Chapter 1512: Beautiful New World

Fort Continent, Cerulean Wave City.

The grand duke’s residence had been completely renovated, adding several layers on top of its original height. The city was turned into a massive construction site from the inside out as all the city gates were removed and new buildings were erected. The new airship port had just started operating, but a bigger one was already planned out.

There were groups of people everywhere measuring and marking plots of land. It would seem that the land here was rising in price almost every minute.

The radiant sun’s arrival completely changed the environment on Fort Continent. It was now one of the best environments in terms of weather and for cultivation. It was also home to one of the biggest mixed-race cities where everyone was equal—Cerulean Wave City. That was why Qianye had picked this place as the capital of the Evernight Dynasty and the base of the Evernight Council.

Every expert wanted a piece of land here, so it was only natural that the price would skyrocket.

Qianye glanced down at the busy city from the top floor of the grand duke’s residence. He said to Nighteye, “At this rate, the lake will soon become a part of the city interior!”

Nighteye chuckled at the lame joke. Neither of them would’ve imagined that Qianye’s joke would become a reality in the near future.

The Sacred Mountain leaped out from the void at this point and several figures flew down toward the duke’s residence.

Qianye said with a laugh, “The Sacred Mountain makes traveling so...

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