Chapter 1497: The Final Prophecy

“Why make it difficult for her? They really are short on manpower.” Following this somewhat gentle yet unruly voice, a tall lady appeared in the tavern and took her seat in front of Qianye.

Qianye sized her up, saying, “Not many are qualified to sit with me at this point, but you’re definitely one of them.”

The Spider Queen giggled with her mouth covered. “Your legends never made you out to be so domineering.”

“You’ve even arrived yourself, why did you not bring Nighteye? Is it even more difficult than the trouble of traveling here?”

The Spider Queen smiled. “It’s not that hard, but the Queen of the Night isn’t willing to lose face. She has already released Nighteye, but she won’t admit it. People think Nighteye is still in her hands.”

“She has already released Nighteye?” Qianye...

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