Chapter 1454: I Surrender

Under present circumstances, the Red Spider Lily was the bane of Medanzo’s existence. Even his strongest domain no one knew about was shattered under its power.

As the mirrors shattered, Medanzo fell from the air and tumbled downward, almost unable to control himself. His face was pale, with large clouds of dark purple blood energy seeping out from his body.

This wasn’t Medanzo displaying his might but rather him unable to control his blood energy. All of a sudden, his figure split into dozens of illusions that ran off in different directions.

The Red Spider Lily had doubtlessly injured Medanzo, but no great dark monarch could be killed in a single shot. The vampire knew Qianye had the power to end his life at this point, so he no longer dared to be careless.

However, countless feathers appeared in the air at this moment, and these feathers shattered Medanzo’s illusions upon contact. In a flash, only the real body remained in the area.

On the verge of life and death, Medanzo was unimaginably swift. Several afterimages appeared in Qianye’s vision, flickering haphazardly as the monarch shifted his speed erratically. This rendered all lock-on techniques useless. The only way was to use a homing projectile, but what kind of bullet would it take to catch up to a fleeing great dark monarch?

Medanzo had just rushed out a short distance when a grey feather fell upon him. His figure sank downward the moment that feather touched him, slowing him down sharply. In the blink of an eye, even more chaos feathers landed on his body. Each of them added a mountain’s worth of weight to his body and slowed him down by an order of magnitude.

By the time there were eight feathers on him, Medanzo had slowed down to a crawl. Not to mention Qianye, even a random marquis could catch up to him.

Medanzo’s heart sank.

Eight didn’t seem like a lot of feathers, but that was the entire number in Qianye’s domain, and all of them were focused on Medanzo. This was akin to Qianye pressing down with the entire power of his domain without any waste.

Seeing that the grey feathers were obstructing his movements, Medanzo tried to burn away the feathers with dark purple blood flames, but the feathers remained intact as the fire receded. Medanzo’s fire had lost entirely.

The Lightless Monarch’s heart sank yet again.

He had long since known that Qianye’s dark golden blood energy was powerful, but he had always believed that he would be slightly superior. After all, he was a second-generation primogenitor, someone comparable to the likes of the Azure King and the Black-Winged Monarch. In truth, however, Andruil had long since left him in the dust and become a supreme.

Qianye’s origin power capacity was clearly inferior to Medanzo, yet the former was able to suppress the great dark monarch immediately. This proved that Qianye’s unassuming grey origin power was far superior to Medanzo’s dark purple blood energy. The two were simply not in the same grade.

Medanzo suddenly sensed the air begin to transform as countless mirrors appeared around him. He cried out in great alarm, “Wait! I surrender!”

Qianye only pretended not to hear as a transparent origin bullet shot out from the Red Spider Lily. This crystalline projectile actually contained a frozen red spider lily inside of it.

The bullet blasted the mirrors apart, leaving behind the image of a wilting red spider lily.

Medanzo once again appeared in the air, coughing up a mouthful of air as he slammed to the ground.

“You’re still alive?” Qianye was a bit surprised. Who would’ve thought this Medanzo would be so powerful that he was still alive after taking two shots from the Red Spider Lily powered by the Wings of Inception? Only at this point did Qianye truly understand how tenacious a great dark monarch’s vitality really was.

Shaking his head, Qianye put away the Red Spider Lily. Medanzo might be able to survive two shots, but he couldn’t fire a third anymore. In fact, he was already drained and might fall asleep any moment.

The Red Spider Lily required terrifying amounts of energy to fire, and the Wings of Inception also tapped into his reserves in order to empower the grand magnum. Qianye couldn’t activate the gun using its own energy like Zhao Ruoxi. He had to channel his chaos origin power to drive the weapon, and this consumption would only grow larger after the lilies blossomed.

Medanzo struggled to his feet after a couple of tries. His expression was full of terror at first, but he quickly realized that Qianye was also staggering and that the gun had been put away. As an old fox who had lived over a thousand years, he immediately understood that Qianye had run out of energy and could no longer fire the third shot.

The terror faded from the monarch’s countenance, replaced by a livid expression as he propped himself up against a nearby tree.

Qianye watched him with a weird expression. “What? Still trying?”

Medanzo sneered. “I’m badly injured, but you don’t have the strength to attack anymore, do you? Now that you haven’t killed me in two shots, you have no more opportunity. Next, we’ll have to see who recovers faster. I don’t think you can compare to a great dark monarch in that aspect.”

“You speak as though you can escape. You can’t even stand.” Qianye laughed.

“Who said so? Watch, I’ll stand up.” Several streams of dark purple blood energy surged out from Medanzo’s body and propped him up.

Qianye was stunned. “You recover pretty fast.”

Although Qianye’s domain had vanished after firing two shots, it was still a surprise that Medanzo would recover so quickly and be able to stand up. This arachne-like regenerative ability was actually Medanzo’s hidden ace, one he had kept a secret all this time.

High speed, high defense, and rapid regeneration, even surrendering to stall for time. No wonder this great dark monarch had lived so long.

“You can’t use that Dragonsgrave anymore, can you? Can you injure me even if I stand here and do nothing? Oh, right, let me remind you that I can leave after ten minutes. You’d better come up with a good idea within that time.”

Qianye simply watched Medanzo with a strange expression.

Medanzo frowned, saying, “There’s still enough time if you want to change your mind. Perhaps you should be thinking about how to calm my anger so that I won’t hunt you down afterward. You cannot bear the consequences of infuriating a great dark monarch, nor should you.”

“So you want me to surrender?” Qianye’s expression became even stranger.

“You could say that.”

Medanzo was heavily injured but recovering at a rapid pace. His defenses were fairly strong, so normal attacks would not go through his skin even if he were to stand there doing nothing. Considering his vengeful nature, he would surely cause endless trouble once he escaped.

Qianye said, “You’ve grown old, your memory seems to have faded quite a bit. I have something that can deal with you.”

Seeing the azure sword appear in Qianye’s hand, Medanzo cried out, “I surrender!”

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