Chapter 1499: Spiritual Wisdom

After entering the palace hall, Xu Ran walked straight toward the throne as though it was only natural for him. There were numerous guards standing watch inside this hall. One of them roared, “Who dares barge into the throne hall!”

Xu Ran didn’t even need to take action. One of his subordinates simply tapped at the air to stop that guard halfway through his charge. With a swing of his arms, the guard lost all signs of life and fell to the ground, never to rise again.

Xu Ran walked up to the stage and walked up slowly.

At this point, one of the ministers following the Radiant Emperor couldn’t resist calling out, “Immortal Emissary, please hold.”

Xu Ran halted his steps and glanced back with a smile. “What’s up?”

“That is the seat of the Emperor of Great Qin. Since you are not one of us, please wait while I arrange another seat for you!”

Xu Ran broke into laughter....

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