Chapter 1473: Evernight has Aged

The Wolf Ancestor let out a sinister laugh, a tangible light shining on his fangs as he lifted his giant sword. “I’m old?”

Before Qianye could reply, the giant blade had already appeared above his head, swinging down with the force of a falling mountain. The slash was followed by thunderous laughter, “I’m old, huh?!”

“I’m old, huh?!”

“I’m old, huh?!”

Nine consecutive roars and nine consecutive slashes, each strike landing indefensibly. It was as though the blades had swung down from beyond this world—heavy, lightning-fast, and without any fancy moves.

At this level of swordplay, there was no need to resort to tricks. The only thing he needed was sufficient speed and strength.

The sky changed color when the nine slashes appeared. Apart from the Eternal Flame whose expression could not be seen, all the other great dark monarchs were visibly moved.

After launching the series of attacks, the Wolf Ancestor sheathed his sword and stepped back.

Qianye simply stood in place, with his sword pointed at the ground. It felt like he never even moved throughout the assault. The only thing that had changed were the nine tiny defects on the azure blade’s edge.

If it wasn’t for these knicks, no one would’ve figured out that Qianye had blocked the nine slashes.

He had blocked every blow without taking a single step back.

The Wolf Ancestor’s pupils narrowed. His chest heaved a couple of times before he finally caught his breath. “Good technique!”

Qianye smiled. “I have a technique?”

The Wolf Ancestor’s eyes narrowed even further. He said nothing more and merely lifted his blade to chest level, assuming a defensive stance.

Just now, Qianye had only defended and not launched a counterattack. It was clear that he had left the killing blow for last. If the Wolf Ancestor were to launch another flurry of attacks, he might just allow Qianye to retaliate sharply.

Qianye didn’t attack immediately. “Where is your ancestral power? Bring it out.”

The Wolf Ancestor didn’t waste words. He let out a deep growl and tapped at the air with his left hand. Every tap would produce a totem, and on each of them was the illusory projection of a werewolf. All of a sudden, the entire holy land was filled with an ancient and powerful aura.

The Wolf Ancestor had summoned seven ancestral totems in one go!

Every ancestral totem represented a powerful ability or an upgrade to physical attributes. Seven of them working together would bring the Wolf Ancestor to a terrifying level.

Armed with his ancestral power, the Wolf King smiled coldly. “I’ll show you that I’m not old yet.”

Qianye raised his sword and ran his finger along the blade. The nicks in the weapon disappeared almost immediately as a scarlet flame washed over it.

Qianye gazed at the fire and said, “Actually, it’s not that you’re old.”

The Wolf Ancestor laughed. “You only realized it now? Too late!”

Qianye said with a smile, “I’ll let you see my heavenly monarch power first.”

With that, he raised the azure blade above his head and brought it down slowly toward the Wolf Ancestor.

Despite its speed, the slightest movement of the blade stirred up a roaring whistle that spread hundreds of kilometers. It was like the mournful wail of a god!

Wisps of dark energy curled up around the azure blade, turning it faintly discernible. All the great dark monarchs were alarmed! The Eternal Flame ignored his status and charged at Qianye, hoping to save the Wolf Ancestor. However, the Eternal Flame’s movements became oddly slow amidst the howling echoes, even slower than Qianye’s leisurely slash!

The Wolf Ancestor’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets. His long fangs looked soft and distorted.

The werewolf wanted to turn and flee, but wisps of dark energy appeared out of nowhere and wrapped around him, stretching all over his body. His movements slowed down to a crawl, even slower than the Eternal Flame.

Qianye’s hands were also trembling on his sword. This world was simply too fragile. He had to exert great effort in order to control his power and prevent the world’s structure from shattering.

This slash would reduce the space around the Wolf Ancestor into nothingness. Even with three great dark monarchs at his side, the man’s fate could not be changed at all.

As for how he would escape, Qianye gave it no thought. His entire heart was focused on this heavenly monarch slash!

The Wolf Ancestor had nowhere to run.

In his urgency, the werewolf let out a loud roar. His body began to expand during the process, growing several times in size. Seven werewolf silhouettes shot out from his massive frame and formed a single giant wolf.

Qianye’s sword sliced noiselessly through the giant wolf’s body. Wherever the blade passed by, everything would turn into nothingness. All that was left were dark patches that looked like rising mist.

The Wolf Ancestor howled in agony, his body shrinking by the second. Finally, he managed to free himself of the black mist surrounding him and fled toward the three great dark monarchs. His face was growing older and older every moment, and his aura was on a rapid decline, almost as though he would die any moment.

Qianye’s slash had destroyed all seven of the werewolf monarch’s ancestral spirits. The werewolf would never be able to recover from his injury in this lifetime. Additionally, the ancestors he had summoned were the strongest of his race. Losing seven of them was a massive blow to the werewolves as a whole.

The Eternal Flame recovered his normal movement as the sword bore down. He appeared in front of Qianye and threw a fist square at his chest.

Qianye blocked the Eternal Flame’s punch with his left hand. His countenance turned pale upon contact, and the impact sent him drifting backward.

The Eternal Flame followed up with a second blow! Just as he was about to launch the attack, he noticed Qianye’s expression and somehow felt a chill run down his spine. He immediately pulled back toward the group of great dark monarchs.

Qianye coughed lightly with his mouth covered, and a hint of red stained his fingertips. However, the blood had vanished by the time he lowered his hand.

The Wolf Ancestor huffed and puffed like a raging bull as he stared at Qianye with eyes full of hatred. “You actually dare…”

Halfway through, he lost his voice and a mouthful of blood gushed out. Sousa and Progia were both shocked. Apparently, the Wolf Ancestor’s injuries were even worse than they had expected.

At this moment, their gazes toward Qianye were filled with shock and awe. It was understandable how this person had blocked nine of the Wolf Ancestor’s slashes, but how could that attack be so powerful? How would they block an attack that could destroy everything in its wake?

A thought appeared in Progia and Sousa’s minds, “What exactly was a heavenly monarch’s power?”

The Eternal Flame saw Qianye’s aura rising gradually. “Looks like the human race has produced yet another Greensun.”

Qianye scanned the four great dark monarchs. Apart from the supremes, most of Evernight’s powerhouses had gathered here. He was now on the same footing as these lofty existences of the past, and he had even defeated half of these people.

And this took less than ten years.

Qianye sighed. “Daybreak and Evernight are two opposite poles of this world, but they’re fundamentally different after reaching this level. The great dark monarch realm is the end of the path for Evernight, but the heavenly monarch’s path is only the beginning for humans!

“Dawn breaks where the night ends. Wolf Ancestor, you’re not the one who’s old… it’s Evernight.”

Evernight has aged.

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