Chapter 1457: For Reynold

That was indeed a bit of mirage moon origin power. That constantly transforming aura was unique in the entire world.

Medanzo had clearly seen this origin power before. At the very least, he knew its characteristics enough to name it on sight. This was the sole reason he had taken such a big risk to enter the inner world.

This origin power was now before his eyes, a ray of hope to break his thousand-year shackle. Even the calm Medanzo couldn’t help but lose his composure.

This was how Andruil cast off his title as the Black-Winged Monarch and built his foundation to become the Lord of Evernight.

Medanzo’s voice was hoarse as he reached out a trembling hand, only to see the energy extinguish. His hand remained frozen in the air for a good while before he drew it back.

Medanzo collected himself and said, “Give it to me. My talents are no worse than Black Wing, I just wasn’t as brave as him. I can do whatever he managed to do. If only you will give me that seed, I can break through the limits and become a supreme.”

“Become a supreme? What then?”

Medanzo’s hands were trembling in the face of this simple question. He stared at Qianye and said with a raspy voice, “Let me see it, that thing you planned to subdue me with.”

“What will that accomplish?”

Medanzo said in a serious tone, “If you can subdue me, I will be subservient to you even on the Sacred Mountain. I will be your most loyal friend even if I fail to become a supreme. This I swear upon the River of Blood.”

Qianye was unmoved. “Did you say the same to the Demon King?”

Medanzo laughed. “The Demon King’s offer was much better. I was to manage the new vampire race from here on out, one who answers only to the Queen of the Night. My authority among the demonkin is on par with the Eternal Flame and even higher than the Masefield clan lord.”

“Then why would you submit to me, instead?”

Medanzo’s breathing turned rapid. “That means you have a chance at reaching the supreme realm?”

“Answer me.”

“The Demon King’s courtesy toward me is simply because I’m a great dark monarch of pure bloodline who has lived through the Lost Season. On the other hand, we are great dark monarchs with no hope or craving for future progress. There’s nothing that can bind us, so the only way to move us is with a generous offer. You are different! You have an open path to the supreme rank, so it’s different for you!”

Medanzo’s voice grew louder and louder. “After a thousand years of being stuck in the same place, you cannot imagine how deep my yearning is for a new realm, a new world!”

Returning to a serious tone, he said, “In truth, I don’t really care about the authority that comes with being on the Sacred Mountain. What I want is to go up there and see what it’s like. That is all.”

Qianye could sympathize somewhat, but he was still puzzled in other areas.

Medanzo waited quietly for Qianye’s answer.

After a moment, Qianye said, “There is more than one path to the Sacred Mountain. Just like there are two types of origin powers, the path to the supreme realm is split into transformational and everlasting.”

With that, Qianye stretched out his left hand and sent a mote of hazy light circling around his palm. Upon careful examination, one could see that the energy was transforming endlessly. Even someone as powerful as Medanzo could not grasp all of its changes. This was the mirage moon origin power Andruil had relied on to reach the supreme rank.

Of course, it wasn’t that Qianye had grasped the essence of this origin power. He was simply releasing some of the tree sap’s power, which would eventually run out.

Just as Medanzo was intoxicated by the display, a grey feather appeared in Qianye’s right hand. This feather simply hovered in silence, as though it would remain the same until the end of the world.

Medanzo was no stranger to this feather. In fact, his impression of it was beyond deep. It was these feathers that had pushed him to the ground as he was about to flee. Even his raging dark purple blood flames could only burn the feather at a snail’s pace, a bad trade through and through.

Back when he was running for his life, he had no time for anything beyond amazement. Only now did he get the chance to take a good look.

His gaze was stuck to the feather and unable to look away at all.

The grey feather wasn’t ethereal but an actual existence. It simply remained in its position without the slightest movement. This subtle feeling was rather amazing, so much so that Medanzo fell into deep but fruitless contemplation. He stared at the feather for a long while and then at the mirage moon origin power. He finally understood after comparing the extremes of transformation and calmness. “As long as daybreak and darkness origin powers exist in this world, it will never move!”

The grey feather did not drain any energy. It was simply absorbing the two origin powers from the environment to sustain itself in balance. As long as there were two types of origin power in the air, it would remain in existence for eternity. It would only start to degrade and recede only after one type of energy was gone.

The mirage moon origin power was constantly transforming between different types of energy, while chaos origin power transformed different types of energy to keep itself constant. The two were indeed polar opposites.

Medanzo was an intelligent person who had merely been limited by his bloodline for a thousand years. He had already seen through the reasoning that had blocked his path for so long, and a path to the supreme realm was slowly taking shape in his thoughts.

The only problem was that he would never be able to break the limitations of his bloodline and take that final step. He needed the two seeds in Qianye’s hand in order to modify his bloodline.

Looking at the feather for a while, Medanzo shook his head in regret. “Eternity is good, but the foundational requirements are terrifying. That’s not something I can withstand. This mirage moon is actually much better. At the very least, I would have a chance at controlling it.”

Mirage moon represented change, so the requirements to control it were speed and intelligence. In this regard, the great dark monarch possessed a lot of secret arts. Although he was a ways off from being able to control this power, there was still some hope.

The chaos origin power was a completely different story. It was firm, heavy, and posed great requirements upon the practitioner’s foundations. Its existence alone could tear the void apart. Medanzo would never dare to bring such a seed into his body.

Medanzo quickly remembered something at that moment. “Y-You, don’t tell me you’ve already…”

Qianye said calmly, “This chaos origin power is what I’ve been using.”

Medanzo finally understood. He sighed with a complicated expression, “No wonder, no wonder…”

He struggled to get up and knelt down on one knee. “You have convinced me entirely. I am willing to be your servant even if I become a supreme.”

However, he hadn’t even finished speaking when an azure blade stabbed through his blood core!”

Medanzo glanced at the sword in disbelief. “Why…”

“For Reynold.”

“But Reynold is dead, and I… am a future supreme. Why?”

“For Reynold.”

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