Chapter 1461: Those of Different Paths

“Why is that?” Predica asked quickly.

“I don’t know, either. Normally, there can be only one reason for this kind of situation, and that is the interference of outside forces.”

Predica asked seriously, “Is your conclusion reliable?”

“Compared to traditional prophetic powers, I’m more confident in my own conclusion. The results are clear numbers after all and not hazy predictions.”

In truth, Predica already believed Anwen; this person’s intellect far surpassed this generation. His thought process, research system, and even the tools he designed were things no one had ever thought of. Even the present great prophet couldn’t figure out what he was thinking.

“What’s the current situation of the river?” Habsburg asked. He had just tried to communicate with the river and did receive a response; things were no different from before. As a crown prince, his ability to communicate with the river was unparalleled.

Anwen quickly drew an oval circle and an arced line. “The river was traveling along this orbit at first. It’s at the farthest point at the moment, but it would’ve returned after a couple of decades. The ice age of the vampire race would’ve ended at that point. But now, the river is slowing down and shifting to a straight-line trajectory. As for where this line goes, I have no idea.”

“That means the vampire race will disappear?” Habsburg sounded serious.

The River of Blood was the source of the vampire race. Its departure wouldn’t just cause a weakening; it might just bring about the destruction of the entire race.

Anwen said, “This process will take a long time, centuries at least. You might have time to do something.”

“Anwen, do you think this change has something to do with Medanzo?”

Predica was surprised. “Medanzo? The Lightless Monarch might be a great dark monarch, but he’s not powerful enough to affect the river’s flow, is he?”

“No, you might not know this, but Medanzo is one of the few who got through the Lost Season. His strength is only limited by his inherent talents. To the River of Blood, his importance might be far beyond our expectations. I even sensed the river’s grief when he fell.”

“Oh?” Predica was surprised.

Anwen said after some thought, “If Habsburg really did sense the river’s sorrow, it proves two things. One, the river possesses a consciousness, much like the will of the new world. Secondly, Medanzo was truly important to the River of Blood, but that’s the extent of it. It’s not that easy for the river to change its course in the depths of the void. It’s more likely that some external force is interfering with it.”

“What might that be?” Habsburg asked.

Anwen shrugged with a wry smile. “How should I know?”

Habsburg knew this question would only make things difficult for Anwen, so he kept his silence. Predica said all of a sudden, “I’ve come up with a conjecture.”

“Pray tell.”

“Although I don’t know why the river is moving away, I do know one way we can halt the process. That is the breakthrough of a greater number of vampire experts. If I’m not wrong, the vampire race still has a lot of powerful experts. Especially those two, their existence might be a forbidden topic, but they are vampires after all.”

Habsburg’s eyes lit up. “Correct! Her Majesty Nighteye is a given. I don’t know who she was before, but she’s headed straight for the Sacred Mountain soon after awakening. There is no doubt about that. The other, Qianye, might still be a grand duke at the moment, but I heard he has communicated with the river since he was a count. The favor he receives from the river is comparable to Nighteye’s.”

“Her Majesty Nighteye is definitely a great candidate, but that person…” Predica smiled wryly.

Habsburg woke up to reality and fell silent. From the race’s perspective, he didn’t feel that Qianye was wrong. It could even be said that he was a hero who had averted a great disaster for the vampire race.

Predica understood Habsburg’s mood. “Qianye doesn’t know the truth behind all this. Even if he does, we cannot change him. Don’t forget that his heart belongs to the human race as well.”

“True, the human race…” Habsburg laughed ruefully.

Anwen interrupted at this point, “I still believe that we shouldn’t eliminate the human race. Perhaps what awaits us after eradicating all daybreak lifeforms is destruction.”

“There were no daybreak lifeforms before the War of Daybreak.” Predica’s tone was cold.

Anwen argued, “A world cannot exist on a single type of energy. Darkness might’ve been prevalent during ancient times, but daybreak couldn’t have been absent entirely. Pulling in the darkness origins will produce an absolute region of darkness origin power in this world. Many of our people will also die under such an environment!”

“The doors have opened, and the Lord of Evernight has also fallen, the darkness origins is under our control now. As long as we release a sufficient amount of its energy and close the door, this absolute region will not occur.”

Anwen sighed. “I can’t stop you, so I can only hope what you say is true, that you can close the door as soon as you have enough energy. I fear that you will no longer be able to control yourself at that point. You people will eventually understand what it means to remove an intelligent species from this world.”

Predica said, “I understand your insistence, but you do not understand the end result of keeping the humans around. After I grasped the power of prophecy, I gradually discovered a mysterious power shrouding the fate of the human race. This has allowed them to make the right decisions at every critical juncture and avert some form of great disaster. The race seems to be boosted by this effect as well, making it so that experts arise in droves in every generation. This is similar to the werewolves’ ancestral power, but its level was much higher. If we do nothing, they’ll overtake our sacred races in a few centuries.”

“That’s just a guess. The real objective is to purge the world, isn’t it?”

Predica shook his head with a sigh. “His Majesty might think that, or maybe he has some unspoken reason. The fact remains that humans have become a great enemy to our faction. We cannot let go of any opportunity to wipe them out in one go. You are the future of the demonkin race, perhaps even that of Evernight itself, so you should do your best at such an important time. If you disagree with our methods, you can change all of that once you become a supreme.”

Anwen shook his head. “I don’t think I will ever reach that place.”

“You have the talent.”

“It’s not about talents but about the path. Becoming a supreme is an old path, and the one I’m walking is vastly different.”

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