Chapter 1488: Assistance

Eastern Sea, the neutral lands.

The Martyr’s Palace leapt out of the void and hovered high in the air.

This time, the Earth Dragon was a bit hesitant to move forward. It seemed a bit apprehensive.

Qianye didn’t force the palace forward. Instead, he flew down to the waters himself and stood gazing at the vast sea.

Moments later, a tremendous shadow appeared from under the sea. It stopped moving once it was close to the surface, and its voice echoed in Qianye’s consciousness. “You’re back.”

“I owe you a favor, so I came back to see you.”

The mysterious consciousness let out a deep chuckle. “I just said it randomly back then, who would’ve thought you’d still remember? You’re also the first in several hundred years to dare stand above my head.”

Qianye laughed. “That’s not being rude. I can’t go down into the water now, can I?”

“You act as though you’re my equal. How is that not rude?” The mysterious entity snorted.

Qianye lowered his altitude until he was close to the water and cupped his fists. “How about this? Please appear.”

“Now that’s more like it. Move backward or I might bump into you. Move farther back… more…”

Qianye moved back several times. It was only when he was close to the shore that the consciousness felt satisfied.

“I’ve been asleep for several hundred years. I’m greatly delighted to be seeing someone of the current era today! Let the creatures of this world behold, I… wait a while.”

Qianye was holding his breath in expectation. This development almost made him fall into the water.

He could see the waters rolling violently. It was a mystery what that entity was doing under the water, but the commotion was comparable to a tsunami now.

Dozens of water pillars shot up into the air, rising almost a thousand meters! The pillars scattered in the sky and turned into countless water drops that remained hovering in the air. The waterdrops reflected the sunlight, producing a resplendent screen that covered a part of the sea.

Qianye gazed at the barrier and realized that his perception couldn’t get through it. This ability wasn’t simple at all—a barrier that could isolate perception wasn’t difficult, but to cover the entire Eastern Sea was a difficult feat.

With the barrier set up, the black shadow under the water slowly emerged, stirring up a gigantic wave in the process.

Qianye watched the mysterious existence in a daze.

This… thing was hundreds of meters tall, an enormous colossus with moving eyes on its edges. Its lower end was still in the water, and judging from the crescent shape, it didn’t look like a creature at all. It looked more like…

A fin?

Was this mysterious existence under the Eastern Sea, an enormous fin?

It was at this moment that a white line appeared over the distant horizon. Even someone of Qianye’s strength was shaken.

The white line arrived very soon. It was actually a wall of water that was several dozen meters tall!

This wall of water would be a calamitous tsunami if it were to reach the shore. Fortunately, there were no settlements on the shore, and the cities were constructed on the cliffs. No one knew whether this was due to the first settlers’ wisdom or because they had received some help from the mysterious entity.

The wave wall passed below Qianye and rolled off into the distance. A small mountain appeared on the distant water surface, growing bigger and bigger until the foothills were below Qianye and connected to the fin.

Qianye was stunned as he watched the colossal entity before him.

Hearing about such a creature was one thing, but seeing it was a completely different matter. The fin that had appeared at first now looked exceptionally delicate and small.

Even as an unprecedented monarch, Qianye still couldn’t help but feel stocked upon seeing such an entity. He had thought the Earth Dragon was big enough, but it was only as big as a small fin. The tail fin could fit half a dozen Martyr’s Palaces.

The entire Eastern Sea was shaken by the entity’s emergence.

It turned about with great difficulty and faced Qianye. Just this movement alone took ten minutes, stirring up winds and gigantic waves.

“Where are you?” it asked.

Qianye was speechless. There were hundreds of eyes on the creature’s head, but Qianye was so small that he was in a blind spot.

Qianye flickered toward one of its eyes and stood gazing at the ten-meter eyeball.

Dozens of eyes moved toward Qianye.

“Move farther back. It’s difficult for me to look at you like this.”

Finally understanding how things worked, Qianye flickered a thousand meters away.

“Now this feels much better. I haven’t opened my eyes for several hundred years, it looks like my eyesight has deteriorated.” It sighed.

Qianye didn’t know how to continue this topic. “Have you been sleeping at the bottom of the sea all this time?”

“Yes, I had nothing to do after Ji Xuansi passed away, yet I couldn’t just leave because there were certain things that had to be done. Hence, I decided to find a place to nap. The humans are so annoying, but I’d feel bad killing them since they’re Ji Xuansi’s people. That’s why I’ve been staying hidden. I can’t let anyone know about my reappearance, either.”

Qianye finally understood what the screen in the sky was for. That name Ji Xuansi sounded rather familiar. After repeating that name a few times, Qianye suddenly recalled, “The Martial Ancestor?! You were his mount back then?!”

The creature was unhappy. “What mount?! Do you think that weakling can ride me? We’re friends! I was only helping him because we’re friends.”

There were numerous legends regarding the Martial Emperor, and Qianye knew a lot of them. Records stated that the emperor’s mount back in the year was an extremely powerful void whale, a type of void colossus. He had borrowed its power to turn many difficult battles around.

Qianye gazed at the gigantic entity in puzzlement. “According to Imperial records, weren’t you less than a hundred meters in length?”

The creature muttered incoherently, “I’ve only been eating and sleeping for several hundred years… I’ve gotten fat.”

Qianye was speechless. No ordinary void colossus could fatten themselves until they were ten thousand meters long. Just that physique proved that this creature was not inferior to the Sky Demon.

Qianye had, of course, realized at this point that he was actually summoned here.

“Did you need me for something?” Qianye was respectful, not toward the void whale’s strength but toward the Martial Ancestor.

“There are two things, but they’re also a single thing.”

“Please go on.”

“Xuansi told me to pick someone who can change the fate of humanity after the Chronicle of Glory reaches completion. I am to give this thing to him.”

The whale opened its mouth, and a droplet of water drifted toward Qianye amidst raging winds.

Qianye received the water droplet, upon which the liquid vanished into his body. It appeared on the back cover of the Book of Darkness, attaching itself to the heavenly monarch crystal.

All of a sudden, Qianye’s body sank downward. It was as though he had devoured an entire sea, the weight almost causing him to fall into the water. Fortunately, the pressure vanished after the droplet finished attaching itself to the crystal, and everything soon returned to normal.

“What is this?”

“Sealed inside that droplet is an all-out attack from Xuansi. It’ll be of assistance at a critical juncture. He spent three years accumulating enough power for that thing.”

“What’s the second matter?”

“It’s simple. After the day of destiny is over and the dust settles, it’s time for this old one to return to the void and be free once more. I want you to help push me into the void when the time comes.”

Qianye was puzzled. “Erm… you need my help with that?”

The void whale was a divine creature that could travel tens of thousands of kilometers each day. Leaping into the void was probably easier than Qianye flipping over in bed. Why would it need help?

The creature seemed a bit embarrassed. It said while fidgeting a bit, “I’m too fat, I can’t fly up anymore.”

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