Chapter 1462: Work Not Together (Part 1)

After marking Medanzo’s resting place, Qianye simply stood there for an entire day and night instead of returning to the holy land.

Fate was too serious a topic, something he had no choice but to start contemplating.

The moment Medanzo fell, Qianye suddenly understood that he had reached a new phase in life. He was now able to influence the fate of an entire race. Whatever method he had used, it remained a fact that he had killed Medanzo on his own.

This meant that he was now able to stand at the same level as those top experts he could only gaze up at before. Perhaps there was still a gap but that gap was no longer qualitative.

Now that he was at a certain height, he was gradually able to see the truth of this world.

And more often than not, the truth was like a heavy weight on the heart.

Qianye finally opened his eyes at dawn the next day and disappeared toward the holy land.

A mournful bugle call would echo through the air above the holy land from time to time. The Attawa could be seen hurrying about the place.

The plaza was full of injured soldiers, groaning painfully on the ground. The anxious elders shuttled back and forth between them, but all they could do was use some herbs to alleviate the pain. They could do nothing about the putrid wounds.

The Attawa were naturally strong, and their regenerative powers were nothing to scoff at; only grave injuries could bring them to the ground. There were hundreds of warriors in the plaza at the moment. Their injuries were terrifying, and some were missing limbs.

All the wounds were putrid and leaking odorous pus. Even the strongest of them could not recover, even with the aid of their natural regeneration power and herbs. On the contrary, the wounds were worsening at a steady rate. There was dark origin power lingering around their wounds, an energy belonging to the experts of Evernight.

The living origin power of the inner world was like poison to the Evernight experts, and the reverse was true for the Attawa.

Qianye was surprised to see this scene upon returning. He dragged an elder over and asked, “What happened?”

The elder replied with a sorrowful expression, “After you left, the great elder gathered up the remaining warriors of our tribe. Working together with two other tribes, he went forth to eliminate the black demons’ foothold in this world. Who would’ve thought more black demons would appear from their base? Less than a third of our soldiers returned.”

“There are new black demons?”

“Yes, and it isn’t just one.”

Qianye’s heart sank as his guess was proven correct. The dark races couldn’t have repelled the powerful Attawa without a great dark monarch overseeing them. The lack of top-tier fighting power was the Attawa’s shortcoming. They would’ve been badly defeated if it weren’t for Qianye.

In truth, Rex and Andruil had already given their lives to resist the invaders. If it wasn’t for Andruil fighting the three supremes alone, the inner world would’ve been captured long ago.

Even with Progia heavily injured and Medanzo dead, the gap in power between the two parties saw little change. Evernight could readily dispatch more great dark monarchs. Who knew how many hidden powerhouses there were between the four major races and the minor ones.

Qianye alone could not turn the tables.

Looking up at the black sun in the sky, he said, “Take me to the mother tree.”

This time, the will of the mother tree was clearly restless. This simple but wise existence had likely sensed the impending danger of eradication.

Qianye knew little about how the supremes planned to draw on the power of the darkness origins. Andruil had long since fallen out with the council, so he had no idea, either. After a communicating tunnel was established, the inner world would irreversibly affect the Evernight world. The reverse was also true.

After connecting with the mother tree, Qianye immediately grasped the situation on the front lines.

After failing their assault on the tower, the Attawa forces retreated promptly. However, the Evernight experts had no plans to let them go just like that, so the Attawa had no choice but to appoint a rearguard for their retreat. Although these soldiers fought with their lives on the line, the disparity in equipment was too great, and the other party was led by a demonkin prince.

“I’m heading out to the front lines.” Qianye left after giving some instructions.

Judging from the current situation, the dark race experts might just follow the retreating forces back to the holy mountain.

Although Qianye had already taken most of the tree sap atop the holy mountain, he couldn’t discount the possibility of someone from Evernight grasping the mirage moon origin power.

With a history spanning tens of thousands of years, the dark races had produced numerous outstanding talents. There were countless experts like Medanzo whose progress had been limited by their bloodline, destined never to progress. If the trees at the summit were to fall into the council’s hands, it was difficult to say how many top-exerts would emerge. By that time, the council would be far superior to the Empire even without bringing in the darkness origins.

All of a sudden, Qianye had the sudden urge to destroy those trees. That way, chaos origin power would be the only energy left that could truly surpass daybreak and darkness.

However, the thought merely flashed through his mind before he dismissed it. Every natural treasure was a gift from the world, just like the ten Grand Magnums of the Evernight World. These strange trees of the inner world were an accumulation of the realm’s essence, the end-point of all life. Destroying them would cause irreversible damage to the world.

Channeling Spatial Flash continuously, it took Qianye less than half a day to reach the front lines.

He immediately noticed the burning forest in the distance, sending billowing smoke into the sky. The air was filled with the stench of burning flesh, and the darkness origin power in the environment was restless. There were even some that tried to attack Qianye, but they were promptly scattered after crashing into his body.

Qianye could sense several points where the fighting was fiercest. Dozens of Attawa soldiers were scattered in different places—some collapsed on the ground, some still fighting, and some prowling the battlefield.

Qianye made his decision quickly. He appeared in the air and shouted, “I am Qianye! The Lightless Monarch Medanzo is dead! Who is in charge of the dark races now? Show yourself.”

A commotion ensued on the ground. Many Evernight experts stopped fighting, some even giving up the opportunity to deal the final blow, just so they could put some distance between them and Qianye.

Qianye’s domain was fierce and tyrannical, notorious for being able to kill weaker Evernight experts in one go. No one wanted to remain within its range.

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