Chapter 1484: Mystery of the Previous Life

Moments later, Song Zining said with a wry smile, “Out of consideration for me… can you…”

“Do you think it’s possible? Did they push you out here out of consideration or were they throwing you to the wolves?”

“I came on my own.”


“If I don’t come, no one else will.”

Qianye nodded. “Very well, let’s hear it first.”

“Qianye, you don’t trust me anymore, do you?”

Qianye laughed. “You’re the one who doesn’t trust me anymore.”

Song Zining was stunned. “Indeed, I have become concerned with gains and losses as well.”

“How can you be so hesitant if you’re going to take up my adoptive father’s position?”

“Because I’m never completely indifferent when it comes to you...

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