Chapter 1449: Path to Destruction

Could the world exist if there was only darkness or daybreak origin power? There was no need to reply to this question. That was because the races of Evernight had only experienced one world—perhaps the Great Maelstrom could also be considered one. Daybreak and darkness existed side by side in these two worlds.

Only experts could set foot in the recent new world, and they didn’t really make for good test subjects regarding the world.

According to Qianye’s observation, the inner world wasn’t totally devoid of daybreak origin power. That wasn’t important anymore because humans had no way to survive under such conditions.

Noticing Qianye’s thoughts, Andruil said, “Do you understand now? The daybreak origin power around the darkness origins will erode and transform, producing a pure Evernight World. And humans will surely perish in it.”

Qianye looked up at the black sun hanging in the sky, a never-setting sun that illuminated the entire world in silence. It was pouring down darkness origin power every moment of its existence, just like a single eye looking over myriads of life.

Qianye suddenly realized something. “Could it be that the daybreak origin power in the outer new world was repelled by the inner world?”

“You could say that, but those are just scattered remnants. One day, the inner world will surely assimilate the outer layer, and there will be no more daybreak origin power left here.”

At this point, Andruil paused for a bit. “A bit of daybreak origin power can still remain in this world and the surface layer, but how about Evernight? Where will the daybreak origin power go? The most probable scenario is that a thin layer of daybreak origin power will form around the Evernight World, but the humans will die off all the same.”

Qianye turned silent.

Even if a layer of daybreak origin power were to form, the energy would become as thin as a sheet of paper after spreading across such an area. And how would humans live at that time, on airships?

The Empire’s current technology wasn’t enough to cross the boundless void in search of a new home.

Throughout history, the Empire and Evernight had been trying to destroy one another other, but neither had thought to destroy a type of origin power to this end.

Qianye said all of a sudden, “The Demon King spoke of a pure Evernight World. Is this what he was looking for?”

Andruil said, “That is probably related to the inner world.”

Qianye still felt skeptical as he gazed at the sun in the sky. “But how is he going to move this sun back to the Evernight World?”

Andruil shook his head. “You underestimate the darkness origins. This is a terrifying power that can change entire worlds. They only need to set up a stable passage between here and Evernight. Before long, the entire world will become a land of darkness.”

“Even the demonkin won’t be able to adapt to this living origin power, will they?”

“Not in this generation, but they will evolve and adapt at one point. Even the supremes of the Sacred Mountain are determined to make this sacrifice for the future.”

“Isn’t this completely different from what the world believes? Everyone says as long as the supremes remain, it’s fine even if all the other members die.”

Andruil said, “That’s because they don’t understand the supremes, nor will they ever come into contact with them. From what I know, the Spider Queen has been making sacrifices to produce more arachne experts. Otherwise, she would be stronger than she is now. The Demon King and Lilith… sigh!”

At the mention of the Queen, Andruil let out a long sigh and went silent.

After a while, Andruil said, “Our first conflict was on the topic of bringing in the darkness origins. I felt that introducing the origins would change the Evernight World too drastically, and that might not be a good thing. There had to be a better way to suppress the humans. I met Yuqing later on. It is she who made me realize that every intelligent creature in this world had a right to live. We can fight and can kill enemies on the battlefield, but we should not commit genocide.

“Lilith changed completely after the Lost Season. She became more stubborn and believed firmly that humans were the greatest threat to the Evernight World, even more so than the demonkin. In the three hundred years following the Lost Season, she pushed war after war against the Empire—all the while ignoring the Demon King. Back then, neither Reynold nor I managed to dissuade her. At one point, I asked her what exactly she had seen that made her that way. She said she saw the future during the Lost Season but that her memories were blurry afterward.”

Andruil said, “Back then, I had already touched on the doors of the mirage moon origin power and grown much stronger. I chose to fight her in order to stop the opening of the new world.

“I lost the battle. She didn’t kill me, but just like she wouldn’t give up on the darkness origins, I wouldn’t let Yuqing and her people die in my generation. Everything that followed was no different from the legends. I arrived in the new world on my own and converted my blood energy to mirage moon origin power.”

Qianye suddenly noticed something familiar in Andruil’s aura, almost as though he had sensed it somewhere recently. “Don’t tell me…”

“Correct, you’ve noticed it. The so-called will of the new world is my will. For countless years, I attempted to merge myself into the world because that is the only way I can stand against the three supremes. Yet, time was not on my side. All I can do at this point is nudge the world in certain directions.”

Qianye finally understood why the malicious intent of the new world had ignored the Empire and targeted Evernight.

“War cannot wipe out the human race. It will, at most, weaken them, and that is an outcome I can accept. But to draw in the darkness origins and wipe out an entire race is something I cannot agree to. It’s not like I want to help the human race, but I don’t want Yuqing’s descendants to be wiped out.”

“Since you can channel the will of the new world, why did you die?”

With Andruil’s strength and the new world as his foundation, he should’ve been more or less immortal. Why did he fall?

“She discovered my existence after entering the outer world. The three supremes then worked together to break the world between the inner and outer worlds. The passage through which you entered was their masterpiece. It’s just that a certain person appeared when the passage opened, and her existence forced me to come out and fight the supremes. Lilith is still the same as before. Even in my peak state, even with my perfect control over the mirage moon origin power, I was only able to fight her to a draw…”

At this point, Andruil laughed. “She didn’t want to kill me, but the Demon King and the Spider Queen didn’t show any mercy. I already knew this day would come hundreds of years ago. Well, they also paid a steep price to kill me, suffice to say they’re not having a good time now.”

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