Chapter 1498: Immortal Emissary

Imperial Capital, in the palace-front plaza. Zhang Boqian landed from the sky, almost collapsing as he touched the ground. The guards ran over, but they only dared to help the man after the glow of the formation receded.

The massive array of the Imperial Capital had been pushed to full-throttle, going so far as to overdraft itself at the expense of longevity. The glow bolstering Zhang Boqian didn’t look impressive, but those above the divine champion realm would die upon contact. Even princes and great dark monarchs would find their attacks reduced by thirty percent.

This time, Zhang Boqian didn’t sleep after removing his armor. Instead, he said, “Please ask His Majesty to come see me.”

An attendant shot out as fast as he could.

Moments later, the Radiant Emperor appeared at the plaza. Shocked upon seeing Zhang Boqian’s...

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