Chapter 1509: The Path

Now that the Immortal Emissary had been executed, the next important matter was to deal with the radiant sun’s trajectory.

The Radiant Emperor and Empress Li had already performed the necessary calculations. After the death of the diviners, the sun would lose its momentum a quarter of an hour earlier than planned, dropping into a new trajectory that would circle around the Evernight World.

The next day, at the Imperial Palace.

Qianye and Lady Ye stood face to face, neither of them speaking.

Ye gazed intently at Qianye, observing him in great detail. The latter remained silent as he didn’t know what to say.

It was Lady Ye who broke the silence. “I’ll tell you about myself. Our clan ancestor is a powerful general under the late Duke Xu. By the time it was my turn to watch over the Evernight...

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