Chapter 1500: New Trajectory

Xu Ran said, “Let’s keep the trifles short.”

“Yes.” Ye retreated to her place behind Xu Ran.

Zhang Boqian asked, “I have a question that I hope the emissary can answer. What exactly is the Chronicle of Glory?”

Xu Ran said, “This is a pretty big topic, so we’ll summarize it. Back when my granduncle unsealed the human race’s spiritual wisdom, he felt indignant for the humans who had served as slaves and livestock for many years. He thus worked with Ji Xingjin to lay down the plans for the Chronicle of Glory. The latter believed that all the clans here were banished because of their ancestor’s error, so he made the decision to clip the soaring serpent’s wings and initiate the chronicle.

“Speaking of which, we can’t forget the River of Blood. The river is a divine entity of this...

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