Chapter 1508: Immortal Slaying

The bullet left the chamber amidst a loud rumble and tore right through the pages!

The projectile grazed Xu Ran’s chest, tearing through all the flesh and revealing a row of golden ribs. The pages in the air burst into flames after he was struck, and that ephemeral sensation around the man suddenly vanished.

“You… managed to hit me! What is that secret art?!” Xu Ran glared at Zhao Jundu.

For the first time, the calm Zhao Jundu found himself in a difficult spot. How was he to explain Trueshot? A shot that is always true? Any explanation would sound like he was making fun of the other party.

While he was thinking about it, his vision went dark, and he fell off the sky. Soulrender was a weapon only heavenly monarchs could use. Zhao Jundu wasn’t one just yet, so a single shot drained him entirely.


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