Chapter 1465: Honor

While walking through the forest, Qianye would receive periodic information from the mother tree. This meant that he had gained even more recognition, and his authority in the inner world had once again increased. Now, he could communicate with the mother tree through any tree in the forest.

Every direction was transparent to Qianye because of the information he was receiving.. However, there was a patch of deep darkness in the valley ahead, and he couldn’t see what was going on inside at all.

This meant that the mother tree’s connection had been cut off in the area. This situation wasn’t unique; the region around Evernight’s tower was also in a similar state.

This could definitely stop information from leaking outside, but the black void also served to highlight the location. A force capable of producing an information void far from the dark races’ operation area—it was easy to guess the identity of the people inside.

Qianye flickered forward at extreme speeds, not hiding his aura in the slightest.

In the blink of an eye, he was standing before the black void.

Soon, a refined middle-aged man walked out from behind a tree and stepped into Qianye’s path.

Somewhat surprised, he shook his head with a wry smile. “It really is you.”

Qianye also recognized Duke Wei since the two of them had crossed paths before.

Duke Wei gazed at Qianye with complicated emotions. “You were but a boy during the spring hunt. Back then, Zining was going about trying to get you engaged to my granddaughter. Who would’ve thought you would grow into such a powerful character? I can only say she wasn’t fortunate enough.”

Qianye said, “Duke Wei shouldn’t think of it that way. It would be troublesome if the marriage had indeed happened. I am a vampire, after all, and might not fit in well with humans. The Founding Ancestor’s words are still written on the Imperial court after all.”

Duke Wei sighed. “Looking at your past actions, you’ve contributed much to the Empire! To the human race! Don’t tell me those bastards with selfish motives are more human than you are! Is it only because they have a human heart and human blood?”

Qianye said, “Those with a human heart and human blood are indeed humans.”

“Then what about their actions?”

“Let’s discuss this later. I remember a certain senior who said it’s enough if the heart belongs to the human race.”

Duke Wei snorted. “No matter how strong the determination is, the heart will go cold when enough cold water is poured onto it.”

Qianye smiled. “Perhaps.”

Duke Wei’s expression shifted slightly. “The two monarchs are inside, please head in.”

With a nod, Qianye walked slowly into the valley. Of course, he knew that Duke Wei was trying to probe him. It was only natural that the two men inside had already heard everything.

And… Who was the other monarch?

Qianye felt relaxed as he entered the valley; it felt as though he had set foot in an immortal paradise. Under the green trees beside the misty lake, the two heavenly monarchs were seated amidst the rockery. No one knew how long they had been playing that game of chess.

Qianye came to stand beside the table, quietly observing the match with his hands behind him.

The Profundity Monarch and the Pointer Monarch seemed to have unlimited patience. The former was contemplating his next move. It was as though nothing could grab his attention outside of the chessboard, nor did it seem like he had noticed Qianye’s arrival.

There was no telling how long he had been thinking on that move, and there was no telling when he would play it. The Pointer Monarch seemed to be resting with his eyes closed, not at all in a rush. He had no intention of urging the other party to play even if they took forever.

Finally, Qianye couldn’t help but sneer. “Who are you putting on a show for?”

The Profundity Monarch said without looking up, “The young can be so irritable. You’ll know after a few days that patience is a good thing.”

“I wouldn’t be here watching the game if I wasn't patient. Age might be a good thing, but it’s definitely not the older the better.”

The Pointer Monarch raised his brows, seemingly wanting to smile.

The Profundity Monarch felt indignant, but the anger only flickered briefly on his expression before fading away. “The board has been set, so you’ll have to play a move whether you like it or not. Since I’m a part of the board, I get to decide when and how to play. Young Friend, you’re just an observer, so you can only keep watching. There’s nothing bad about patience.”

“These words are better said by a long-lived race.” Qianye smiled coldly.

The Profundity Monarch rubbed the piece between his fingers. “Young Friend, are you saying you wish to join Evernight instead?”

“What I want to know is where you’re getting your patience from. You might be dead if you keep playing for three more decades.”

The Profundity Monarch pulled back the chess piece. “It is said that gentlemen do not speak while observing a game. You may do as you wish when you become one of the players.”

Qianye said, “I might not be part of the game, but I don’t necessarily have to sit by and watch. Maybe it’s better that I just flip the table.”

“Forcing your way into the game before your time, why would you bring this upon yourself?”

“The hundred thousand Attawa would be dead by then.”

“Those are just foreign creatures. It is quite fitting that they die to pave the way for the king.”

“Even if that’s the case, they should die a worthy death. There are better places where we can put them to use, why are we not doing that?”

“This is an important matter decided by the court…”

The conversation became heated, but the heat was only limited to Qianye. The Profundity Monarch grew calmer and slower as Qianye became more and more agitated.

Qianye suddenly glanced around the valley. He then raised his voice, saying, “If the Black-Winged Monarch had not fought the supremes to the death, do you think you lot could handle the combined forces of the Evernight Council?”

This comment was rather rude, so much so that the Profundity Monarch was visibly moved. Some divine champions and dukes appeared from their concealment, blaming Qianye for his insolence.

Qianye laughed in the face of the rebuke. “It has always been the Evernight faction that is afraid of me. Meanwhile, any random person from the Empire dares to jump out and point their finger at me. It looks like I haven’t killed enough of you yet.”

A divine champion marshal from the military roared, “How dare you! Are you not afraid of inviting a calamity upon yourself? It is your honor to be used by the Empire, when was it a kid’s turn to speak like so?”

“Oh, so it’s an honor…” Qianye gazed at the divine champion. “And who the hell are you to speak to me that way? Or how about we duke it out. I’ll take up your surname if I can’t kill you in one hit.”

The old divine champion trembled in anger, but he had little to say despite pointing at Qianye. “Insolence! Utter insolence!” Ultimately, he didn’t have the courage to fight.

Qianye laughed as he glanced around him. “Shut up if you dare not fight me.”

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