wasn’t something that one could get just because they wanted to. Sky Snake had been planning to have his rank five son inherit his position in the future, which was why he absolutely loathed Qianye right now.

In Sky Snake’s eyes, not only did this clueless brat not feel grateful for having allowed him to leave the Sky Snake Gang alive back then, he even hurt his son with such a vile method, and publically went up against him at the Home of Hunters. Qianye was someone that he had to kill no matter what!

Under the torture of his anger and his worries, Sky Snake had almost slipped to the edge of insomnia. Every time he felt a little sober, he would hear faint footsteps constantly running around, as well as the occasional clamor of people outside his room.

“This bunch of rubbish! They can’t do anything right!” Sky Snake yelled inside his heart.

However, not only did the noise outside not quiet down as he expected it to, it even grew louder and more disorderly.

Sky Snake was finally unable to sleep any longer. He abruptly sat up and let out an explosive yell fueled by origin power, “What the f*ck are you guys talking about so noisily?!”

The noise outside vanished instantly.

With a dark face, Sky Snake put on his clothes and exited the room. His eyes swept across the guards outside like lightning, causing them to shiver and turn pale immediately as they straightened their posture.

Sky Snake walked to the circular stairs and looked down at the hall beneath him. It was the place where the Sky Snake Gang’s higher-ups gathered and talked about business.

Right now, the hall was filled with people, and even the people who weren’t on duty today had appeared. They looked sleepy, and they were obviously just called up from their beds.

From the top, Sky Snake swept a cold, electric glance across the crowd before yelling angrily, “What happened?”

Everyone subconsciously shivered at Sky Snake’s anger. When Sky Snake was angry, there was no one who would not fear him.

Finally, someone stood out and said, “Chief, we have a lot of casualties tonight.”

“How many is a lot?” Sky Snake was almost roaring at the top of his lungs at this point.

“A-a hundred and thirty people.” the person finally reported the number under pressure.

Sky Snake was just as surprised as his people when he heard this sudden number. He immediately calmed down and asked, “Who did this?”

“It’s that kid, Qianye.”

Bang! Sky Snake crushed the stair’s handrail in one punch. He then directly jumped down from the second floor, causing the entire hall to shudder once.

Sky Snake swept a glance across some of his competent subordinates and asked in a low tone, “Since we lost so many people, where is that Qianye’s corpse?”

No one answered him. Sky Snake’s face darkened even further.

The heavy number made everyone realize that Sky Snake Gang had absolutely provoked a dangerous opponent with true mettle in him. Qianye’s rank might not be high, but the fact that he could kill so many Sky Snake Gang members in a single night meant that he was absolutely not an ordinary person. Even Sky Snake had to admit that he had not been able to kill so many people this quickly and efficiently when he was at rank three.

There was absolutely no way he could leave this brat alive!

Sky Snake calmed down and asked, “Where is he now?”

“Someone saw him going outside the city.”

“Saw him?” A murderous look flashed across Sky Snake’s eyes.

The answerer immediately thought ‘shit’ in his head before remedying his words, “Someone outside the gang saw him.”

Sky Snake had issued a kill order on Qianye, so if his men saw Qianye, the only course of action they should take was to kill him. If they saw him, but did not act, then they were disobeying his orders. Of course, the reason the normal gang members did not act must have been because they were afraid of Qianye, but their fear was meaningless in front of the gang’s orders.

Seeing that the man had remedied his mistake quickly, Sky Snake did not pursue the matter. He turned back and walked to the sofa at the center of the room. He sat down and began to ponder.

A moment later, Sky Snake said slowly, “Black Wolf, Flying Bird, the two of you will lead the law enforcement hall’s kill squad to go out of the city and capture that kid.”

A dark-skinned man took a step forwards after his name was called. He only nodded and said nothing in reply.

Flying Bird was a bright and clean young man who had all this time been playing with a flying knife that was as thin as a cicada's’ wing. When he heard Sky Snake’s order, he frowned and said, “That bastard is just a rank three small fry. Do I really need to act together with Black Wolf?”

“That kid is very cunning, and his methods are not normal. Do not be careless, Flying Bird!”

Hearing Sky Snake’s words, Flying Bird shrugged and said nothing.

“Is there anything at Yu Yingnan’s side?” Sky Snake asked.

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