Chapter 1501: Monarch

Ye replied, “There’s no way I’d know.”

Xu Ran wasn’t as cold as he was before at this point. “You’ve been here for fifty years. Give it some thought, what is the rarest thing in this world?”

The lady replied, “The River of Blood!”

Xu Ran nodded. “Exactly! A divine entity that can traverse worlds is rare even in Immortal Heaven. Who would’ve thought there would be one in this remote land? This is a great fortune for me!”

“You mean…”

“We must collect it when we return. That way, our trip won’t be wasted.”

Jian said, “If that is your plan, why would you draw the trajectory closer?”

Xu Ran said, “That’s because, according to my calculations, it’s only on this trajectory that we can pry open the river’s foundation. Also,...

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