Chapter 1495: A Battle For the World

Within several days, the Qin Continent became the focus of the entire world.

One airship after another took off from various continents and flew for the void continent. From there, they would transit to the border regions of the Qin Continent. Vast numbers of soldiers emerged from these vessels and marched for the capital, plundering every city along the way.

They could’ve landed around the Imperial Capital, but most of their airships would be shot down in the process. Only a small number of soldiers would walk out of the airships alive and those too would be eliminated quickly.

The airships of the Empire and Evernight fought ceaselessly in the skies above. One after the other, cutting-edge airship models crashed to the ground and burst into flames. The dark races were intent on fighting to the death, so the assault went on until the last airship....

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