Chapter 1489: For the Human Race

The giant whale moved its body slightly, stirring up massive waves as it lowered itself into the water. It said while huffing and puffing, “I can’t, I need to rest. I’ve been floating for too long.”

Qianye felt helpless as he gazed at the hurricanes forming between the sea and sky. “Your Elderly Grace, please pant slowly…”

“Can’t help it, I’m panting at the slightest movement these days.”

The creature seemed to feel more comfortable as its massive body slowly entered the water. “That’s strange, I can usually sense a whole lot of divination experts searching for me whenever I turn in my sleep. Why are they so silent today?”

“The Divination Pavilion might be a bit short-handed at the moment.”

“Short-handed? They claim to have ninety-nine masters inside and hundreds of reserve candidates waiting to enter....

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