Chapter 1491: So-Called Clear Stream

Imperial Capital, within the Divination Pavilion. The Radiant Emperor slowly walked past one corpse after another.

The countless ministers behind him held their breaths, not daring to make the slightest sound. Almost half of the hall was covered in corpses—the fifty or so men under the white cloth were divination experts, the Empire’s greatest weapon against Evernight.

Those who could follow the Emperor here were important ministers, people qualified to know the Empire’s secrets and past.

The Empire had been fighting the dark races for a thousand years. In every generation, outstanding heroes would spring forth to take up this duty. It wasn’t just the heavenly monarchs; the divination experts of the Empire suppressing the Evernight prophets played a key role in the war. Lin Xitang was the most accomplished of them all. He not only fought against Evernight on the void continent but...

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