Chapter 1456: Searching for the Holy Mountain (Part 2)

Qianye simply gazed at Medanzo, with knitted brows that displayed his skeptical attitude.

Medanzo laughed wryly. “I know this goes against common sense, but Andruil’s existence itself goes against common sense. Normally, the Black-Winged Monarch would forever have to be the Black-Winged Monarch, even after becoming a supreme or beyond. Yet, he could not become a supreme as the Black-Winged Monarch. As vampires, we are inherently powerful, but we are also bound by our bloodlines. Our paths will always end at a certain height. This is the truth.”

After reaching his current level, Qianye had also come to understand much about bloodlines and the fetters it posed on the person. It could be said that the highest level of achievement in each vampire’s life was determined from birth, with no way of changing this destiny.

The only way forward was to obtain the origin blood of a powerful character and raise their bloodline. After pushing oneself up to a certain height, their entire bloodline would undergo a change. From a certain perspective, such vampires would no longer be themselves at that point and instead become that powerful character’s progeny.

Medanzo said angrily, “It’s because he’s the Black Wing that he was never destined to reach the Sacred Mountain, and as the Lightless, I am even farther removed. That eternal existence on the mountain is simply there because she is the Queen of the Night, the second drop of blood from the River of Blood! Do you understand? You should know by now that our ultimate potential is decided by our bloodlines. We can do nothing but wait for a thousand years!”

Qianye nodded ever so slightly. Medanzo was correct—Lilith was destined to become the most powerful being from birth.

Medanzo’s face became abnormally flushed. It would seem the excitement had worsened his injury. He clutched his chest and said in a loud voice, “I was also a genius back in ancient times! I became a great dark monarch even sooner than Reynold. What happened after that? Howard, that bastard, became more and more arrogant, simply because my bloodline wasn’t suitable for combat! They might’ve forgotten about the Lost Season, but I remember! Even though it’s a disgrace...”

Qianye could understand the man’s feelings. If it wasn’t for his dual-attributes and the Song Clan Ancient Scroll that constantly purified his bloodline, he would probably have stopped at the marquis level. There was no way he would enjoy his current accomplishments.

Medanzo collected himself for a bit and gazed at Qianye with complicated emotions. Moments later, he said with a sigh, “Among the second generation primogenitors, Andruil is the only one who wasn’t willing to accept his destiny. Who would’ve thought he would succeed… and finally become the Lord of Evernight… how enviable!”

Medanzo propped himself up, looking a bit more spirited. “Black Wing gave us all a ray of hope to cast off our restrictions. He proved to us that there was a way forward after reaching the end of our paths, something beyond hovering at the same rank for centuries. Although he was still a Monroe on the surface, his origin power has become something else entirely! This is hope, hope for all the great dark monarchs! This is the path to becoming a supreme!”

An opportunity to progress was extremely attractive to those great dark monarchs who had been stuck at that rank for over a thousand years. No wonder Medanzo had rushed over to the new world.

Qianye asked, “What about the Twilight Continent? Aren’t you afraid someone will report to the Queen?”

“The Queen?” Medanzo looked puzzled. “Do you really think she doesn’t know? As the second drop of blood, her power far exceeds your imagination. No space or void can stop her gaze.”

“What?!” Qianye’s heart sank.

Medanzo said slowly, “The Lost Season holds special meaning to the supremes. They might’ve lost their memories in the process, but they had also obtained some omens that ordinary great dark monarchs cannot see. The three supremes fought Andruil during the opening of the new world. Reportedly, the three supremes received a revelation during this process, and it was because of that revelation that the Demon King launched the war on Twilight Continent.”

“How did you know? You could not have taken part in the fight.”

Qianye wasn’t polite, but he spoke the truth. He had the qualifications to say such things at the moment. Although he had launched a sneak attack with the first shot, the following fights were head-on battles. Besides, concealment and ambush were Qianye’s specialty. Regardless of the process, the fact remained that Medanzo was now collapsed on the ground. Qianye could now stand shoulder to shoulder with the man at the very least.

Medanzo’s expression was unsightly, but his fate was in the other party’s hands. “The Demon King told me what happened. The revelation was rather blurry, but it was because of this revelation that the Queen of the Night remained silent and let the Demon King do as he wished.”

“What are the contents of this revelation?”

“It’s related to the apocalypse. All I know is that it’s related to daybreak origin power. Back in the year, the factions behind Black Wing and the Queen fell out because they couldn’t agree on a stance against daybreak origin power and humans in particular. The Demon King has always wanted to return the world to its pure state before the Lost Season.”

Qianye frowned. “What does the revelation have to do with the vampires? Why must he destroy those clans?”

“Several ancient seals among the thirteen were tainted with daybreak origin power, and it was the vampires who had transmitted it to the River of blood. The Demon King believes that it is because of this taint that the river is slowly leaving this world. This has always been the Queen’s greatest concern. Also…”

Medanzo glanced at Qianye without continuing. The latter said with a frown, “Go on!”

“After opening the new world and channeling the darkness origins to Evernight, the power of the black sun will push all daybreak origin power outward. When that time comes, all humans and daybreak creatures will die, along with the tainted vampires and werewolves. That’s why it’s the same whether we kill them sooner or later.”

“One last question. Andruil said someone unexpected appeared during that last battle. Who is it?”

Medanzo stared blankly into space. He seemed a bit hesitant, but he finally said, “This is just a guess. Only supremes could’ve taken part in the final battle, even I couldn’t get close. The only one who can get close apart from the supremes… is Nighteye.”

“What is her relationship to the Queen?”

Medanzo revealed a crafty smile. “You will find out if you let me go.”

Qianye stopped speaking and ignited a small mote of hazy light from his fingertips. “What do you think this is?”

Medanzo’s blood core almost stopped beating for a moment. “This is… the path to becoming supreme!”

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