Chapter 999: Report

Through pondering the bone’s unique feature, Nie Tian came to brand new understandings of the mysteries of heaven and earth.

Frowning, Nie Tian said, “It seems that I have to leave it in the starry river if I want it to grow.

“However, even though this entire region has been forgotten for many years, it’s hard to say whether some powerful races will stumble into it or not. If they see this bone, they’ll definitely be amazed by it, and think up every possible method to take it away.

“Since it’s way too important to me, and I’ve spent a significant amount of Blood Essence on it, I can’t allow anyone to take it away.”

He felt a headache over the tough situation.

It was clearly not good for its development if he put it back into his ring of holding and carried it around.

However, if instead of carrying it around, he left it in the starry river, someone might discover it and take it away. If that happened, wouldn’t all of the efforts he had made be in vain?

After pondering for a long time, he decided to leave it there with a guardian.

Since it would be on a dead star exposed in the starry river, the guardian should preferably be at the Void domain, and not attempt to make breakthroughs in his cultivation in the near future.

Furthermore, with enough spirit stones and spiritual materials, a Void domain guardian would be able to practice cultivation the same way he did in other places.

He soon determined the best person for the job. “Fan Kai!”

Fan Kai from the Heaven Palace Sect had just broken through into the early Void domain. It would take him a long time to cultivate to the point where he was ready for his next breakthrough.

Besides, he had opened his eyes to reality and sworn allegiance to him since he had rescued him from the Domain of Endless Snow.

After determining the candidate, he teleported back to the Domain of the Falling Stars. Fan Kai went to see him as soon as he was summoned.

After meeting him, Nie Tian took him back to the dead star and charged him with the task of guarding the bone. If anyone were to pass through this area, he should hide it until they left.

In return, he promised Fan Kai that if he needed any spiritual materials to break through into the middle Void domain in the future, he would help him get them through the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

Fan Kai agreed to Nie Tian’s arrangement without hesitation.

Now, with the bone taken care of, Nie Tian returned to the Realm of Fragmentary Star to report the result of his mission, but before he did, Duan Shihu and Jing Rou found him, and Jing Rou handed him a list.

It was a list of the rare spiritual materials Jing Feiyang needed for his breakthrough.

After grabbing it, Nie Tian teleported to the Vast Heaven Pavilion and walked out without delay.


In the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s headquarters.

“That’s everything that happened.” Standing in front of elder Wei Lai, Nie Tian finished explaining everything that had happened during the time he had spent on the floating continent in detail.

After hearing his words, Wei Lai said, looking deeply amazed. “I can’t believe Hazlitt the Flame Maniac actually broke through into the middle ninth grade shortly after entering that floating continent. Luckily for you, you ran into two Ancientbeasts. Otherwise, you could have been in some serious trouble.”

Nie Tian listened in silence.

“According to the information we received from the floating continent, those outsiders were led by someone at the early ninth grade,” Wei Lai said with a thoughtful look in his eyes. “Having to deal with two middle ninth grade experts, the Flame Maniac and the Controller, simultaneously, you were in a seriously dangerous situation there. I think we need to reevaluate this mission. Five hundred thousand contribution points doesn’t seem to be a fair amount now.”

Nie Tian’s eyes lit up with delight.

He had taken a quick look at the list of spiritual materials Jing Feiyang needed. He hadn’t even heard of some of them.

Therefore, he had worried that he didn’t have enough contribution points in his Star Medallion to purchase the spiritual materials he needed for his breakthrough.

Now, he felt truly delighted upon hearing that they were going to reevaluate the mission and increase the contribution points for completing it.

“Would you wait here for a moment?” With these words, Wei Lai walked through the hall gate to summon the other on-duty elders to discuss this matter.

It wasn’t very long before he returned. “Congratulations. We’ve reevaluated your mission on the floating continent, and raised the reward to eight hundred thousand contribution points.

“So with your initial hundred thousand contribution points, and the fifty thousand you got for having that Star Behemoth bone examined, you now have a total of nine hundred and fifty thousand contribution points.

“You’re free to use them to purchase all sorts of spiritual materials, spiritual tools, and medicinal pills from the sect. And your subordinates can use them to borrow all kinds of incantation records from the Records Pavilion.”

With a hearty smile, Nie Tian handed the list to him and said, “Jing Feiyang, the current sectmaster of the Divine Seal Sect, is looking forward to breaking through into the middle Saint domain. These are the spiritual materials he needs. Would you take a look and see if we have all the things on this list?”

“Sure.” Wei Lai grabbed the list. He looked down at it and muttered, “Deriving Wood, Heaventurtle Shells, Sacred Primal Blood...”

Most of the items on the list turned out to be materials that could be used to make talismans. Sacred Primal Blood could be used as a special paint, while Deriving Wood and Heaventurtle Shells could be used as carriers for talismans.

Wei Lai’s narrowed eyes suddenly widened. “A Heavenly Talisman?” 

“What’s a Heavenly Talisman?” Nie Tian asked curiously.

He had gone through the list himself. He had heard of most of the spiritual materials on it. That Heavenly Talisman was the only item he had been completely unfamiliar with.

Wei Lai frowned and said, “All of the other spiritual materials are fairly easy to find, and we’re stocked. You’ll be able to get all of them with no more than thirty thousand contribution points. But that Heavenly Talisman is different. We only have five of them throughout our sect. All of them are priced at five hundred thousand contribution points or higher. Even though Heavenly Talismans don’t have their own awareness, and they aren’t categorized as Earth Cultivated or Heaven Nourished grade spiritual materials, they’re still considered very precious and valuable.

“The reason why they’re called Heavenly Talismans is because they’re unique talismans that natural forces carve out of mountains or canyons...” Wei Lai went on and explained to Nie Tian.

According to him, in some ancient realms, fierce wind carved large rocks and left unique marks on mountains.

Those marks formed naturally, and were vested with the wonders of heaven and earth.

In other realms, spatial rifts slithered about, carving the earth in certain ways. Those marks also carried unique wonders.

As a whole, those marks were referred to as Heavenly Talismans, which meant they were the work of the heavens.

It was said that in ancient times, humans ancestors and powerful outsiders had been able to read Heavenly Talismans and derive profound bloodline magics and spiritual incantations from them.

“A Heavenly Talisman!” Nie Tian suddenly remembered that, back when he had traveled in the Shatter Battlefield, he had seen a rocky mountain with a smooth surface, which had been carved with many peculiar marks.

A large number of powerful human experts had been sitting silently in front of it, as if to derive enlightenment from it.

Now, after hearing Wei Lai’s words, it occurred to him that what had been on that mountain’s surface might very well be a so-called Heavenly Talisman.

“Right now, we have a total of five Heavenly Talismans throughout our entire sect. And since they carry different wonders, their prices vary from one another.” After a short pause, Wei Lai continued, “How about this: You may bring that Jing Feiyang to our headquarters, and show him all five of them. Then, let him choose for himself.”

Nie Tian nodded. “Good point!” 

“Also,” Wei Lai added, “now that you have plenty of contribution points in your hands, you should consider asking Kan Zhisheng to build an inter-domain teleportation portal in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries at the price of fifty thousand contribution points. I heard that you have inter-domain teleportation portals in both the Realm of Maelstrom and the Realm of Split Void. With another one in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries, you’ll be able to connect the three domains that belong to you. People will be able to travel much more efficiently that way.”

Nie Tian chimed in, “I was thinking the same thing.”

Zhao Shanling had set up inter-domain teleportation portals in the Realm of Maelstrom and the Realm of Split Void. Later, Pei Qiqi had made adjustments to the spell formations inside of them, connecting the two.

The Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries was now the only domain of his that didn’t have a large-scale inter-realm teleportation portal.

For those in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries to visit the Domain of Heaven Python, they would have to teleport through a series of seven teleportation portals to reach the Realm of Split Void first. Then, from there, they would be able to teleport to the Domain of Heaven Python.

This was clearly inefficient.

If Zhao Shanling was still around, he would be able to provide him with the necessary materials and ask for his help again.

However, he had been gone for a long time. There was absolutely no word of him, and no one seemed to know where he was.

Pei Qiqi had been discovered and taken back to the Void Spirit Society’s headquarters by their sectmaster. Since she was hidden away like a precious treasure, Nie Tian didn’t know how to get her help either.

This left him no choice but ask for Kan Zhisheng’s services at the price of fifty thousand contribution points.

Therefore, he headed out to find him.

Seeing that he had more than enough contribution points in his Star Medallion, Kan Zhisheng was very happy to oblige.

Before long, he arrived at the Divine Flame Sect’s headquarters in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries under Nie Tian’s arrangement.

After hearing that some expert from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace was going to establish a large-scale inter-domain teleportation portal in the Divine Flame Sect’s headquarters, many powerful experts from across the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries came over from their respective sects.

Inside the Pure Heaven Sect’s headquarters, Elder Zhou Shang reported to Patriarch Pure Heaven in a respectful manner, “Patriarch, an expert from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace went to the Divine Flame Sect’s headquarters with Nie Tian. Right now, they’re building a teleportation portal that’s supposed to connect the Domain of the Falling Stars and the Domain of Heaven Python directly.”

Patriarch Pure Heaven, who had recently entered the early Saint domain, gasped with astonishment. “What?! Once the teleportation portal is built, experts from the other domains will be able to come to the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries any time they want, won’t they?”

Zhou Shang smiled bitterly. “I’m afraid so.”


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