Chapter 1455: Searching for the Holy Mountain

Medanzo cried out with such force that Qianye felt like tripping over. He didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. “Do you think a surrender will work?”

“Why not? We have no unresolvable hatred between us. Even if we do, it’s nothing compared to a thousand years. Descendants are no longer important once you reach my level of achievement. There are dozens of geniuses among them, and it’s fine even if half of them end up dead.”

The Lightless Monarch spoke as if it was all right and proper. In fact, he did make a certain degree of sense—those at the great dark monarch level lived much longer than their descendants. It wasn’t a rare sight to see primogenitors living well even after the descendants of their descendants had passed. Their enmity also becomes rather judicious and at times diluted.

Medanzo was overjoyed when Qianye lowered his blade slightly. “My existence will be highly beneficial to you. At least, I can teach you many things I have learned over a thousand years, things even the Queen and Andruil cannot give you.”

Qianye said, “Do you mean to say you’re stronger than them?”

Medanzo shook his head. “Of course not. Not to mention the Queen, I’m no longer a match for Andruil following the War of Daybreak. Even the Azure King is stronger than me. However, it is precisely because I’m weaker that I have accumulated more knowledge than they have. This is also why the Demon King was willing to accept me and not Reynold.”

“That’s the reason? Not because Reynold would never surrender?” Qianye sneered.

Medanzo wasn’t angry. “You wouldn’t think that if you have heard about the Lost Season.”

Qianye said calmly, “What is the Lost Season?”

“The Lost Season is the Evernight World’s greatest secret. It only exists in those who had been alive since ancient times, namely great dark monarchs and supremes. One cannot even sense it otherwise.” Medanzo seemed deeply fearful as he spoke of it, and there weren’t a lot of things in Evernight that he was afraid of.

Qianye seemed rather curious. “Be more specific.”

“How do I describe it? It’s a formless power that once washed over the entire Evernight World. As a type of energy, it is far superior in quality, so only those with sufficient power could sense its existence. It didn’t remain very long, receding like the tides soon after covering the entire realm. It was more like… a passerby.”

“Passerby?” Qianye found it difficult to believe.

Medanzo nodded in certainty. “Yes, it seemed to be passing by. It seemed to have found something… or not… and left just like that. No one knows where it came from or where it went.”

“Just like that?”

“Not just that. Although it was just passing by, its existence in and of itself affected our world irreversibly and decisively. One of the side-effects of its arrival was the rise of the humans.”

Qianye simply watched as Medanzo’s aura rose… until the latter felt alarmed by the attention.

“Do away with the unnecessary thoughts. You do realize I’m recovering faster than you are. The Eternal Flame might be able to take a third shot from the Red Spider Lily, but you can’t.”

Medanzo’s expression shifted several times. Finally, he squeezed out a smile, saying, “I didn’t do anything.”

“Don’t you think you know too many details about the Lost Season?”

Medanzo said in shock, “Of course, I know. I experienced it myself.”

Qianye had no intention of circling around this topic. “Andruil didn’t go into that much detail.”

Medanzo was startled. “You’ve met Andruil?”

“His remnant consciousness.”

Medanzo wanted to say something, but then held back from doing so. “That mysterious power is extremely special. Only those strong enough to communicate with the world itself can sense its existence, and once that happens, the person would be affected. The stronger one is, the deeper his connection with the world. Hence, those at or above the supreme level lost most of their memories from the ancient era. Although Andruil hadn’t reached his peak back then, his strength had reached the level of a supreme, so the impact he suffered was only a bit weaker. Back then, I’m the one who was the least affected.”

At this point, Medanzo laughed self-deprecatingly. This was more or less an admission that he was the weakest among the great dark monarchs.

This explanation was fairly plausible. The power of the Lost Season had impacted the highest echelons of this world. Great dark monarchs were connected to the origins of the world, and the supremes were more or less a part of the realm. They were sure to be affected the most deeply if the world itself had undergone a change.

“What exactly is that energy, tell me in detail”

That question was rather difficult for Medanzo to answer. “I could only sense its existence, there was no way for me to touch its essence. If I had done that, I would’ve been assimilated, and my memories would become a part of its existence. If I must describe it… that thing is closer to daybreak, but it’s definitely not daybreak origin power. Daybreak saw a momentous rise in the Evernight World after its coming, so the supremes believe it to be the reason. However, that’s just a guess because their memories regarding it have been assimilated.”

Qianye was surprised. Who would’ve thought there would be such an inherently powerful and tyrannical existence. If it had stayed in the Evernight World for a while longer, perhaps the entire realm would’ve transformed. Perhaps humans would’ve become the lords of the world in that scenario. After all, they were the most suitable creatures to wield daybreak origin power. According to the ratio of an ordinary lifespan, humans were much more talented than the four major dark races.

Of course, the world could no longer be called Evernight at that point.

There was nothing more to ask by this time. Rather than the loss of memory in the most powerful existences, the Lost Season’s greatest effect was more a change in the origin power structure and balance of the world. That was what allowed the humans to rise to power, and that was how heroes like the Founding Ancestor appeared.

“Then, last question. Why are you here?”

Medanzo sighed. “I wanted to find Andruil’s final resting place and see if he left behind anything good.”

“Andruil’s inheritance is useless to you, no?” Qianye was a bit surprised. Every great dark monarch had to carve his own path. Other people’s things were probably useless at that point. Only weapons like grand magnums and tools like the Wings of Inception would be somewhat helpful. 

Qianye possessed the Red Spider Lily and the Wings of Inception, no different from having two grand magnums in one. He could only fire two shots with chaos origin power, and those two shots only managed to injure Medanzo to the point of collapse.

A great dark monarch wasn’t easy to kill, no matter how weak he was.

Medanzo said, “I’m not here for his items, but rather, his path.“

Even more surprised, Qianye waited for the remainder of the conversation.

Medanzo took a deep breath and said, “What Andruil left behind is a path that can allow anyone to reach the Sacred Mountain!”

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