Chapter 1506: Avians

As the two exchanged blows, the scholarly man was pushed back a hundred meters while coughing up blood.

Jian was startled. He glanced at the Vanquisher of Evil and then back at the man. “Taking an all-out blow from me, you’re not bad! Your sword is even better! State your name. As an opponent worthy of respect, I will remember you after I slay you.”

The scholarly man wiped the blood from his mouth. “This sword is Teia, the Emperor’s sword. Now that the son of heaven has sacrificed himself for the people, I shall take up this responsibility. My title is Riverglance. I’ve forgotten my name, but my surname is Ji!”

Jian felt solemn respect for this person. “Very well!”

He charged forward with his blade toward Riverglance. It was only at this point that he put his skills on display. His...

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