Chapter 1458: Old Stories

Medanzo couldn’t understand why Qianye would cling to past grievances so much, even refusing his submission and loyalty.

A supreme offering his fealty was absolutely unprecedented since even their friendship was priceless. How many times has this occurred throughout Evernight’s history?

Medanzo’s eyes were full of disbelief up to the moment his life was extinguished. The rapidly draining vitality brought the monarch back to his senses. He said with a sinister smile, “Qianye, you moved too fast! There’s something I haven’t told you, nor will I ever tell you. When the time comes, you will regret it! The price of my friendship… is far beyond your imagination.”

Uttering these last words, the Lightless Monarch—one who had roamed the world for a thousand years—finally reached the end of his life.

The moment he fell to the ground, Qianye could feel the entire world trembling. A faint fluctuation brought with it a mournful song from the depths of the void.

At that moment, the River of Blood appeared once again. It was calm and relaxed, but there was a certain sadness in its flowing waters.

At the source of the river, Qianye saw the seal representing Medanzo’s bloodline slowly fade away and sink into the waters.

The Lightless Monarch had fallen, and the seal representing his bloodline faded into nothingness. It would only be ignited once again when one of his descendants had reached a sufficient level.

The River of Blood seemed to be in pain at Medanzo’s death. Truth be told, the river’s reaction was beyond Qianye’s expectations. The effects were even stronger than when the Azure King fell.

Qianye was a bit surprised. Could the River of Blood consider this mediocre monarch more important than Reynold?

After the episode of sorrow, the river slowly faded back into the void and disappeared. Qianye stood gazing at the sky with a serious expression. Through his blood core, he could sense some changes happening to the River of Blood; it was just that he couldn’t tell exactly what the changes were.

It seemed to be moving farther away?

Qianye wasn’t clear regarding the relative positions of the new world and the Evernight World, nor how the surface and inner worlds were structured. The two layers definitely weren’t separated just by a single wall. Hence, Qianye couldn’t say whether the River of Blood was moving closer or away.

It would seem there were numerous secrets that Qianye did not know.

After the river vanished, Qianye did away with his doubts and began searching Medanzo’s body. As a second-generation primogenitor who had lived for a thousand years, Medanzo’s stash was indeed bountiful. Unfortunately, there was nothing useful for the current Qianye. Even for those high-grade origin crystals and ores, he would have to bring them back and trade.

Qianye discovered several drops of essence blood from various other great dark monarchs. There were three drops of Reynold’s blood among them. It would seem Medanzo had gotten his hands on quite a few of the Azure King’s possessions.

After putting away the valuable items, Qianye cleared some space on the ground and carved the words “Here Fell the Lightless Monarch Medanzo.” onto a giant tree.

Perhaps countless years later, there might be vampires coming here to commemorate their second-generation primogenitor.

After carving the headstone, Qianye shot out a mass of grey energy onto Medanzo’s body. The flames formed of chaos origin power immediately reduced Medanzo’s body to ashes.

Considering the man’s status, it was only appropriate to go out in such a manner.

A wave of Qianye’s hands sent the Lightless Monarch’s ashes scattering in all directions, becoming a part of this forest and world.

Outside the Demon King’s Palace, a long flight of stairs stretched toward the palace high above.

A tall figure was walking calmly up the stairs and toward the palace.

It was at this time that the sound of grinding gears echoed through the air. The six giant beasts on the wall were spouting steam from their nostrils as they drove the machinery with all their might, pushing open the ten-meter gates to the Demon King’s Palace.

A handsome yet frail-looking man appeared behind the gates. Predica opened his arms, saying, “Welcome, Flaming Crown! The Demon King Palace hasn’t opened its gates in ten years, and you have become a character capable of doing so.”

Habsburg stopped in front of the threshold and said with a sigh, “I’d rather not become this person. So, does this mean Lightless has fallen?”

“You’re a vampire prince who has ignited a blood seal, why would you need to ask?” Predica said. Noticing the sadness in Habsburg’s eyes, he said, “You should be happy that he’s gone.”

“That is indeed the case if I consider only Medanzo as a person. The reason I’m sad is not because of him but for his title and the vampire race.”

Predica shrugged. “I don’t know how to console you, or if I should console you. Someone as smart as you should know that the vampire race is due for some change. Otherwise, only the abyss awaits your people at this rate.”

Habsburg’s voice was deep. “I know, but it’s still difficult to accept.”

“Let it be, let’s go in first. I’ve made some new discoveries on the trajectory of fate, let me share them with you.”

Habsburg followed Predica into the Demon King Palace. It was only after he had passed through the spacious plaza that the main gates closed behind him. This display was fairly respectful. One had to know that this was the Demon King’s official residence, at least in name. The palace’s courtesy represented the supreme’s respect for Habsburg.

After passing through the plaza and entering the main building, he turned right through a long corridor. This path finally took him to a large hall.

The hall was crafted from dark bronze—it was fairly sturdy and filled with the aura of passing time. There were numerous diagrams depicting the Evernight races carved intricately upon the walls. The majesty of this thirty-meter hall rushed straight at the visitor’s face.

Predica placed a hand on the doors and slowly pushed them open.

Habsburg calmly placed one hand on the door as well, and this hastened the process of opening.

“Thank you, I’ve been exhausted lately.” Predica laughed self-deprecatingly.

“No matter, we all know His Majesty’s habits.” Habsburg smiled kindly.

The Demon King did not like steam kinetics and origin arrays, a preference only privy to the highest echelons of Evernight. That was why the frail Predica found it somewhat difficult to push the heavy door open.

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