Chapter 1475: The River Appears

Off in the distance, the Demon King hadn’t imagined such a change would occur. Things had developed so quickly that he wouldn’t have made it even if he had ignored the Pointer Monarch and rushed over. The Profundity Monarch was experienced, shrewd, and ruthless. He had produced an opportunity where there was none and dragged two great dark monarchs down with him.

The Eternal Flame was high in the air with the ancient book in his hand. By the time he had noticed the ambush, Sousa had already fallen, and he was hesitant to take action the second time after noticing that the target was the Wolf Ancestor.

Even the Eternal Flame wasn’t confident in blocking the Profundity Monarch’s dying blow. If he were to be restrained for a split second, Qianye would follow up with a powerful attack. The tiny black intent Qianye had used to face the Demon King filled the Eternal Flame with fear. He would rather take a shot from the Red Spider Lily than touch that dark speck.

The demonkin monarch decided to simply observe.

Now that Profundity was dead, the Eternal Flame heaved a sigh of relief. Qianye’s attack power would be greatly reduced without the heavenly monarch’s indefensible restraining secret art.

The Demon King smiled wryly, but he ultimately didn’t complete his slash.

The Pointer Monarch was happy to pull back and regain his breath.

The Demon King gazed at Profundity’s corpse and sighed. “You people are always like this, always… You are so ruthless even toward yourselves, how are we to believe you can coexist peacefully with the sacred races?”

The Pointer Monarch said, “Fighting for our country and family is the righteous path, it’s something we should do. I have nothing to say if you’re implying that we shouldn’t.”

The Demon King said with a serious expression, “Then there is nothing to discuss. I might be injured, but I can still kill you all if I pay a certain price. When the time comes, we will have two supremes left, but what will you have?”

The Pointer Monarch said calmly, “I came here with no intention of going back. If the Demon King wishes to instruct me, I can only take up my ancestral duty and fight you.”

The Demon King made his move, shooting out a hundred-meter flash from the Awakening Dream. The Pointer Monarch also drew his sword and jumped into battle.

On the other side of the battlefield, the Eternal Flame had conjured a ball of black fire in his hand, and the Sable Blessing was ready to fire once more. Progia had fled a good distance at first, but he had returned to launch a pincer attack with the Eternal Flame.

Qianye simply stood there. All he did was push the Profundity Monarch’s corpse forward and blow a wisp of dark golden energy toward it, engulfing the remains in raging dark golden flames. Even a heavenly monarch’s corpse ended up melting rapidly amidst the heat.

The Eternal Flame and Progia waited patiently for the cremation to complete. The Profundity Monarch had gained their respect in the previous battle, respect worthy of such a great powerhouse.

The corpse was gone in the blink of an eye, leaving only some grey ashes. Qianye absorbed all of the ashes into his palm and compacted them into a lustrous gem containing wind, rain, and lighting.

Qianye put away the item and said, “Thank you for waiting.”

The Eternal Flame said, “There is no need to thank us, we have the luxury of waiting. The longer we drag this out, the likelier that His Majesty will defeat Ji Wentian. Quoting a human saying, time is on our side.”

Qianye said, “Can I ask you one thing, how is Nighteye now?”

“Seek out the Queen of the Night if you manage to leave this place alive. If you can’t, then what’s the use of worrying?”

“True.” Qianye smiled radiantly. “But you are wrong about one thing. Time is forever on my side!”

Qianye let out a long peal of laughter as a beam of dark golden blood energy shot through the skies and vanished into the boundless depths of the void!

The entire world began to tremble, and the sky began to distort, almost as though some terrifying existence was about to break through its bindings.

Immediately, all of the darkness origin power in the world began to resonate with the terrifying entity in the sky. Even the Eternal Flame and Progia’s energy was drawn by the gravitation, nearly breaking out of their bodies!

The two great dark monarchs were shocked out of their wits. Suddenly remembering something, the Eternal Flame shouted, “He’s ascending! Don’t let him succeed!”

The Eternal Flame fired three wisps of dark fire that drifted toward Qianye at great speed. Progia appeared behind Qianye and hurled a spear of demonic energy at his back.

Qianye simply stood there with his hands behind his back. A dark intent had appeared in his left hand and began circling him.

The black intent flew about in a leisurely manner, but everything in its wake was reduced to nothingness. Progia’s spear was warped and lengthened as it approached the energy, but it ultimately failed to avert the fate of being absorbed into the darkness. In the blink of an eye, the spear that was an aggregation of Progia’s full power had vanished entirely.

The black intent saw no change at all. It was extremely difficult to gauge its size—it seemed extremely minuscule and barely in existence, yet it was a colossal existence that was so heavy that it could not be measured.

Progia could hardly conceal his astonishment. “What is this thing?”

The Eternal Flame had no answer for him.

The three black flames weren’t affected by the black intent. Attacks from the Sable Blessing were more of an assault on the origin power and spiritual plane.

Three mirrors appeared in the air and duly contained the three wisps of fire, ending up in mutual destruction. The Red Spider Lily in Qianye’s hands could now fight on par with the Sable Blessing.

Qianye coughed up a mouthful of blood, but this blood was milky white. Defending against the combined attacks of two great dark monarchs and only coughing up some blood as a result, now that was an achievement to be proud of.

The trembling of the inner world grew increasingly intense. The ground began to split open, and even the holy mountain was swaying from the tremor.

A faintly discernible protrusion appeared in the sky, almost as though some incredible entity was forcing its way into this world. Everything in the air began to distort accordingly. Even the black sun caved in on one side and became protruded on the other, not unlike a misshapen ball of dough.

It was no longer apt to describe this scenery as a worldly phenomenon!

The dome of the sky finally shattered.

At this very moment, the sound of crashing waves reverberated across countless worlds—not just the inner world or Evernight.

There was now a defect in the sky.

From this laceration, one could vaguely make out a boundless expanse of water, raging forward with great momentum.

Everyone saw things differently. The demonkin saw it as liquefied demonic energy, the werewolves perceived it as a dark torrent, while humans saw the vivid color of blood.

Different life forms from different worlds saw it differently as well.

The Attawa fell to their knees in zealous worship, and many of the elders were crying.

To Qianye, the existence beyond the tear in the sky was gently calling out to him. It was as though he belonged there and he had to return home.

He glanced at himself and noticed that his blood core on the Book of Darkness had turned into a crystal. Moreover, it had pierced right through the book and combined with his heavenly monarch crystal.

However, there seemed to be something missing inside his blood core.

Qianye finally realized that what he was missing lay outside of the sky. With a single thought, he took to the skies and flew out through the lacerated atmosphere.

Toward the River of Blood.

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