Chapter 1496: Final Diplomacy

The Demon King stood before the cabin windows, watching the battlefield below in silence. Some footsteps echoed through the chamber as Prince Pentheus entered. “The latest battle report is in, would you like to hear?”

“What’s the point of listening to the number of casualties? All sacred races will die in a few days.”

Pentheus bowed and made ready to leave.

“Wait,” The Demon King called him back, “I’ll listen anyway.”

“In the past twelve hours, we’ve lost 1,030,000 soldiers and 210 warships, including four primary battleships and two duke-grade airships. The humans have mostly been wiped out. We will be able to gain complete air superiority within the day and land at the Qin capital.”

The Demon King smiled. “These numbers almost make it seem like we’re fighting a normal war, not bad. We really do need to numb ourselves.”

Pentheus was puzzled. “Your...

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