Chapter 1427: Living Origin Power

Charging into the new world was a careful decision on Qianye’s part.

A while ago, he had gone to Serafis Continent and killed Duke Meistan, the clan lord. Although he didn’t actually wipe out the clan entirely, the situation was pretty close. The clan hadn’t produced a single worthwhile genius in the past century, so no one among them was even qualified as a breeding partner.

Under such circumstances, it was probably Duke Meistan himself who was doing the cross-breeding. He had also unintentionally touched upon a secret of certain significance.

In truth, Qianye didn’t really feel that there was anything so outstanding about Duke Meistan’s origin defenses. Not to mention the current Qianye, even his past self was on a completely different level in terms of defense—be it the offensive defense of his Venus Dawn on the daybreak side or his perfect constitution on the vampire side.

If even Meistan could be called the Aegis Wellspring, couldn’t Qianye call himself the warship armor or something? A double armor at that.

Then again, the demonkin had always been frail, only a bit stronger than humans. Their defenses weren’t anything to write home about, either.

Their physical bodies might not be powerful, but the demonkin had many other ways to make up for it. For instance, they held a unique advantage in the crafting of top-grade equipment. Even the vampires were a bit inferior in that regard.

That said, Qianye’s killing of Meistan was no different from a fierce blow to the demonkin’s greatest weakness. This couldn’t be described as a simple enmity.

The demonkin might not find this serious at the moment, but since Anwen could see through it, there was no guarantee that the other demonkin wouldn’t. Besides, Qianye trusted Anwen’s judgment—the Demon King wasn’t one to be easily tricked. Habsburg might not be able to stop him once he was furious.

No one knew what the inner world was like. Most importantly, the will of the new world prevented the supremes from using their full power or descending with a projection. Divination and prophetic powers were useless even in the outer new world, let alone the inner.

Entering the inner world meant that even the Demon King wouldn’t be able to chase him down easily. They would need to increase their manpower and intercept him as a group.

From a different perspective, Qianye knew that the Book of Darkness was something the Demon King wanted at all costs. The darkness origins in the inner world was also something the council had been targeting since ancient times. With these two factors combined, the entire council’s focus should be tied up in the inner world, and Nighteye would be safe outside. The demonkin would not target her even if she was now a crown prince.

At the bottom of the pit, Qianye could still see some of the black embers as well as the black rock behind them. A surge of pain washed over him as he shot through the dying flames. Even though a tiny amount of them remained burning, these black flames were as tyrannical as ever.

Behind the black fire appeared a world of light and shadow, somewhat similar to the Great Maelstrom passage. It was just that this one was fairly short; he had already exited through the other end before he could figure out the surroundings.

Qianye found himself falling from dozens of meters in the air. Landing firmly on the ground with a flip, Qianye glanced at his surroundings.

His current location was a valley. The ground was made of black rock, covered in all kinds of strange plants. There were also human-sized plants that resembled spikey meatballs. There were also giant trees, with leaves that were dozens of meters in size growing around a spherical body.

Additionally, there were grasses with jagged edges and a metallic luster.

Qianye bent down to touch the grass and flicked it with his finger, eliciting a pop as he bent it. He was a bit surprised—the vegetation of the new world was definitely sturdy. That flick of his was enough to break metal, yet he could only bend this blade of grass.

This grass alone could be made into weapons of good quality if he could export them.

Qianye picked up a rock and tried crushing it with his fingers. The rock crumbled into powder, revealing specks of metallic particles within.

This rock was an ore of the highest quality, with preformed metallic particles within. Qianye didn’t know what kind of metal it contained, but the ore formed in the environment of the new world would surely have special properties.

Qianye’s eyes turned blue as he switched to origin power vision. There were wisps of strange origin power floating around in the air, almost visible to the naked eye. The outer part of the new world contained abnormal amounts of daybreak origin power, while the inner world was the exact opposite.

Qianye reached out and condensed some scarlet flames. The plume of fire was just the size of a fist, and its surface was being eroded constantly. He sensed that the amount of energy needed to maintain this little ball of fire was enough to conjure a fiery sphere one meter in diameter.

And this was Venus Dawn; any other human would find the situation even more uncomfortable. It would seem that the human experts weren’t going to have a great time.

Qianye was alarmed as he carefully sensed the flowing darkness origin power. He could actually sense a familiar scent in the air. That was a type of… vitality?”

Origin power was the foundation of every world, almost like elements in the physical world. How could it be alive?

Yet with Qianye’s Eye of Control, which was much greater than the Eye of Destruction when it came to perception, he could clearly sense the life energy in the darkness origin power, almost like early life-forms that had just come into this world.

No, the streams of darkness origin power couldn’t be considered life since they were somewhere between inanimate and animate. They might turn into living creatures the next moment, or they might stay in this state for eternity.

Or perhaps they were already a special type of life form, just different from the biological system of the Evernight World. Such strange energy forms would be an important target in studying the laws of this world.

Qianye felt a bit regretful about Anwen not being here. The enthusiastic researcher would be ecstatic and even stay here for prolonged periods to study the environment. With enough time, he might even be able to produce some shocking results.

He sighed secretly at the thought. From a certain perspective, he was gradually coming to recognize the demonkin. Perhaps the two factions should be working together to explore the world outside instead of fighting one another. This was their true path out of the Evernight World.

Otherwise, there would be no point even if the killing one day ended up with one faction ruling the entire world. They would still be trapped. When the expanding population had saturated the available land and resources, would they have to start internal wars to drive down the population?

Most people might think the future was too far away, but one needed only look at the Queen of the Night to know. Ten thousand years was not an unreachable abstract for her. Anwen might be able to produce more precise numbers.

Qianye snapped back to reality after a momentary daze. The reality was that the demonkin were stopping at nothing to hunt him down; all this talk about the world and whatnot would have to wait until he had cleared this hurdle.

Qianye reached to grab at the air, using his dark golden blood energy as a primer to gather some of the darkness origin power into a ball. This mass of darkness origin power was wriggling, almost as though it were made of countless insects.

Qianye’s expression turned rather odd. How was he to use this darkness origin power? This kind of living darkness origin power was indeed rare, but just like the corrosive origin power of the upper continents, it was not within the normal energy spectrum.

After absorbing this darkness origin power, he would need to spend a considerable amount of time digesting it. The efficiency would be much lower than ordinary darkness origin power.

Speed wasn’t that big of a problem, but the most critical issue was that the origin power—while usable—wasn’t entirely obedient and would stir up a bit of trouble now and then. Victory and defeat were only separated by a thin line in a battle between experts. How could there be any room for mistakes?

How was one to fight if their arts wouldn’t activate?

Hence, the darkness origin power here wasn’t beneficial to the dark races, either. It would be an awkward and difficult process be it in cultivation or fighting.

Comparatively, the humans were only suppressed in the might of their secret arts and could gradually fight their way to a steady victory. The dark race experts might find it lethal as their secret arts would fail to activate two times out of ten.

Both the inner and outer parts of the new world were full of odd things, almost as though it was suppressing the Evernight side—intentionally or otherwise.

In the end, a wisp of chaos origin power appeared in Qianye’s hands. Emitting a hint of terrifying suppressive might, this origin power drew in all the darkness origin power in the surroundings and gathered them into a black sphere.

The darkness origin power struggled in an attempt to escape the sphere, but the chaos origin power formed a solid framework to stabilize the structure. Qianye only needed to hurl this ball out to deliver an attack comparable to a shot from a grade-eight gun.

He decided to try out several secret arts in passing. The living darkness origin power was unable to cause trouble in the presence of the chaos origin power, so every ability was a success.

Qianye’s combat strength would not be affected much now that he could utilize the energy in the environment. Feeling more confident, he jumped out of the valley and arrived at a high ground to observe the surroundings.

This was an infernal world of lava, but the light and darkness here were a bit abnormal. The sunlight landing on the body felt exceedingly fierce.

Alarmed, Qianye looked up at the sky and was promptly startled.

Hanging on the dome of the world was a black sun, outlined by a flaming halo.

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