Chapter 68: Assaulting the Werewolves’ Hideout

Chapter 68: Assaulting the Werewolves’ Hideout [Volume 2 - Bloom of the Other Shore Flower]   

Qianye was completely shaken, but at this moment, his heart was no longer beating. The army’s turtle breath technique could be used to conceal oneself in extreme conditions, and to fake one’s death in dangerous situations. Once it was used, one would lose any ability to move or protect oneself for the next half hour.

The moment that Qianye saw the man in the black robe, he judged based on his years of fighting experience that the man was an enemy he had no way of resisting, so he had decisively activated this secret art. As expected, the man had almost destroyed his firm will that had been tempered through numerous battles and seas of blood. Such power could almost be compared to Dark Monarchs!

Unexpectedly, he had just avoided tragedy, but the blood of darkness within his body actually started acting unusually at this moment. However, Qianye was powerless.

His consciousness had only just cleared up, and it seemed to be completely separated from his body. He could only stare coldly from the side as the blood of darkness raged like boiling water.

Qianye suddenly found that the raging blood wasn’t actually pure. Within the flowing dark blood were innumerable hair-thin blood strands that pursued and entangled each other as they were embroiled in fierce combat!

The main, dark-red blood energy had an obvious advantage of numbers. The pale-gold and strange, purple blood energies were eye catching, but were very low in number. However, in just a moment, the tides turned. The dark-red blood energy was continuously minced, gradually weakening until only a few strands remained. In contrast, the pale-gold blood energy did not change at all, while the strange, purple blood energy gained an entire extra ring after destroying the numerous strands of dark blood energy.

The blood stopped raging just as suddenly as it started. When Qianye regained his consciousness, everything had already ended. His limbs were all able to move, his entire body was covered with syrup-like sweat, and he was thoroughly soaked, from his clothing to his hair, as if he had been immersed in a pool.

The black blood within his veins had already lightened up, with many strands of blood energy slowly moving without showing any signs of excitation. Origin power flowed out from the three origin nodes, returning to fill his limbs and bones.

Qianye slowly recovered his ability to move, inspecting if his military secret art or his raging blood left hidden damage. His body seemed normal for the moment. At the same time, he began pondering the encounter he had just had.

The strength of that black-robed man could be described as deep as hell. Why would an expert who could influence the situation of the entire continent suddenly appear in the surroundings of a small city like Darkblood City, and actually stop there? There must have been something here that attracted this major figure of the dark races. However, no matter the reason, Qianye had no qualifications to participate in such a battle.

As for the black blood within his body, he still had no way to control it. Qianye emptied an origin bullet, and then refilled it with a strand of blood energy following the origin power, giving this tangible bullet Qianye’s unique mark.

Qianye stared at the transparent bullet for a while, and then threw the little thing back in its case. The recent few strange changes in his black blood made Qianye numb. Thus, he decided that as long as it didn’t interfere with fighting, he wouldn’t care!

At this moment, the wasteland had already become extremely dangerous. Qianye had become even more careful after recovering, no longer running at his limit as he pleased. He cautiously proceeded, barely making it to the gathering place before the time limit.

Yu Yingnan, Yang Tian, and the others all had arrived. They were waiting for just Qianye.

Upon seeing Qianye, Li Lunzhe let out a loud snort and smiled coldly as he said, “Running for three days to travel this bit of distance, your speed is truly fast!”

Qianye wrinkled his brows, his expression immediately becoming heavy.

Without waiting for Qianye to act, Yu Yingnan’s cold voice rang out, “Qianye arrived before the arranged time, is there a problem?”

Li Lunzhe was stricken, immediately revealing an indignant expression, angrily saying, “Sister Nan! What are you trying to imply, we all got here a long time ago, and everyone here waited for him for over half a day! The time limit is only the bottom line. If no unexpected accidents occur, all should arrive as early as possible. This is an unwritten agreement between hunters. Was I wrong to reprimand him? Sister Nan, have you fallen for this pretty boy here?”

A crash sounded. No one thought Yu Yingnan would suddenly pull out her pistol and point it right at Li Lunzhe’s forehead!

Yu Yingnan spoke one word at a time, emphasizing each one, “Who I like is up to me! It’s none of your business!”

The crowd was stunned, not at all having expected such a strong reaction, especially since her expression showed no signs of joking around.

Yang Tian saw that things were getting out of head, so he immediately pushed Yu Yingnan’s gun to the side and advised, “Yingnan! Right now, we’re all teammates, there’s no need to act like this.”

Yang Tian then spoke to Li Lunzhe, “Qianye is our teammate now as well, and he just became a hunter. He is probably not clear on many rules, so it’s unnecessary to pick at the details. Other than that, be careful when you speak.”

Yang Tian was a veteran hunter and had always had high prestige, so when he chose to mediate in this dispute, Li Lunzhe stopped bickering. He raised both of his arms, and retreated two steps, indicating his concession. However, after seeing those obstinate and unruly eyes, and that resentful smile, anyone would know that this problem was a long way from finished.

Yu Yingnan snorted and ignored Li Lunzhe, taking the lead in heading out. Yang Tian and Zha Xi followed behind her.

Li Lunzhe purposefully slowed down to wait for Qianye to catch up before he whispered, “Boy, this hasn’t finished yet. In the future, you better be careful when you leave the city, you better not let me see you!”

Qianye glanced at him, lightly responding, “In such a hurry to die?”

Li Lunzhe suddenly stopped walking, his eyes emitting killing intent. He spoke in anger, “Die? From just you? A one star hunter?”

“Idiot.” Qianye left one comment and stopped listening to Li Lunzhe. He left to catch up to Yu Yingnan.

At this time, Yu Yingnan was concealed at a cliff, looking into the valley that Yang Tian had already snuck into.

At the valley floor was a cave with a few gray wolves that seemed to be guarding the entrance, and were dozing off.

Yang Tian did not disappoint his name as a werewolf expert. He had already snuck within thirty meters of the cave entrance, yet the gray wolves still had no response.

Yang Tian suddenly stood up, tossing a few grenades into the cave entrance. He then pulled out his pistol as fast as lightning and shot continuously. Surrounded by the sounds of gunfire, the few gray wolf guards didn’t even have a chance to stand up. All of them had been shot through the head, whimpering as they fell.

Yang Tian had thrown in gas grenades mixed with origin power drugs. Pale-yellow smoke sprayed out of the cave immediately.

“Attack!” Yu Yingnan shouted quickly, immediately leaping down from the cliff. This was a hundred meter tall cliff!

Midway, she threw out a hook and hooked it to the edge of the cliff. She then borrowed the force of her fall to swing to the valley floor. When her feet touched the ground, she barely paused to cushion her fall, instead running toward the cave in large strides, simultaneously firing her gun. She was able to shoot down a werewolf that had suddenly appeared.

Li Lunzhe leapt down as well and latched his hook onto the edge of the cliff to slow his fall, just like Yu Yingnan did. Unlike Yu Yingnan, he was not able to use only one hook, he was forced to use three before reaching the valley floor.

However, Li Lunzhe had only been halfway before seeing a figure, lightly floating over his head, heading toward the valley floor. That was Qianye. He was actually faster than him!

Li Lunzhe was stunned for a moment, and couldn’t resist lifting his head to look at the cliff, whereupon he found there were no additional tools. How was able to get down, he actually hadn’t used any tools!

Qianye had already followed Yu Yingnan in charging the cave before Li Lunzhe finally regained his senses and hastily followed up.

Only Zha Xi remained behind them. He needed to enter the valley through a pull. When he reached the valley floor, the others had already entered the cave. He did not follow them in and instead began laying down various traps.

In the werewolf hideout, Qianye followed closely behind Yu Yingnan. After passing through many twists and turns, five different tunnels appeared in front of them.

A few vicious werewolves ran out of one of the tunnels. Yu Yingnan ran towards it, directly blocking that tunnel then pointed at another, shouting, “Qianye! Run that way and look for ways to find the totem. I will try my best to keep the werewolves away!”

Yang Tian threw a few grenades which instantly emitted a huge wave of pale-yellow gas into the tunnel Yu Yingnan pointed at, and then turned and charged into a nearby tunnel.

Inside the pale-yellow fog, werewolves whimpered in pain one after another. Many weaker ones even began rolling around on the ground. The smoke had an extremely pungent smell, which was equivalent to a deadly poison to werewolves that had sensitive noses.

Qianye charged into the tunnel indicated by Yu Yingnan, bending over as he snuck forward. When he left the werewolves’ line of sight, he suddenly changed his posture, and his speed doubled! At bends with a slope and no sharp rocks or obstacles, Qianye virtually did not reduce his speed at all, and directly ran on the walls of the cave!

After passing a tunnel entrance, two werewolves suddenly charged out, but Qianye’s abrupt increase in speed caused them both to miss. The werewolves chased closely without giving up, but the distance between them and Qianye still became longer and longer.

The two werewolves both widened their eyes, staring unbelievably at Qianye in the distance! They were actually unable to run as fast as Qianye in their own cave!

Qianye ran faster and faster, sneaking through like wind. However, in front of him appeared a gigantic werewolf, its body taking up virtually half of the tunnel. It was on all fours, and its head was raised, roaring fiercely at Qianye.

A vicious expression flashed across Qianye’s face before he similarly roared deeply and actually collided into the werewolf!

A muffled thud sounded. It was actually the werewolf that had been struck flying! It roared again. but before it even reached the ground it, a fist began to enlarge within his field of view.

With a snap, Qianye completely crushed the giant wolf’s nose.

Qianye held onto the wolf’s hind legs and brandished it at the werewolves chasing from behind. The two werewolves roared angrily, dodged the body, and dove toward Qianye from his left and right.

However, in just this brief moment, Qianye’s Ambusher had already locked onto the werewolf on the left. A gunshot sounded as a origin bullet boosted by Heavy Caliber blasted the wolf into the air. The werewolf’s chest became a mutilated mess of flesh and blood.

Afterwards, Qianye threw down his Ambusher and grabbed the other werewolf’s front claws. The two of them began wrestling.

The werewolf roared at Qianye, suddenly opening his mouth and biting towards Qianye!

However, his mouth only closed halfway before it suddenly howled a painful cry directed at the sky.

Qianye’s hands had used force, so the werewolf’s claws broke amidst sounds of shattering! The werewolf was at least twice the size of Qianye, and their race was known for their strength, but it had actually been crushed by Qianye in this contest of brute strength.

Qianye’s hands extended outwards, clamping down on the werewolf’s lips. He roared again, forcefully ripping them out.

The werewolf immediately fell into a crumbling state as it fell onto the ground, its four limbs convulsing.

At this time, the other werewolf struggled to stand up. Having seen all of this happen, its eyes revealed deep terror. Qianye steadily walked towards this werewolf. It suddenly roared and actually turned around to flee!

Qianye suddenly sped up, following it like he was its shadow. He then directly dove onto the wolf’s back, his hands extending forward to hug the werewolf’s head. He forcefully twisted!

Amidst a cracking sound, the werewolf’s neck broke with a snap.

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