Chapter 1511: A New Beginning

Anwen’s suggestion gained unanimous support. Lady Ye felt that bringing a couple of continents back home would gain them even more merits. With such contributions, it would be easy to make up for all past crimes and even raise the status of the returning humans.

And what better way to prove the path of Evernight than to bring home two continents?

Once the path had been recognized, the Dao Court’s rewards had always been generous in this regard.

Now that the return plan had been decided upon, the next step was to realize them. The most important part was to push the radiant sun onto its return trajectory, then the continents could follow without a problem.

During the earliest phases of the Chronicle of Glory, the sun was drawn into action by the River of Blood. In the end, it was Qianye’s ascension to the great dark monarch realm that dragged the sun into the Evernight World in one go.

With Qianye and the Queen of the Night working together, it would not be a problem for the first and second drop of blood to activate the river’s power. What’s more, Nighteye would be assisting them as well, so the power output would be even greater...

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