Chapter 1452: Lightless Domain

It wasn’t easy for two small squads to run into one another in this vast world, but Qianye had the help of the mother tree and Medanzo was also actively searching for the enemy. The two armies soon came face to face at the designated location.

The landscape in the area was complicated, with several giant stone pillars. The trees between these stone structures weren’t any shorter, and the land itself was uneven.

The lay of the land made it difficult to snipe from a distance, but it was suitable for the Attawa soldiers. The Lightless Monarch, of course, wouldn’t mind such a minor inconvenience. On the contrary, he hoped enough natives would come together. That would save him some time.

When he sensed a tremendous killing intent between the quiet trees in front of him, the man laughed and led his troops forward.

A wind stirred in the quiet forest, carrying the strange warcries of the Attawa soldiers. It was difficult to tell just how many people there were as the cries stirred from all directions. Medanzo’s subordinates looked rather fearful as they stuck closer to the monarch.

These Attawa were like ants to Medanzo; their great numbers only meant that he would have to spend a bit more time. It was different for his subordinates—any random soldier in the Attawa army was no weaker than them, and those giant wargods were far more powerful. Just like a fight between a well-equipped hunter and a wild beast, it was difficult to tell who would come out alive in a duel.

Medanzo noticed his men’s expressions. “Trash.” He sneered as his figure vanished from the spot. When he reappeared, there was an Attawa in his hand.

Medanzo grasped the man’s throat tightly, his expression so warm that it felt eerily distorted. Just like that, he watched the prey in his hand struggle and descend to his inevitable doom.

More Attawa appeared from nearby, waving their weapons in anger. Medanzo’s smile only grew more exaggerated as he found their fury comical.

Finally, one of the soldiers could no longer hold back. He charged over with a loud roar, reaching for his crystal halfway through.

Medanzo did nothing for a while. Only when the soldier was close by did he reach out at lightning speed and tossed the soldier away.

That Attawa soldier reacted a moment too late. By the time his body exploded, he was back in his formation. Not only did the violent eruption fail to affect Medanzo, but it also killed two Attawa.

Qianye—who had been observing the scene in secret—raised his brows in surprise. It would seem Medanzo had already experienced this tactic and had developed a way to deal with the suicidal attacks.

However, Qianye wasn’t moved by this. He simply remained in place like a cold rock, his aura contained as he waited for the perfect opportunity.

The battle reached its climax very soon as one Attawa after another jumped at Medanzo. The giant wargods also attacked at the same time. The air was filled with the sound of spears and javelins. The weapons were hurled with such power that even Medanzo didn’t want to block them head-on.

The Lightless Monarch’s figure flickered repeatedly within a small area, evading all of the attacks with relative ease. His subordinates, however, did not have his capability. Miserable cries rang out as three vampires were pierced by javelins and collapsed to the ground.

“Trash!” Medanzo couldn’t care less about the fate of his men. All he did was express his dissatisfaction.

The man attacked all of a sudden, throwing back several Attawa soldiers who had just crushed their crystals. His movements were brief and swift—the three warriors flew back dozens of meters back into the crowd, where they exploded after a brief pause. The powerful explosion did little to Medanzo, but the charging Attawa behind were gravely injured.

Qianye was moved ever so slightly. He knew that over a hundred Attawa had fallen, but he remained motionless still.

During the first battle, his opportunity had only come after Su Wen sacrificed herself.

The situation on the battlefield changed once again. The Attawa soldiers learned to adjust their tactics amidst the pain and losses. They no longer sent their elites forward to commit suicide and instead conserved their fighting power. Using the giant wargods as support, they began encircling Medanzo from a distance. The ordinary soldiers moved to protect the giant wargods, whose attacks even the Lightless Monarch wasn’t willing to take head-on.

The battle fell into an impasse, but that didn’t mean the Attawa had any chance at survival. Medanzo’s figure weaved about erratically, stirring up wisps of dark purple blood energy in the air. The energy took on the form of Medanzo and would even attack actively. These illusions looked just like the monarch himself, and even their attacks possessed a bit of blood energy fluctuation. Only after attacking would the enemy see clearly whether it was an illusion or not.

In the blink of an eye, there were dozens of Medanzos on the battlefield, making it difficult to tell where the real person was. The blood beasts that appeared in the domain were all transformed into images of himself. Just from this, it was easy to say that Medanzo’s title as great dark monarch was well deserved.

One Attawa soldier after another fell during this process. Their counterattacks only struck the illusions, unable to threaten the real Medanzo. With enough time, Medanzo could take down even a thousand Attawa soldiers. These weren’t ordinary natives but a thousand experts, the weakest of whom were counts.

Only a single giant wargod in the entire Attawa force could barely keep up with Medanzo’s movements. However, his spears would always curve around the great dark monarch as though space itself was distorted there.

The giant wargod was both furious and puzzled. He did the only thing he could—hurl the spears with even greater power—yet none of them hit their target. Even the lightning and wind powers on the javelins would always warp and deviate from the target.

The giant wargods’ frustrated roars filled the battlefield, but all they received in return was a sneer from Medanzo.

The Lightless Monarch’s vicinity wasn’t empty in Qianye’s vision. Countless strands of blood energy weaved together to form mirrors that distorted the vampire’s image. Medanzo’s body wasn’t where others perceived it to be. It wasn’t that the spears’ trajectories were distorted or curved, but rather, they had aimed at an empty spot in the first place. It was just that the spears’ imagery was warped, so the giants saw their weapons going in a curve.

Qianye was as calm as still water when he pulled the trigger. But all of a sudden, his origin power began to churn as Medanzo turned in his direction with an eerie smile. “I’ve been waiting for you!”

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